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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Road Trip Part 2

Part Two-Desire by Any Other Name…

“Are you wet?” he asked, his voice husky.

“Oh yeah…”Beth answered.

Beth quickly pulled her sweats off and settled down into the pillows and then wedged the phone between her shoulder and the pillows.She needed both hands free, now if it were only Mick’s body they were touching instead of her own.

“Ah Mick, I need you so bad.I need you in me!”

She heard Mick’s low growl of response and it sent a shiver up her spine.Her fingers traced tiny swirls over her nipples, hardening them further and making her breath catch.The need for her delicious vamp was growing ever more urgent and a small whimper escaped her pursed lips.

“I need you too Beth.I – uh, want to be inside you.Slide your fingers inside of yourself baby, tell me how it feels.”

Beth moved her hand down to the triangle of soft blond curls that hid her excited flesh.She stopped for a moment and stroked the hardened nub that stood guardian over the gateway and let out a long moan that wasn’t quite Mick’s name but rather a fervent plea of need.“Oh, oh yes, Mick, talk to me, tell me what you want!”

“You baby, I want to feel myself deep inside your warmth and wetness.I want to push into you and feel your tightness pull me harder into you.I want to make you come Beth.Are you almost there, baby?I am, I am…”

Beth’s fingers slipped into the heated silken wetness and she moved them quickly, slipping in and out as she felt her body start to contract with the orgasm.“Yes Mick, I’m coming for you, I’m coming…”

Beth’s breath caught in her throat as she cried out her release; she was excited even more as she heard Mick in the throes of his own orgasm as well.Both of them panted into the phone as their bodies relaxed, spiraling down from the plateau.After a minute or so Beth sighed deeply and then let out a small laugh.

“Well, that didn’t take long!”

“I was already half way there Beth.God, I miss you so much.“It’s going to be a few more days before I can finish up the investigation here and even if it only took another minute, it would be too long!”

Beth knew exactly how he felt.Their relationship was still new and she couldn’t get enough of him.They were still in the learning about one another phase, almost like a honeymoon and it felt like torture to be away from him.Staying here with Simone and Josef was fun, but she too was counting the minutes until she could be with Mick again.

“I know Mick.You’re lucky you aren’t here right now though; it’s so hot – TOO hot to even think sometimes.Well, not here in Josef’s beach house, but outside.”

“How’s that going by the way?” he asked.Beth and Simone had had sort of a rocky start to their relationship and when he’d heard that Beth was going to the beach house with her and Josef, Mick had felt a bit disconcerted.Okay, he had to admit that part of the reason for that was because he had drank a bit of Simone’s blood, well tasted it anyway.In the 6 weeks that he and Beth had been together they had skirted around the whole subject of blood.He had drunk from her once during sex and she had enjoyed it, but it was all still too sensitive to talk about much.Now she was asking him to let her taste his blood and Mick was scared to death to let her; it was just too dangerous.

“Good, actually.We’ve bonded,” she giggled.“Well, we’re on our way to it anyway.We’ve actually had a lot of fun.This evening Josef hooked up a Play Station and Guitar Hero game and we had a blast with it.Actually, I think Josef and Simone are still out there playing it!”

Mick chuckled; he could see Josef going all out in the game.One of Josef traits was to completely immerse himself in whatever endeavor he undertook, whether business or pleasure.Oftentimes, business was his pleasure but occasionally he broke loose and just had fun, like a 400 year old teenager.Mick really enjoyed those times with Josef and he wished he was there to play too.

“That sounds like fun.What else did you do today?”

“Laid out by the pool for awhile and watched the Robert Redford channel.Oh, and Josef said he was once a cattle rustler and a gold miner!” she laughed, shaking her head at the thought.“Do you suppose he was telling the truth?”

Mick smiled into the phone as he listened to her inquisitive side take over.Yeah, she was curious, much to her own detriment at times but it didn’t matter to him, she was perfect for him.“I don’t know baby; I guess I wouldn’t find it surprising.”

Beth stifled a yawn and murmured “Mm hm,” into the receiver.Now that she was more relaxed she was also really tired.

Mick heard the yawn despite her effort to hide it and said, “Sounds like you need to get some sleep and I’ve still got a few more leads to work on tonight.I’ll call you tomorrow night, okay?”

She wasn’t ready to say goodnight but she didn’t think that toothpicks would be able to keep her eyes open much longer so she said, “Okay.I miss you Mick.Oh, and by the way, I love you too!”

Mick smiled as he heard her words, spoken so softly they were almost a whisper.“Yeah baby, me too.Talk to you tomorrow.”He clicked the ‘end call’ button and the phone was silent.An immediate feeling of loneliness washed over him, one that he wasn’t accustomed to.It was amazing how short of an amount of time it had taken for him to get used to her in his life; now he literally ached for her.Her touch comforted and excited him, her laughter brightened his day; her curiosity, well that scared him but he could cope with it.He wouldn’t change a hair on her head.


By 5 am Josef and Simone had played themselves out on Guitar Hero.Josef was ready for a bit of refreshment and another kind of play!He poured himself a glass of B positive and inquired if Simone needed anything.

“No, I’m good.I’m going to go take a shower though,” she told him.“ I got all sweaty playing that game, but it was fun!”She kissed him on the cheek and started to head to their bedroom suite.

Josef caught her hand and said, “Hey, want some company?”

“Always!” she answered, a sparkle in her eye.

Josef sat the glass down in the sink and ran a bit of water in it then followed her down the hall.He felt his eyes silver over as he anticipated the shower and he wanted to yell, ‘Race you!’ but he managed to remain cool about it.It wouldn’t do to let her know how much he cared about her, needed her.That’s what he told himself anyway.If he had any idea how transparent his feelings for her were he would have been appalled.

Once in the master suite Simone started to undress, taking care to put her clothes away with care.Josef laughed, she was sometimes so fussy with all her neatness.She and Mick were so much alike in that; Mick didn’t need a maid at the Fortress of Style, he was a clean fanatic himself and Simone was exactly the same.Josef was more of a let it stay where it dropped kind of guy, knowing full well that someone would come along and pick it up later.It drove Si nuts, but he didn’t really care and he especially didn’t care right now; he had one thing on his mind and it didn’t involve menial labor.

Practically before she could blink Josef had his clothes off and then he swept her up into in his arms.He kissed her soundly and headed for the bathroom.Simone relaxed into his strong arms as she wrapped her own around his neck.

Josef pushed the bathroom door open with his foot and felt the wall for the switch to turn on the light; they both blinked when it came on and he sat her down on the floor so that he could open the shower door and turn on the water.When he had it adjusted to a happy medium or in other words a temperature they could both handle he stepped in and held out his hand to her, beckoning her to join him.

Two steps brought her into his waiting arms and then their mouths melded into one another’s as they shared a searing kiss that set them both aflame.Tongues met in a sensual dance that entreated them to open themselves to more passion, greater desire.

The luke warm water showered down over them but it went unnoticed as the two lovers twisted together in an attempt to be even closer, more intimate.Josef ran exploring hands down the enticing valley of Simone’s back as he caressed her gently, his fingers tracing the delicate outline of her spine before they dipped down to cup her smooth derrière and pull her tightly against him. She sighed as he pulled her closer still and she could feel the hard length of him pressing into her belly.Her body responded with a shiver that made her whole body tremble in anticipation.

Josef’s mouth left hers and slid down her jaw to her neck.His tongue danced and swirled over the vein that pulsed frantically there but then continued the journey downward to her breast.Her nipples were taut and swollen with need and desire and he captured them in his mouth, teasing and pulling on them gently.

Simone moaned softly, her breath coming in small pants as she felt his mouth excite her even more.The muscles in her thighs were clenched together tightly as she tried to keep her balance in the slippery shower.Josef felt her knees give away for a second and he picked her up and sat her on the bench before he spread her legs apart and dipped his head to taste her honeyed juices.

His tongue drew tiny circles around her aroused flesh and it was rewarded with a warm rush of slick juices, which he eagerly lapped up.He delved deeply into her body, feeling it contract as her orgasm began and he reveled in the taste of her as her peak washed over her body.When she had stopped shaking from the power of her orgasm he swiftly moved his body upward so that he could enter her.She moaned her pleasure as she felt his hardness inside her still contracting flesh.

“Yes Josef, hard please.Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” she cried as she pulled him tightly to her and buried her mouth against his chest.

This was the Simone that no one knew and that Josef thrilled to – the wild woman who wanted it hard and fast.He was more than happy to oblige her and he increased his pace and penetration.

Simone’s head bent backwards and she almost howled with pleasure.Her fingernails raked carelessly over his back, drawing blood that went unnoticed by both of them.He bent and captured her breast in his mouth again, tugging at her nipple more firmly than before and he smiled when he felt her responsive moan and sharply indrawn breath.

He was close now as was she; he debated whether to pull his mouth away from her breast and slid it along to her wrist, but he decided to stay where he was.He could scent that her orgasm was beginning when he quickly bit her breast.Even in the midst of their passion his bite was gentle and she responded by a coming undone for him; her body clenching him tightly as his own orgasm began.He lapped soothingly as her warm blood flowed freely into his waiting mouth as he shuddered through his own release.

Josef moved to sit on the bench and then pulled Si onto his lap and held her close.He could hear her heart beating wildly in her chest as she tried to get her breathing under control.Both of them gulped in huge breaths of air and relaxed against the other.

Josef wanted to tell her that he loved her and yet he couldn’t get the words out.That would open a whole new level of possibilities between them and he didn’t know if either one of them were ready for that.Instead he just held her to him and kissed her softly.For now, it would have to do.


Beth slept until almost noon; she laughed at how easily she found herself adapting to ‘vampire hours’.Well not exactly because they would sleep much later than this, but this might at well be dusk for her.She never was one to sleep late in the mornings, not even as a teenager.She would always get up early; eager to see what the day had in store for her and this day was no different.

She pushed the button that would open the roman blinds and watched as the sunshine slowly crept into her room, inch by inch.When the blinds were fully opened Beth scrunched her eyes partially shut because the room was so bright.She lay in the bed for a moment and stretched, working the muscles in her back and legs.She felt great this morning, probably due to the extracurricular activity with Mick last night.Memories of his sexy voice came flooding back to her and she grinned as she thought about him.

She debated on whether or not a little solo action was warranted but decided to get up and head for the shower.A lonely shower, true, but she would feel better once she got started.My God, all she ever thought about now was Mick and sex.She had always enjoyed sex, but she found herself insatiable with him.Well, maybe not exactly insatiable but she sure wouldn’t kick him out of her bed, that was for sure.

Beth acknowledged that it was much more powerful than just sex though; there really was some deeper type of connection going on and that gave her pause for a moment.She had never really believed in soul-mates or things like that; however Mick made her think that there was such a thing and the possibility thrilled her in unimaginable ways.She had loved a few men, that much was true, but none had affected her as Mick did.

Enough of this, Beth, get busy!

A little while later she was showered, dressed and rummaging through the kitchen looking for something to eat as coffee brewed.She toasted a bagel as she sipped her first cup of coffee and pondered what she would do with this day!


Simone emerged about an hour later, wearing a sleepy grin on her face.Beth looked up from her computer where she had been reading CNN news.Old habits die hard and even on vacation she was driven to know what was going on in the world.

“What, no Robert Redford channel today?” Simone joked as she grabbed a cup and filled it with coffee.She sat down at the counter with Beth and blew gently on the brew, inhaling the fragrant steam as it rose from the cup.

“Don’t know, haven’t turned the tube on.Been reading the news.Actually, I haven’t been up that long myself.”Beth got up and poured herself another cup of the coffee and stood looking out the window.The California sunshine was wicked today, glinting off the blue-grey Pacific in shimmering waves; another hellishly hot day was in store, she could tell.

“Where’s Josef?Still enjoying his sub-zero oblivion?”

“I think so, I didn’t check.I wonder what it’s like to sleep in a freezer?I can’t imagine it really.” Simone got up to pop a bagel into the toaster for herself and then grabbed the cream cheese out of the refrigerator as well.Setting a plate down on the counter she waited expectantly for the bagel to pop up.

“So you wouldn’t ever want to be turned?” Beth asked, trying to be casual as she watched Simone’s face for reaction.

Simone looked around the room before she spoke but she knew that if Josef was up already he could probably hear her reply anyway.“That’s the million dollar question Beth.Sometimes, well sometimes I really do want it.I guess I’m afraid though.What if something happened, like it did with Sarah?And, I wonder if Josef and I are even heading towards something more.”The last words were almost whispered.

“There is that chance I guess.I doubt if Josef did anything wrong though; most likely Sarah just didn’t have the will to make it all the way through.”As Beth said the words she realized that she wondered about it too.Would she ever want to be turned and if she did, would Mick even do it?

Just then they both heard a door close somewhere down the hall and they immediately changed the subject.Neither one knew if Josef had heard their conversation and it sort of irritated Beth to know that she was worried that he had.For all that vampires were now a part of both her and Simone’s life, it was all still so hush-hush.Don’t discuss it, keep the secret.She knew she needed to talk about it, discuss it.She mentally shrugged and only caught the last part of what Simone was saying.

“Hm?I’m sorry Simone; I missed what you just said.”

“I just asked if you had talked to Mick?”

A swift blush stole up Beth’s face and she dipped her head down in an effort to hide it.Simone noticed both the blush and the evasive maneuver and smiled to herself.She guessed she had an answer to her question.

“Um, yes we spoke last night.”She let out a sigh and added, “I really miss him.Have you ever been to Reno?I was looking at pictures of in on the computer and it looks beautiful!”

Josef walked into the just then and said, “Reno, huh?”He grabbed a glass and then reached for a carafe of blood from the hidden fridge.It wasn’t from a freshie, but it was delivered daily, at least it had that going for it.

“Yeah.You know, Mick is going to be a few more days up there, we should take a road trip up to see him!” Beth declared.

Had he not swallowed the last drink from his glass Josef might have actually spit out his last mouthful of blood.He laughed out loud and commented, “Blondie, vampires and road trips don’t go too well together.Not too many Holiday Inns have freezer accommodations!”

Beth arched her eyebrow sharply upward and said “Really?How on earth would you know whether a Holiday Inn would have a freezer Josef?Ever once been to one?”

Josef snickered and admitted, “Well, you got me there, but still I am reasonably sure there are no freezers there.But, anyway vamps on the road, not such a good thing.”

“Yeah, well how did you handle it when you were a cattle rustler?That was certainly ‘a road trip’.”Beth wore her own smirk; hopefully she would get some information out of him.

Josef’s eyes lit up, he knew exactly what game Beth was playing.His next move was to torment her with just a bit of information without giving her anything.He was well-versed in this subterfuge and enjoyed the game.Blondie was a worthy opponent.

Simone got up to grab another cup of coffee as she watched the two of them in this tenacious dance they did; neither one would cry wolf and it was usually pretty interesting to watch, up to a point.However, this morning she had little patience for it; maybe it was the lack of sleep, she didn’t know but she decided to stop it all now.

“Well, we could still drive up there to meet Mick.It wouldn’t do any harm to miss one night in the freezer would it, Josef?Mick has been doing it for a week now,” Simone said as she sat back down at the counter with her full cup of coffee.

Josef only looked at her and frowned; she realized that had sounded pretty harsh but sometimes the lawyer in her just wanted to cut through the bullshit.She sighed and added, “Okay, so maybe not.What other options are there?”

“Hey, how about we rent one of those motor homes you see out on the road?You know, they say something like ‘1-800- rentme on them.You could probably get a freezer in one of them!”

Josef mentally rolled his eyes; as if he would ever do something so pedestrian.“Beth, can you really imagine me in something that said 1-800-rentme on it?”He smiled, but a new thought was occurring to him.

Beth giggled and shrugged, he was right she knew.She thought about it for another minute, her lips pursed as she considered other options.She guessed they could fly up there, but that wasn’t as much fun; still, she would get to see Mick.She was about ready to offer that suggestion when Josef spoke up.

“You know, you often see those huge tour busses go by, the ones the rock stars use.I wonder if one of those could be available? “

“Wow, that would be great.What fun that would be!” Beth said, the wheels turning in her head as she wondered out loud how they could find one and on such short notice.

“I’m not talking about borrowing one, Blondie, I want one of my own!”

“Well, Josef, its a little short notice don’t you think for something like that?”

“Beth, money can accomplish anything we desire, wait and see.No, I want it huge, lavish, over the top!”

“Yeah, I heard some of those stars even have hot tubs and lounges in them!”

“No, we’re not talking about hot tubs and lounges here!Think bigger – THINK KOSTAN!!!”

To be continued in Reunion.


Joangel said...

My goodness Hope...that was a steamy episode!!! Nothing better than lounging by the pool in the hot California sun. Although California has not seen much of that latley.

I LOVE roadtrips!!!

Hope said...

Hey Joangel!

You ain't seen nothin' yet - wait until part three. :)

So are you a California girl?

Thanks so much for reading!

Joangel said...

I was actually born in Iowa, but came to California in 1978. Not quite a native, but pretty close. I live in a beach community about 70 mile North of L.A.