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Friday, May 20, 2011

Freshie Friday!!! The Road Trip Part 3

The Road Trip

Part Three – Reunion

“No, we’re not talking hot about tubs and lounges here! Think bigger – THINK KOSTAN!!!”

Beth started laughing at Josef’s words; Simone only groaned and shook her head. “I’m telling you right now Josef – I WILL NOT pee in one of those tiny, inconvenient bathrooms in those things. They smell and they’re just horrible.”

Josef moved to stand behind Simone and wrapped his arms around her. He placed soft little kisses on her neck and said, “C’mon Si, it will be fun! And I’ll make sure the bathroom is big enough to pee in and that it doesn’t smell, okay? C’mon, please, for me?”

Simone rolled her eyes but a slight smile curved her lips upward and she sighed. “Okay, okay. But if it that bathroom isn’t good enough, you are going to be making plenty of stops!” She suddenly found herself laughing and said, “Josef, have you ever driven one of those things?”

“No, but I’ve driven a Conestoga wagon, how much harder than that could it be?”

“Well, we’ll find out I guess. It may be much more fun than I thought.”

“Um hm. I’m going to call my guy now and get this deal started,” he told the girls, heading out to his office.

“Your guy? You have a bus guy?” Beth teased.

Josef looked at her and grinned, a boyish grin that made his eyes sparkle and said, “Don’t push it Blondie."

Beth laughed again and said to Simone, “Really, he has a bus guy?”

“It wouldn’t surprise me Beth. Not in the least…”


Beth and Simone were in the gym and getting ready to hit the hot tub after a workout 2 hours later when Josef found them. He stood observing them covertly for a moment, appreciating the view. Both girls had towels wrapped around their bodies after their showers and Josef wondered what, if anything they had on underneath.

“Um, ladies! Why don’t you drop those towels so I can appreciate what’s underneath,” he said as he stared intensely at them.

Both women giggled and Simone said, “What if we’re not wearing anything Josef…”

“So much the better,” he murmured with a teasing glint in his eye. He knew that Mick would have his head if he ever saw Blondie in the altogether, but he figured he could wish for anything he liked. And what Mick didn’t know won’t kill me, he thought.

Beth surreptitiously winked at Simone and whispered, “Whatever you would like,” in the sexiest voice she could muster and dropped the towel.

When Josef saw her hands moving to undo the towel his eyes snapped shut and he spun around, not at all prepared for Beth’s teasing. Simone unfastened her towel too and went to Josef and wrapped it around his shoulders turning him back around before whispering, “You can look now Josef.”

Josef opened one eye and then the other. Both women had bathing suits on; they were completely covered. His eyes narrowed as he watched the amusement in their eyes as they enjoyed his discomfort.

“What, did you think we were naked? Just a couple of girls lounging around in the hot tub together naked?” Beth laughed.

“Well, a guy could hope,” he offered weakly, more than relieved that he wasn’t seeing that. These two together were getting the better of him and he wasn’t used to that. He felt like a gauche teenager and he didn’t like it at all! He stood there in an awkward silence, completely forgetting his reason for coming to find them

Both of them watched him expectantly for a moment before climbing into the hot tub. Finally Simone took pity on his awkwardness and asked, “So what’s up? Did you want to join us in the hot tub?”

“Not unless you throw in about 100 pounds of ice,” he told them. “Hey, now that might be fun!” He was lost for a moment in the vision of being in the tub with 100 pounds of ice and two women. Ah, the good old days he thought and then sighed at the thought, pleasing as it was and tried to get his mind back on track.

“Oh, well yeah. We have a bus. They are going to move the freezers in this afternoon. We can leave in the morning, so call Mick and let him know we are heading his way!”

“What?” Simone exclaimed. “How? How can you do this so quickly?”

“Hey, money baby! It can do anything! And you won’t have to fret over the bathroom, I promise!” He started getting really excited as he talked about it. He had seen pictures on the internet of it and it was fabulous. “You girls are going to love it! Lots of room, two bedrooms, each with enough room for a bed and a freezer! Wait until you see it!”

Simone inwardly groaned; she hadn’t expected this at all. In fact she had hoped that it would prove impossible to accomplish. The last thing she really wanted to do was take a road trip. Her mind frantically searched for excuses, anything to get out of it.

“Josef, I’m sure it’s nice and all, but really, you can’t expect to just drop everything and run off on this trip! I’m sure Beth,” she paused for a moment and stared at Beth, willing her to agree with her next words, “I’m sure she can’t possibly get off of work on such short notice. And what about Kostan Industries? You can’t just leave it.”

“Sure I can – I already talked to Rider and he’s going to handle the reins from South America. And if Ben won’t give Beth the time off, well, there are always accidents!” he proclaimed with a malicious glint in his eye.

Neither Mick nor Josef were sure yet about Ben Talbot; he always seemed to be observing them as if to catch them at something. It was unnerving and more than once Josef had wanted to send him to the tar pits but Mick demanded that he hold off for now. Mick was convinced that Talbot had some type of information, information that might not be good for the tribe so he wanted to wait and watch him a bit longer.

Beth pursed her lips as she thought about her job. She really didn’t want to lose it but on the other hand she really wanted to see Mick. She ran her hand distractedly though her hair as she stated, “I’m just going to talk to Ben; if I can’t get some time off I’ll just quit. That might be easier anyway since Mick distrusts him so much.”

Simone knew that she had lost at that point, that she was going on a road trip; two women, two vampires and a tour bus, with freezers. She groaned out loud and Josef and Beth both smiled in victory.

Somebody tell me this is a dream.


Ben reluctantly allowed Beth two more weeks off and was irritated when she refused to tell him what this was all about, although he thought he hid it well. Mick was surprised by the story of how all this happened but was eagerly enthusiastic about it and couldn’t wait for them to get there. Beth and Simone went shopping that afternoon to buy provisions and some last minute clothing items they thought they might need.

Josef spent the day reviewing Map Quest and different points of interest. They didn’t know for sure where they were heading after they picked up Mick, but he was excited – more excited than he had been about anything in a long, long time. They could head west to the coast or south to Yosemite and maybe Vegas, choice, choice, choice! It all sounded fun to him now that he was convinced they could do it in comfort and style.

Early the next morning Josef, Simone, Beth, the luggage, the provisions, the Play Station, Guitar Hero and several other games were all packed into a waiting limousine and a Hummer and made their way to pick up the bus.

Beth’s first thought was that it was huge and beautiful. It was silver and chrome with dark windows, quite stylish actually. But the best part was that the name was painted in bright red letters on the bus, The Big Bite! That was the outside; inside it took her breath away. She had been in 5 star hotels that weren’t this nice she decided. Even Simone was impressed, especially when she saw the bathroom.

It was huge with a large glass-walled shower stall and a vanity out of a movie stars bathroom. Lots of room, more than lots actually, it was incredible. She really couldn’t complain about it. They got things stored away and soon were ready to depart.

It was approximately 8 hours to Reno, but there were lots of sights to see along the way so they all settled into comfy seats to enjoy the ride.


If Josef was at all nervous about driving such a huge vehicle he didn’t show it. For the most part he did well, but it was mostly interstate with wide, straight roads. The only problem came when it was time to stop for gas.

They saw signs for a truck stop up ahead and decided to make that their stop. Josef knew that they needed diesel fuel and so it seemed like a good place to find it. He moved the bus into a queue to wait for their turn at the pump. When they got there, he sat and waited impatiently.

“What is this, self service?” he asked, looking around the pumps.

Beth and Simone exchanged amused looks and Beth answered, “Josef, you’ll have to pump it yourself, there are no attendants here!”

“Everybody thinks the world is getting better,” he grumbled as he unbuckled his seat belt. “Well, I’ll tell you it’s NOT. Used to be people believed in customer service! ‘Can I fill that up for you’ they’d say and then they’d wash your windows too! Now it’s do-it-yourself this and help yourself that! Humans, always looking for an easier way, they don’t ever want to work anymore.” He continued to mutter as he opened the door and headed outside.

Beth laughed as she watched him approach the pump and tried to figure it out. “Do you suppose he’s ever had to pump his own gas?”

“I doubt it; he always stops at the place over on Wilshire that specializes in service for well-to-do customers. I wonder if he will know how?” she grinned.

They watched for a moment as Josef swiped his credit card and then stood looking at the gas pump in confusion. He finally started to lift a nozzle when another customer stopped him.

“Uh look buddy, that’s the wrong gas there – you need the diesel, see, the green handle.”

“Oh, sure, thanks a lot.” He put the red nozzle back and reached hesitantly for the green one, his nose wrinkling as he did because the fuel smell was so strong.

“Uh, you need some help mister?” the guy offered.

“I’ll give you $50 bucks if you’ll pump it for me. The smell you know, kind of strong…”

“$50 bucks? Cash?”

Josef pulled a crisp fifty out of his wallet and said, “All yours!”

The man nodded and reached for the nozzle and inserted it into the gas tank of the bus. Josef stood back and watched contentedly.

“You need your windows washed or anything?” the man asked.

Josef looked at the bus, at all the windows on it and grinned. The man saw that look and said, “I mean the windshield!”

“No, no I think it’s alright,” Josef said. What these humans wouldn’t do for a few bucks he thought with a grin.

Finally the tank was full and Josef handed the man his fifty and thanked him before climbing back aboard the bus. He waived as he shut the door and started the bus, prepared to leave.

Beth and Simone had watched the whole exchange with amusement. Finally Simone shook her head and just laughed. What else could they do?

Somewhere in the back of her mind Beth heard Willie Nelson singing On the Road Again. She nodded with satisfaction; this trip was just what they needed!


Mick worked feverishly to get finished with his case before they arrived. He was tracking some corporate spies for a company and had gotten enough surveillance to provide irrefutable proof of the crimes. In the vamp world, they would just be taken out; in the human world they would go to court, which would probably drag out for years. But hey, no skin off of Mick’s back; he had did what they asked, it was up to them at this point and he was glad to be done with it all. A courier was sent to pick up his surveillance results and all there was to do now was to wait for Beth, Josef and Simone.

When they actually got there Mick was blown away by the bus; it was far beyond his expectations. It was like a rolling apartment really, everything anyone could possibly need including satellite TV and Wi-Fi.

When he spied the name, written boldly on the side his first thought was I can’t believe this! The Big Bite...

“Josef, don’t you think the name is a bit over the top?”

“Hey, what can I say? I couldn’t resist!”

Mick laughed then; this was so Josef. You just had to go with it.

The best part of the deal was Beth he thought as he held her in his arms and breathed in her scent. She always smelled like some sort of flowers, but sort of spicy too. He didn’t know what kind of flowers they were; he only knew that he could never get enough of her scent.

And then there were the other scents of her too, the warm rush of desire he scented as he held her in his arms; earthy, intoxicating. Her need for him brought joy to his undead heart. He listened as her heartbeat increased and he knew they were going to have to find some private time – and soon!

It was decided that since Mick had the hotel room for one more night that he and Beth were going to stay in that; a little private reunion time. Simone and Josef were going to stay in the bus, which was going to be allowed to park in the hotel’s lot, with access to electricity. All a cost of course, but it made no difference at all.

After a quick shared dinner in the bus (that was catered from the hotels kitchen) they decided on an agenda for the trip. They were heading to Yosemite Park first and then to the Grand Canyon. Mick had never seen either of those sites and he was incredibly excited about it all. Still, as soon as was possible he excused himself and Beth, almost unable to contain, or hide, his excitement. After hasty goodbyes, they made their way back to his hotel room.

As soon as the door, with a Do Not Disturb sign hanging on it, closed behind them their clothes started flying off of their bodies. It made no difference who took what off, all that mattered was that any barriers between them were gone. Two pairs of lips clung feverishly to one another, one so hot they felt on fire and the other cool but warming by the moment.

Whose tongue ventured into the moist mouth of the other first? Neither one knew, but both tongues stroked the others mouth lovingly, thrilling at the sensual contact between them. Long, slow, deep kisses inspired other thoughts, drove other needs and finally Mick picked Beth up into his strong, sinewy arms and carried her to the bed and laid her gently upon it.

Beth sighed as Mick sank down next to her, immediately pulling her close to him to re-establish the heated contact of their mouths. Lips clung hungrily to one another, ravishing excitedly until both pairs of lips were swollen and Mick and Beth were both panting with their desire.

The scent of Beth’s need was intoxicating to Mick; her emotional need sent joy into his heart and soul and her physical need ignited every male instinct he had. The need to drive into her willing body was almost too much for him and he had to use every bit of restraint he had to keep from doing just that. They had been apart for 5 days, he needed, wanted more but first he would do anything to ensure her satisfaction and joy.

The smell of her blood pulsing though her veins was driving him crazy. His inner vamp was crying out to be fed, growling with need. He glanced down and saw the intricate highway of blue veins gracing her breasts and he felt his fangs elongate, totally unwillingly. He could smell her blood, sweet and hot and he needed to taste it so badly, but he refused himself this gift; he would not hurt her, he couldn’t stand the thought of hurting her again. Once – once he had allowed himself a taste of her blood as they made love and it was almost his undoing. He vowed to never let it happen again.

He closed his eyes for a moment to regain control of himself and in that split second Beth shifted and rolled over, straddling him. She wore a triumphant look on her face and she bent to capture his lips again. Soft blond hair covered his neck and chest, tickling his skin as she started grinding her pelvis against his hips, her tongue mimicking the rhythm in his mouth.

She debated whether or not to take him into her yet, but she decided to wait a bit longer; this was torture, delightful torture for them both and she wanted to prolong it as long as possible. Still, she felt the hard length of him rubbing delightfully between her thighs and she knew that her juices were coating him thoroughly. Each movement of her hips brought slick skin into contact with hard flesh and she shivered with desire.

Her mouth slid down to his neck, tongue licking and stroking along the way; past his firm jaw line which wore a light covering of stubble, down to where his shoulder met his neck. Her tongue flicked over that sensitive juncture and she heard him groan in response. Her fingertips splayed lightly over his chest, dancing among the curly hairs that graced it and then her mouth slid down to take the place of her fingers. She licked lightly at his nipples, feeling a response to her probing tongue and she smiled to herself as she realized that he liked it.

Her hand slid lower still, to his taut belly and again played in the soft hair that covered it before moving even lower to finally grasp his engorged manhood. He practically yelled when she took him firmly in her hand, stroking him gently. For a moment he moved within her grasping fingers, but with a groan he tore himself away from her hand and she was once again on her back, at the mercy of his ministrations.

Suddenly, his mouth and hands were everywhere on her, teasing the tightened buds that her nipples had bloomed into, dipping to tickle her belly button, making her stomach contract and squirm with need. Finally, his mouth made the journey to the soft blond curls between her legs and she drew a deep breath in expectantly; eager to feel his mouth on her. She was already so close to coming that she knew this wasn’t going to take long, but oh, the pleasure she would feel at that contact.

Mick inhaled deeply, picturing in his mind the beauty of her womanhood. Heat and wetness were rolling off of her and he couldn’t wait to taste her, feel her slick juices on his tongue and slowly he made his way there, tickling and kissing her trembling belly as he went, nipping lightly at the junction of her thighs. She lifted her hips off the bed, urging him onward and he took her then, his mouth covering her aching flesh.

Mick worshiped at the temple of her womanhood, drinking in her passion, stroking softly before she ground herself against his mouth, panting and moaning loudly. Only a few strokes of his tongue on the excited nub of desire and she was over the edge; a shattering orgasm taking her. He kissed and licked her very softly then, allowing her to come down off of the plateau gently before rising and claiming her lips once again.

The kiss was searing and Beth was soon moaning again and finally tore her mouth away from his to pant, “Mick, in me now, please!” she begged.

“Now?” he teased, but only for a moment. He slid between her legs and pulled her to him. He felt her grasp him firmly and wiggle her body to impale herself with his rigid length. Both of them felt loud moans escape their mouths at the contact and Mick rejoined their mouths again while he waited a moment for her to adjust to him inside her.

He felt her hips start to move against him and he picked up the rhythm, meeting her thrusts. He moved inside her deeply and felt her body responding by holding him firmly inside of it. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, as if refusing to let him go and it nearly drove him mad; she was so wet, so tight…

He inhaled and could smell her orgasm approaching. Her blood was singing with pheromones and estrogen, sweet with her coming release. His mouth ached for her and again he could see the blood pumping furiously though the veins in the delicate skin of her neck. He ached to taste her but instead only held her close as they both neared their climaxes. He knew he would have to bite his shoulder to make his journey complete, but that was okay, he would be within her when it happened. He felt the vamp come out; his fangs ready for the bite, his eyes glowing ghostly silver. Almost…, almost there.

Beth watched him vamp out, she knew his moment was close. She wanted his bite, needed it in some strange way. It bonded them in a way she couldn’t describe. And then she made her choice. “Do it Mick, bite me!” she told him. She felt him shake his head no, denying what he needed, what she desired.

As her orgasm started to take her, she leaned up and bit his shoulder, hard; hard enough to draw blood and she tasted the strange sweet/saltiness flood over her tongue she felt his whole body tighten and then his teeth were biting her neck. Even in the throes of passion he was gentle, just barely puncturing her delicate skin, only taking a small mouthful of her blood. He swallowed slowly, trying to savor her sweet blood as his orgasm washed over him. His inner vamp roared his passion, cried out with joy.

The small wound on Mick’s shoulder that Beth had inflicted healed closed quickly. She felt heady from his blood, tingling in a way and alive. It was almost like the night she had tasted the black crystal, only so much more intense. His blood tasted amazing, not at all like she imagined it would and not at all like her own blood. It was alive with flavors should couldn’t identify and it was somehow comforting.

Beth felt his tongue softly stroking over the mark on her neck, laving gently as if to close the wound. Even though his wound was closed her tongue mimicked his, lovingly caressing his shoulder. She decided that it was as much as an emotional healing as well as a physical one and she finally kissed the place where her mark had been, complete and satisfied.

Mick wished he could feel horrified at what he had done to her; he wished he could feel angered at what she had done to him, but neither emotion made an appearance. In some strange way it was what had to happen. They were both marked now, their blood mingled and their bond complete. He rolled off of her and pulled her to him, settling himself around her and holding her close.

She was quiet for a moment before finally saying, “Are you mad at me Mick?”

“No baby, no. You did what I didn’t have the courage to do. But Beth, there are implications to this, things we are going to have to talk about, okay?”

She nodded solemnly, but said, “Not tonight though?”

“No, not tonight. Sleep well baby. I love you so much Beth!”

“I love you too Mick. Forever…”

The words were a foreshadowing for Mick, a conversation he didn’t want to have. But for now he let it go and just slept.”

To be continued in See the USA, the Vampire Way!


Micklover said...

OMG!!! Hope, this was hilarious. Josef, driving a bus? AND nameing the big bite? I thought I was going to die laughing about him getting gas.

This was truly amazing, really. And the MickBeth loving wasn't too bad either! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post!! You really need to write a book with all this!!

Joangel said...

You have outdone yourself Hope! Awesome post!!! Can't wait til Friday to see what happens next.