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Friday, May 27, 2011

Freshie Friday!!! The Road Trip, Part Four

The Road Trip Part Four – See the USA the Vampire Way!

Beth awoke in Mick’s arms feeling loved and happy. This was where she was supposed to be; she knew, had somehow always known it. She tried to stretch without waking him up only to realize he was watching her through eyes that only appeared to be shut. She grinned at him and leaned up to kiss him quickly on the lips.

“Good morning,” she whispered against his neck, nuzzling her nose against it.

“Good morning to you, too. Sleep well?” he said and he pulled her against him, feeling her pliant body wrap around his own.

“Yes, wonderfully! You?” she queried.

“Um hm, better than I have all week. I missed you so much.”

“Ditto.” She could feel his hard length pressed against her thigh and she smiled. She decided to take advantage of it by straddling his hips and guiding him inside her willing body. It felt sublime, the way he fit into her perfectly, filling her and making her ache for him.

She rode him quickly and hard, as much for her own pleasure as his. Mick pulled her down to him and sucked her nipple into his mouth, tugging on it gently with his teeth and then laving it tenderly with his tongue. It made her work even harder as he slid his mouth wetly across her chest to capture her other rosy nipple in his mouth. She felt his teeth graze her teasingly and her belly fluttered and quivered in anticipation of him biting her there. She ground her hips harder against him, feeling him come into contact with her g spot; she trembled and moaned, his name escaping her lips in a rush of air. She threw her head back as her orgasm came fast and hard and she was only vaguely aware when Mick turned his head and bit into his shoulder as he moaned through his own release.

Panting, she moved off of him and she realized she was covered in a fine sheen of sweat as she let out a long sigh of satisfaction. They both laid there in the bed, sunshine peeking through a tiny crack in the drapes. Both of them felt at peace. Then that peace was shattered by the room phones shrill ring.

“Josef.” they both said at the same time and Mick reached over her to pick up the receiver.

“Hello?” he said. Beth stood up and started stretching. He eyed her while trying to listen to what Josef had to say. He could feel himself becoming aroused again and so he shut his eyes tightly to block the vision of her; it didn’t help at all because Mick had a very thorough knowledge of her body and imagination took over where sight left off.

“Hm, half an hour? Josef, we just woke up! Give us an hour to get showered and all.” Mick listened to Josef on the other end and finally mumbled, “Okay, we’ll be out in a while!”

“Half an hour?” Beth asked, heading into the shower.

“He’ll wait 45 minutes he said. They are anxious to get started.” Mick stood up and flexed his muscles in a very sexy stretch. Beth’s eyes lit up and Mick grinned before telling her, “Josef said he isn’t waiting for us to fool around!”

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” she told him as she turned the shower on. “I mean the trip; maybe we should just stay here!”

“No way, I can’t wait. I can see you every day, but how often will I get a chance to see the Grand Canyon?” he teased. He ducked as she threw an extra role of toilet paper at him and then followed her into the shower.

“How about I wash you and then you can wash me?” she asked him, trying to look totally innocent.

Mick chuckled and said, "No way baby, you’re on your own! Josef awaits.”


They managed to make it through the shower, get dressed, get Mick packed and checked out of the hotel and get to the bus in just less than 45 minutes.

As Mick and Beth stepped into the bus Josef’s head immediately came up and he stared intently at Beth. He took a couple of steps towards her and Mick could see that he was scenting her.

Beth blinked under Josef’s close scrutiny and cast a quizzical eyebrow upwards, meeting his gaze. He walked around her, as if to inspect her from all angles before stopping in front of her again. His mouth opened to speak, but Mick cut him off.

“Not now, Josef!”

‘Um hm. Well, congratulations anyway!”

Beth looked at Mick in question, wondering what that was about. To Josef, she managed to say, “Thanks, I guess.”

Josef’s expression changed to a cheesy grin and he shrugged. He’d get the scoop out of Mick later he decided but right now they had a show, er, bus to get on the road!

Josef and Simone had waited for them so they could all have breakfast; there were glasses of blood for the boys and muffins and coffee for the girls. After they finished Beth and Simone got everything squared away in the galley while Mick took his luggage into their bedroom.

“Nice,” Mick said as he looked around. It was small, understandably so with only a single bed, but at one end of the long, narrow room was a freezer. Mick sighed with pleasure as he inspected it and couldn’t wait for a little chill time.

Josef was preparing to start the bus when Mick came out of the bedroom. A thought occurred to him and he said, “Hey, don’t you need to have a CDL to drive one of these things Josef?”

“Yeah, you do. I do,” he said as he put on a ball cap and turned the key. The engine roared to life and Josef smiled, totally fascinated by the soft rumble.

“Wait, how in the hell did you manage that? You have to be tested!”

“I didn’t manage it – Logan did. You know,” he said, looking at Mick and grinning broadly, “There is pretty much nothing that boy can’t accomplish!” He opened his wallet and showed Mick his new CDL license.

Mick took it and shook his head as he read it. It certainly looked authentic; Logan was good, but did that mean Josef could actually drive this thing? It was huge. He handed the license back to Josef and watched as he stowed it away and reached down to fasten his seat belt.

“So you can actually drive this thing?” Mick asked as the bus started to slowly move.

“Mick, I got us here from LA didn’t I? I’m an old pro on it by now, so just relax!”

Mick took a seat and eyed the road ahead skeptically. The road from LA was mostly interstate, where they were headed was twisty mountain roads; how would Josef handle that he wondered. Suddenly, this whole trip didn’t seem like such a smart idea.

“Well, looks like we’ll need to find a truck stop to get some fuel before we get on the road to Yosemite,” Josef said as he drove the bus out onto the highway. “Everybody keep your eyes open.”

Beth and Simone started laughing at Josef’s words; Mick watched them both and wondered why. “What is so funny?” he inquired.

That question caused Beth to choke on the mouthful of coffee she had just taken. She sputtered and Simone laughed some more as she got up to grab some paper towels to wipe the mess up with.

“You okay Beth?” she asked as she patted Beth on the back.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Beth said, wiping the tears away from her eyes. Whether they were from all the coughing or laughter Mick couldn’t tell.

Josef had been oblivious to the whole incident as he focused on the road, but he spoke up as he saw his target ahead. “Look, there’s a truck stop ahead. Now I just have to get over there into the right lane.” He frowned in concentration as he watched the traffic behind him. His blinker was on to signal his move but traffic didn’t make room for the bus and the exit flew past without them making it.

“Damn jerks!” he sputtered. “Don’t they know what the hell a turn signal means?” He sped the bus up, in a seeming race with a SUV that was keeping pace with them. He gunned it a bit more and then slid the bus over into the right lane where hopefully they would find another exit for gas. “Hah! That’ll teach you to mess with me,” he practically yelled.

“Josef, you are aware that they couldn’t hear you, right?” Mick laughed.

“They knew, trust me. It’s a game out here on the road, let me tell you!”

“Was he like this yesterday?” he asked Beth and Simone.

Beth only shrugged and Simone looked down. Obviously neither one intended to answer that question. Just then the bus strayed for a moment onto the right side shoulder and the tires squealed as they hit the break-down lane rumble strips.

“Hey, hey Josef, stay on the damn road,” Mick yelled.

“Listen Grandma, everything is under control!” he answered back. He had spotted another exit with a truck stop and was gradually slowing the bus in preparation to take the off ramp.

They made it into the truck stop and Josef pulled the bus to a halt in front of the pumps and turned the bus off. He opened the door and stepped out, looking around him as if for something Mick thought.

“What is he waiting for?” he asked.

Both girls burst out laughing again and Beth shook her head. “I think he is probably looking for someone to bribe to pump the gas. He paid some guy $50 yesterday! We’re not sure he knows how to do it!”

“You gotta be kidding me,” Mick said as he jumped out of the bus and headed to the pump. “Josef, here, let me pump the damn gas, okay?”

“Mick, it’s called ‘diesel’, not gas. And uh, it’s the green nozzle,” he said, indicating the pump on the right. He slid his credit card though the slot and the pump said ‘Ready’.

Mick pumped the diesel and put the nozzle away as Josef waited for his receipt to print. When they finished they both climbed back onto the bus and prepared to depart.

After they got back out onto the highway Mick started to relax. It was all going pretty smoothly and it was easy to enjoy the scenery. The bus really did ride like a dream and he soon settled down to admire the morning. The scenery was beautiful, farm land and in the distance the high Sierras could be seen tickling the sky. The morning passed peacefully into afternoon. Since they weren’t in a hurry they had taken the scenic route to Yosemite and Mick was enjoying every mile.

“So Josef,” Beth said, coming to stand near the front of the bus. “Tell me about being a cattle rustler!”

‘Not much to tell really. It seemed a good way to make it across the USA; not a lot of towns and stuff out there in 1840. And it wasn’t necessarily always a cattle rustler as it was a, uh, cowboy really. People, and therefore food was a little hard to come by.”

“And being with the cattle helped with that how? You fed on the other rustlers or cowboys?” she prodded.

“You know, I’ve decided that I’m not going to call you Blondie any longer. I’m going to call you Lois Lane because you ask so many damn questions!”

Beth shrugged and said, “Whatever. So, you fed on the other cowboys?”

Josef shook his head and gave Mick a look that said, “Can’t you shut her up?”

Mick only laughed and said, “You’re on your own here, Josef. She’s pushy!”

“Look Lois, the cows, okay? You followed the cows and you had food!”

Beth’s face blanched as his words sunk in. “You – you drank blood from the cows?” she asked, repulsed.

“You eat steak?” Josef fired back. He stole a glance at her in the mirror and said to Mick, “Oh look, she’s speechless! You better mark this one down on the calendar!”

Mick tried hard to hide his smile. Josef was right, he’d never seen Beth speechless before.

Beth was still reeling from Josef’s words and finally muttered, “I guess you did what you had to do, in the circumstances.” She made her way back to the galley where Simone was opening a bottle of wine. She pointed to a glass for Beth as if to say, “You want some?” Beth nodded and took a large gulp gratefully when Simone handed her the glass.

“I don’t know why that shocked me,” she said to Simone. “I mean, he’s right, what else could they have eaten?” Simone nodded as she sipped her own glass of the chardonnay.

They heard Mick say, “Hey, there’s our turn off up ahead Josef. Looks like we’re going to be on a two-lane highway now!”

The girls looked out the window; they were in the foothills and they could see the snow-capped Sierra’s up ahead. They looked beautiful and Beth couldn’t wait to get there. Maybe they could build a snowman, in the middle of summer! It was an enchanting idea!

An hour later they were driving on a winding road through a small town right before they could enter the park. The bus had come to a stop and the sign up ahead told them that they had to make a right turn ½ mile ahead. Mick again eyed the narrow road and hoped the turn would allow them enough room.

Their turn came up and Josef grimaced when he saw it. He slowed the bus down to a crawl and unconsciously bit his lower lip as he concentrated on the turn. Luckily there was no other traffic around and so he maneuvered the bus slowly. The next thing he knew there was a loud thump and the bus shimmied as it rolled over something. He quickly pulled it to a stop and he and Mick got out to see what was going on.

Beth and Simone made their way to the window to see what had happened. They couldn’t see what they hit but they could hear Mick and Josef talking.

“Man, you killed it Josef,” Mick exclaimed as he shook his head.

“Um hm. It sure is flat now, huh?”

“What is that leaking out of it?"

“I don’t know, but it really smells bad.”

“Well, it’ll never move again, that’s for sure!” Mick was trying to move whatever it was, without any luck it would seem.

Beth and Simone looked at one another, appalled. They had killed something? What? Both girls made their way to the door way to step outside; neither one sure they really wanted to see what they had killed but knowing they had to find out.

Mick and Josef were both struggling with something that was wedged under the rear tires. Finally they managed to pull part of it free and stood there looking at what had once been a rolling garbage can.

Beth and Simone both let out a collective sigh. Simone shook her head and turned around to head back into the bus. The boys were right; it really stank, whatever had been in it.

Beth followed her into the bus and watched at Simone pulled another bottle of wine out of the fridge. “Would you like another glass?” she asked as she opened the bottle.

“Love some. Here, let me pour!”


The men struggled with the garbage cart for a half an hour before they finally got it out from under the bus. Josef had tried moving the bus but the cart was wedged awkwardly and so the bus couldn’t move much. They finally had to get the hydraulic jack out to raise the bus up enough to get it out. They might not have even got that accomplished if another RV hadn’t come along, the driver offering to help them.

“Yep, been through this myself a time or two,” he told them, offering his hand as well as his assistance. “Marty Martin is my name! What you fella’s need to do is get your jack out and lift this sumnabeech up! Here, let me show you!”

It didn’t take too long from that point and it had gathered a crowd of locals who were watching, including the owner of the former garbage cart. Beth watched anxiously as both Mick and Josef struggled; the sun was beating down fiercely and she knew that they both had to be nearing a breaking point.

Once it was done and the owner refused Josef’s apology but did accept the $100 bucks the men climbed aboard and shut the door. Josef moved the bus a bit farther down the road into a parking lot and shut it down for a few minutes in an effort to regain his composure.

Mick hadn’t said a word since he had climbed back onto the bus, only went to the fridge and poured himself a tall glass of blood out of the thermos. He drank it down in a couple of swallows and stood there for a moment trying to calm down. Josef joined him after he had the bus safely parked and drank a glass of blood as well. He eyed Mick, speculatively, knowing that he was seething.

“Well, come on Mick; say whatever you have to say!”

“Josef, I, uh,” Mick shook his head, trying to straighten out his jumbled thoughts. “You just don’t think! The things we don’t know about this bus are dangerous! We just took off, willy-nilly on some great adventure, without a care for what could happen. What if that had been a person. Josef? What if the police were involved?” He looked around the bus, exasperated.

“How would we have explained freezers in the bedroom, or, or blood in the fridge? And that license of yours, would it really pass muster in the system?” He sat down and leaned his head back against the window and gulped in a deep breath as he struggled for control.

“I – I don’t know, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this,” he told them, rising to his feet. “I gotta get some rest!” He headed off to the bedroom silently and they heard the door close behind him.

Beth stood up to follow him and Josef laid his hand on hers and said, “No Beth, give him some space, he just needs some time, okay? He’s not really mad at me, he’s just upset with the situation. It’ll be okay, I promise!”

Beth nodded her head solemnly, wishing for a moment that they had never even come on this trip!

To be concluded in On the Road Again...


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