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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coming Soon...

Most of you know about my fascination with the TV show Moonlight. It was only on for one season and has been mourned by many since it was cancelled.  CBS received more letters requesting that it brought back than they ever have any other show.  Sadly, it did not happen, due to no fault of CBS but the production company that created it.

The show was about Mick St. John, an 85 year old vampire who was a private investigator.  He is a reluctant vampire, having been turned on his wedding night in 1952.  He is full of angst about his existence, always wishing that for a 'normal' life.  In 1985 he rescued a 4 year old girl whom his ex-wife Coraline kidnapped in an effort to be reunited with Mick.  He saved Beth and killed Coraline, (or so he thought) and then watched over her, to make sure she was safe.

When Beth was 26 she worked for Buzzwire, an internet news station and she and Mick 'met' again.  Beth's diary will tell her story as Moonlight was told from Mick's POV.  It will start when Beth is 16 and continue though the TV series and beyond. 

You'll soon find out that Beth is pretty headstrong; Mick calls her pushy which is pretty polite actually.  She's determined, shall we say and will finagle to get her way.  She just doesn't know what to do with a vampire!

Please join me in July when Beth's Diary starts.  You'll meet lots of fun characters, like Josef, a 400 year old vamp who is going on 25, rolling in the bucks and encourages Mick to 'feed his inner vamp'!

Hope to see you there!