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Monday, September 26, 2011

Chapter 52 Evil Afoot

A special thank goes to Moonlightlover60 for her talented visual contributions. Lynn, your wonderful pictures help bring the story to life! Thank you so much.

Chapter 52 Evil Afoot

August 7, 2008

It’s been a while since I wrote but life has been moving along like crazy. We get to go to the doctor today so I can be inseminated and we are so excited. Both Mick and I can’t wipe the silly grins off of our faces. Whenever our eyes meet we both burst out laughing with joy. Today, Mick St. John and yours truly may make a baby.

Okay, so it’s not quite the ordinary way, but we took care of that last night and again this morning so maybe we can just imagine that’s what did it. In our hearts it will always be the way it happened. In a few days, we might actually find out if we’re pregnant.

Work has been going okay although Ben seems a bit hesitant about something with me. Maybe I was just gone for too long and we have to rebuild the rapport that we had, I’m not sure. I really enjoy my job and hope that it all works out okay. More and more of my job involves profiling and that is so fascinating for me. I’m even considering going back to school to study some related fields.

Mick is busy playing farmer John; his greenhouse is thriving but he is constantly reading books like The Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening and trying new things to keep away aphids and other garden pests. I bought a bottle of some kind of pesticide and I thought my big, strong vampire was going to faint dead away. He put gloves on and took it straight downstairs to put into the ‘chemical’ bin for disposal. He is taking this all very seriously.

The plus side of it is that we’re getting fabulous vegetables from his effort. Mick can’t taste them on his own but he loves to kiss me when I’m eating a fresh, warm salted tomato straight from the garden. He swears he can taste it that way so I don’t mind obliging him. Okay, we know the truth don’t we diary – that I’d do anything at all for a kiss from him. And I’m a really lucky girl because he loves kissing me too.

We can’t keep our hands, lips or any other body part off of one another. Let me just say that vampires have no problem rising repeatedly to the occasion. What most women wouldn’t give for that let me tell you. He’s so creative, inventive and totally absorbed in what we do, focusing on each touch, each stroke, each taste that I just melt in his arms sometimes until I am just a quivering puddle of satiation. He tells me that someday after I’ve been turned I’ll understand; my only hope is that I can hang on until then because that man can really wear me out!



8 days prior…

Mick opened the car door for Beth at her parents’ house and watched as she slid out of the seat, smoothing her slacks down and grabbing her purse. He shut the door and wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they made their way to the front door.

If Mick was correct, Dorothy and Clark were going to tell Beth that they were expecting a baby tonight. He knew that Beth would be happy for them and he believed that they would be happy to hear that he and Beth were trying as well.

The weather in LA had cooled a bit; down into the 90’s anyway which was better than the 100 plus temps earlier in the summer. He lifted his nose and scented the air, catching a whiff of something cooking in the house but also scents carried by the wind; some honeysuckle somewhere and maybe some jasmine too he thought. They were the smells of summer to him, from when he was a kid and he and Ray and Lila used to play in Miller’s Grove. Wildflowers grew riotously in the fields, each color vying for attention in the warm summer sun. Lila liked the purple larkspur flowers and would stop and pick them, tucking them behind her ear. They looked beautiful against her red hair that shone like the very sun itself. Happy memories but he realized they couldn’t touch the memories that he and Beth were making each day.

Clark heard the Mercedes pull up in the drive and called out to Dorothy to let her know that they were here. She walked to the front of the house after wiping her hands on a towel that she hurriedly dropped on the counter as she left the kitchen. She felt really nervous, though whether it was because they were telling Beth the news or the fact that this was the first time that they had invited them over as a ‘couple’ she wasn’t sure. Dorothy wanted everything to go well, especially where Mick was concerned. Logan had procured Mick’s dinner for them and it was in a bottle chilling in the fridge.

She had stared at it earlier, expecting to feel nauseated by it but she wasn’t. It was just food for him she realized. There wasn’t much she could do with it so she hoped it would be okay for him.

She passed by a mirror in the foyer and smoothed her hair into place. It needed a trim she decided as she turned her head this way and that and frowned. If she remembered correctly her hair grew like crazy when she was pregnant with Beth so in that respect nothing had changed. This had been a wonderful pregnancy so far; no morning sickness, no swelling (but she still had those later months to go) and she hoped no wild hormonal swings. She felt wonderful and she couldn’t help but think it was because she was in such a happy place in her life right now.

Clark wrapped his arms about her waist and kissed her on the cheek and then nuzzled her neck which brought a huge smile to her face. “Beautiful,” he murmured into her ear. The soft words sent a shiver up her spine and she reached up and caressed the side of his face with her hand, her eyes meeting his in the mirror.

They broke apart when the doorbell rang and he held her hand as they went to answer it together. Clark opened the door wide and stepped aside so Mick and Beth could enter the foyer. Mick pulled off his sunglasses and Beth slipped them into her purse before she set it down on the credenza under the mirror. She hugged her mom and dad and sighed as she took in the cool and comfort of the house.

It was a beautiful house that Clark had built for them, contemporary in style with warm, natural colors abounding. The terra cotta tile in the foyer absorbed the sound of their footsteps as they headed into the living room to sit for a few minutes before dinner.

“Mom, it smells wonderful, what is it?”

“Its Panang, shrimp in a coconut curry sauce, Thai actually. And very spicy, so I hope you’ll like it!”

Beth laughed and told them the story about Mick and his week as a human and his dismay over spicy food. She had them all laughing uproariously, even Mick. “No kidding,” she laughed when she finally caught her breath. “He told Josef that food nowadays was dangerous!”

“Well, compared to 1952 it is! We never ate stuff like that!”

“I’m with you Mick, when I was a kid I hardly knew what a burrito was; now I could live on them. That said, how about we head in to dinner?” Dorothy stood and smiled at everyone; the fragrance coming from the kitchen working on all of their senses.

Everyone nodded and followed Dorothy into the dining room. “Mick, Beth, have a seat. Clark and I will bring the dishes out.”

Mick’s nose was crinkling a bit at the spicy smell to the air; it smelled good, but then so had the Kung Pao chicken. He wasn’t particularly sorry to be missing this dinner. Clark carried in a tray that had rice, the panang and a carafe of blood on it with Dorothy following with a pitcher of ice tea and tumblers to hold it.

Beth’s eyes widened and her mouth formed an ‘O’ as she watched Clark set the carafe of blood down in front of Mick. Dorothy poured the tea into the tumblers and passed them around and then stopped at Mick and filled his glass with the blood.

“It’s A+, Logan got it for you; he says this is your choice.” Mick hung his head, overwhelmed by what they had done and more than a little embarrassed as well.

“I – uh, it wasn’t necessary, really. I don’t know what to say actually.” He almost stumbled over the words in his discomfort; he didn’t know if he could drink it in front of them.

Dorothy reached across the table and squeezed his hand, a gesture that further surprised him. “Mick, you’re family and we’ve asked you to dinner. It’s okay, we’ve been around Logan when he ate before and it really doesn’t bother us.” She gave his hand a small pat when she released it.

“Thank you, I just…thank you,” he finished.

Beth watched her husband struggle with his emotions; he had felt like an outcast for so long that simple human acts of kindness often overwhelmed him and this was such an occasion. To change the focus she said, “Um, smells terrific. Can I have some please?”

“That’s ‘may’ I young lady, as you well know!” her mother the teacher said. She began dishing up the food and Beth accepted her plate with a crooked grin. Her mother returned it, knowing full well what Beth had done.

“Holy meatballs!” Clark exclaimed as he took his first bite. It was quickly followed by a large drink of iced tea. “Wow honey, that’s some spicy stuff! Is it okay for you…” he trailed off, taking another drink of the tea.

Beth’s eyebrows immediately raised at Clarks words; Mick saw the question in her eyes. “Mom, why wouldn’t it be okay? What’s wrong?” she asked, putting down her fork to focus on her mother who was suddenly very flushed. Imagining the worse Beth started to panic. Mick heard her heart start beating wildly and looked at Clark and grinned.

“Mom?” Beth asked again as she tried to control the panic from taking over.

“Beth, we need to tell you something. It’s not bad news, at least we’re really happy about it but we haven’t told anyone yet because we were waiting for, well the right time.” Dorothy cleared her throat and finally said, “Beth, Clark and I are expecting.”

The words hit Beth full out and for a moment her head swam. Her mother was pregnant? Pregnant? She was overwhelmed with joy for her parents! “Oh my gosh!” She jumped up and hugged Dorothy first and then Clark. “I can’t believe this – I mean I can and it is the best news ever! I’m going to be a big sister!”

“You’re happy?” Dorothy asked, very relieved.

“I’m ecstatic Mom! This is such wonderful news for you both. I happen to personally know that you are both great parents! So when are you due? Do you know whether it is a boy or girl yet? Do you have names picked out?”

Dorothy laughed and shook her head before taking a deep breath. “I’m due January 3rd and no, we don’t know whether it is a boy or girl or have any names picked out. We’re not sure we want to know what it is either.”

“Not know?” The idea was inconceivable to Beth; how could someone NOT want to know?

“Sometimes a surprise can be a lot of fun Beth so don’t look so appalled,” Dorothy laughed.

Mick watched them talk as he sipped his A+, realizing that he was no longer self conscious about it. It just felt like dinner with the family; and for a moment he felt tears sting his eyes. It had been so long since he had felt this – this sense of belonging, of unity.

They continued to talk about the pregnancy and finally he heard Beth say “I think we might have something that will make you happy as well.” Mick looked up at her and smiled. She was beautiful, her cheeks flushed and her eyes sparkling with love and laughter; he wanted her to look that way for the rest of her life.

“Well, what is it Bethy?” Dorothy asked, curious as to what it could be.

“Mick and I might be able to have a baby as well,” she told them and watched the confusion play across their faces. She and Mick explained the situation and how they were going to try to have her inseminated. Dorothy and Clark sat in silence as they listened, both of them smiling broadly as they realized that they might be grandparents as well.

“Wouldn’t that be something?” Clark said, his eyes twinkling with joy. “Two babies in the family at once! We are blessed!”


Catherine carried a large bouquet of daisies down the hall, stopping at Margie’s door and knocking. She waited for a moment as she heard the quick footsteps within, hurrying to the door. Margie loved visitors.

“Catherine!” she exclaimed, a warm smile crinkling her lined but still beautiful face. “Are those for me perhaps?” she teased, taking the flowers and inhaling deeply. They smelled like a summer meadow, a cherished scent of her youth she remembered as she unwrapped them and put them in a vase of water. She carried it to the table in front of the sliding patio doors and said, “Would you like some tea dear?”

“Yes please, that would be lovely.” Catherine continued to gaze out the window while keeping an eye on her mother in the small kitchen. “Do you need some help Mama?”

“No, well, I have a box of those cookies that Mrs. Sherman makes on top of the fridge; would you get them down please and put some on a plate?”

They sat and ate their cookies and sipped their tea and talked of the past; they seemed to do that more and more lately. Catherine eyed her mother as covertly as she could, always concerned that she wasn’t eating properly or taking care of herself but at 85 Margie was still hale and hearty and full of life. Catherine sent up small prayers regularly for that; she had already lost one parent and that made her mother even more precious.

“You know what Thursday is don’t you Mama?” Catherine asked, watching the recognition flood her mother’s face and for just a moment her composure slipped.

“Yes, I do. Will you go with me, as usual?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Of course. It will be thirteen years since he died Mama. I miss him every single day.” She felt her eyes sting sharply with unshed tears. Her father had been the best of men and she knew that she would always feel his loss.

Margie watched the distress play over Catherine’s beautiful features and saw her swallow hard. Death was so much harder for the young; you get old and recognize that it was just a part of life, that nothing was forever and you reconcile to it. She missed Herb with all her heart and soul because a better husband wasn’t to be found anywhere. She knew she’d be with him again someday, but she also knew that it wouldn’t be soon; she still had things to do on this earth and she was determined to do them!



Josef had been more than concerned about the list of names and he had Beth write down every single one she could remember. He frowned as he perused the list, his eyes sparking occasionally as he ran down the list. Upon hearing that Beth didn’t know where the list was or have access to it even if she did his anger burst forth. For a moment Beth shrank back into the chair; she’d never seen Josef like this and she couldn’t help but be taken aback.

He caught her shrinking act and immediately gathered his control and took a deep breath; he wouldn’t ever hurt her and he didn’t want to scare her either. He also knew that he had some calls to make because this involved more than just vampires. Mick and Beth may not have recognized some of those names but he did. He apologized to her and Mick both and ushered them out of his office and picked up the phone.

“Miguel, we gotta talk. I think there’s trouble ahead, for all of us.”




Audrey and Logan strolled along the pier at Santa Monica, headed down to the end to watch the last vestiges of the sun sink below the orange and pink horizon. All around them people were laughing and talking and they heard the excited screams of children on the rides. The air wore a fragrance cloaked in sweet smelling cotton candy and hot dogs and every other carnival treat know to man. It was a delight to the senses but the best part of it was being here with Audrey Logan decided.

He hadn’t been to the pier since before he was turned; he thought the last time was probably in high school. Dorothy was there and other assorted school mates including Jenny Goodman, his high school crush. He had stolen a kiss on the roller coaster, their noses bumping roughly and leaving them both laughing even harder.

Audrey was bringing Logan out of his self-imposed exile and it was good he realized. He’d like to blame Mick for his proclivity to hide away in his basement, but he knew it wasn’t true. He’d always been a geek, a computer nerd and the basement gave him an excuse to live it to the max.

He just hadn’t realized how lonely he had been. Until now.

He watched as Audrey’s eyes lit up as a child walked by carrying a sno cone. “Hey, you want one?” he asked, heading to the kiosk where there was a veritable rainbow of colors and flavors to choose from.

“Um, yes please. Let me see,” she said, eyes wide with eagerness as she stared at the bottles that held the syrups, “I think I want a blue raspberry one Logan.” She grinned as he asked for one blue raspberry sno cone and then stood waiting excitedly as the attendant scooped the ice up into a perfect ball and dropped it into a paper cone. She squirted the lever and the syrup covered the ice and Audrey licked her lips in anticipation.

The woman handed the treat to Audrey as Logan paid and grabbed some napkins. They continued down the pier, with Audrey crunching away on the sno cone.

“Good?” he asked as he caught a whiff of the flavored syrup.

She nodded and said, “Yes, very. Thanks Logan.”

He laughed as she spoke because her tongue was a bright blue and so were her lips. He couldn’t resist bending down and kissing them, enjoying the cool feel of them against his own.

“Can you taste it?” she asked, curious.

“Nope, only you. Sweet…”

Audrey blushed in the waning light and her heart skipped a beat or two at his intense look. She quickly looked down, he lush dark lashes hiding what was in her eyes. His nose caught it though, the emotion she was trying to hide.

She was aroused by him and the thought brought on a physical response from his body as well. He was glad they were walking, surrounded by throngs of people and could only hope that no one noticed.

Several hours later after they had rode the rides, laughing and screaming their way through them. Finally they headed out to where his car was parked and then decided to take a walk along the beach. Neither wanted to head home but they were both a bit anxious about what might happen if they did. They stopped for a moment and felt the salty breeze wash over them and listened to the now far- away sounds of the pier.

“Thank you Logan. This has been so much fun,” she told him, the words almost catching in her throat. She swallowed nervously as she stared into his beautiful brown eyes and the thought occurred to her that she was falling in love with him.

He pulled her to him and leaned his forehead against hers, enjoying the moment. He wanted to tell her how he felt and started to speak. “Audrey, I,” and panic overtook him. He wanted to say it, he knew that he felt it, but the words caught in his throat, unable to get past the lump that was currently residing there. “I, uh, I had a wonderful night. The best night…” he finished, a husky tone emphasizing his words.

He bent and kissed her; a soft kiss full of love. His heart, she had his heart. Now all he needed to do was show her.


Kelly sat perched in her hotel room across Pershing Square from Mick’s loft. She had a perfect view of the door and the garage and kept vigil constantly, looking for any signs of Mick or Beth.

She chewed on her lower lip as she remembered the shock she had had a few days ago when she saw that they were both wearing wedding rings. She refused to admit that he could possibly have married that woman. It was unthinkable to her and yet it seemed that he had. She had no one in the city she could talk to and find out about the marriage and that pissed her off a good deal. She was a virtual spook, no one knew she even existed any longer, except for Katrina and if she found out that Kelly was still around she knew that she wouldn’t be any longer; Katrina had made that clear when she let her go that night.

It was incredible, to be thought of as an outlaw amongst her own kind when St. John had married a human! They should put that before the council she fumed, the thought sparking her anger. She was over him, she knew that because he was beneath her now, lying with that human but she wasn’t done with them, not by a long shot. Vampire justice, it ruled her world now.

She had tagged both of their cars – for a PI Mick didn’t check his own vehicles it seemed. She could find them where ever they went and often trailed along to see where that was. While she loved her red Beetle, it was impractical for tailing someone because it clearly stood out so instead, she rented a non-descript silver Japanese import that fit in smoothly with the traffic. Next week she would rent a different vehicle, just to make sure she wasn’t spotted.

She saw Mick and Beth get into the Benz and head out so she made her way to the car and flipped on the GPS tracker. Eventually they pulled into the Barton Medical Arts building and she parked a level higher than they did and made her way to the building, following her nose.

With her hair so short and blonde, a fake beauty mark on her cheek and sunglasses, she knew that no one would physically identify her but Mick would certainly pick up on the vamp scent so she gave them a few minutes and then headed up the stairwell, checking each floor for his vamp scent. On the 5th floor she struck gold and walked down the hallway until she got to a doorway that read Sharon Macon, OB/GYN. The door had two clear glass partitions on each side of it and she could see both Mick and Beth at the counter, signing something.

She knew she needed to get out of the hallway, out of the building and hope that the constant amount of foot traffic would carry away the vamp smell before they came out of the doctor’s office. Later on she’d go back for a little recon and see what she could find out.

Later that afternoon, right before closing time Kelly paid a visit to the doctor’s office for some information. When the receptionist wouldn’t share any information about Kelly’s ‘sister’ she resorted to allure, entrancing the poor girl who willingly told Kelly the purpose of the visit.

“Poor Mr. St. John had a bout of cancer you know, so he gave a sperm contribution before he started chemo and radiation; they really want children. So Mrs. St. John was inseminated today and we’ll know pretty quickly if it took.

Kelly spun and left the office immediately, rage ripping through her like a fiery wind. Could he possibly have done that during that brief time he took the cure? She had heard about it; news of something like that twists its way through the vamp community like a spider weaves a web.

Would that sperm be of any use she wondered? Or maybe it was an anonymous donor? Either way, she’d be damned if that human bitch was going to carry a child.

It could take her a while, but sooner or later, she was going to get her. No question about it.

To be continued…

Friday, September 23, 2011

Freshie Friday!! To Boldly Go...

This was a story from another site that I entered for the Bad Sex Challenge. It is meant to be wild and funny. I hope you enjoy it and take it for what it is. And i forgot to mention that a BIG, HUGE thanks goes out to lorig, who researched strange and funny names for genitalia! Thanks so much lorig!!!

To Boldly Go…

Logan tugged the blue tunic down as he stepped onto the transporter pad and waited to be beamed aboard the Enterprise. The material that the tunics were made of clung to everything and it was a constant struggle to keep them in place; he hated them already.

But that was the only thing he hated about Star Fleet; he couldn’t be more excited actually. Logan was the first vampire that had gone through Star Fleet Academy since vampires were now allowed to serve. Science had come up with nutritionally balanced synthi-blood that met vampire’s needs without having to bite. For vamps like Logan it was great since he’d never been a fan of feeding fresh anyway.

The day he graduated from Star Fleet Academy, 1st in his class he felt like his whole world had shifted, spun into place. He shared the day with Mick and Beth who had come in from their home on Juno, one of Jupiter’s moons and even Josef had come to help celebrate. As Logan accepted his commission he could see the pride that Mick, his sire wore on his face and Beth was beaming as she clapped for him.

Logan had been a vampire now for over 300 years and something he had always wanted to do was go to space. Ever since he saw Star Wars as a kid he had hoped for the opportunity but when he was turned he figured it would never happen. Now, here he was he thought with a grin on his still boyish face as he felt the tingle of the transporter begin.

A second later he blinked and saw the transporter room of the USS Enterprise which was alive with activity. He and Ensign Pavel Chekov stepped from the platform together, both of them mesmerized by the sheer idea that they had actually been billeted to the Enterprise, the flagship of Star Fleet. The ship had a new captain as well and there was a lot of buzz about it because many thought that First Officer Spock should have been given the command but it went to James T. Kirk, the youngest starship captain in the fleet.

After being assigned quarters Logan went in pursuit of Lt. Commander Spock who was to be his commanding officer. Spock was a Vulcan and Logan was looking forward to working with him since he was well known as the only person to have beaten a computer while playing Tri-Level Chess; his knowledge must be incredible and Logan looked forward to learning as much as was possible.

Logan and Pavel headed to the ‘C’ lift which was the only one that went to the bridge. When it stopped they stepped out and observed the buzz of activity all around them. Spock looked up from the viewer console and stood waiting for his new Ensign to approach, his hands resting behind his back as if he was at ease.

“Lt. Spock, Ensign Griffin reporting for duty!” Logan said and he couldn’t hide the excitement in his voice.

Spock took in the young Ensign and then remembered that he was over 300 years old, hardly ‘young’ at all. Ensign Griffin had dark curly hair that was neatly trimmed around his boyish face. He stood alert, resting on the balls of his feet as if ready to step forward at any moment.

“Welcome aboard Ensign Griffin. Let’s get started,” Spock said with little preamble.

Logan spent the six hours of duty on Alpha shift listening and getting acquainted with the equipment. It was about as high tech as you could imagine and even better than they had used in the labs at the academy. He observed everything on the bridge that day including personnel that came on. Captain Kirk was a bit of a surprise; not nearly as tall or imposing as he would have expected but he still managed to inspire respect Logan thought.

Late in the shift the red doors of the lift opened and in walked a young woman with gorgeous blonde hair and green eyes. Logan watched as she approached Kirk with a reader and he reviewed what was on it before adding something and she took it back and headed to the lift. On her way she caught Logan’s eye and smiled at him, petal-pink lips wide as she nodded at him. He watched her go with a grin and wide eyes that didn’t look away until the lift doors had whisked closed.

Later that evening after he had showered he paid a visit to the mess where he had a glass of the synthi-blood. It was kind of cool, the processors could make it any color you wanted and this time he chose lime green, in appreciation of his new supervisor Spock. He wondered what Vulcan blood tastes like and sat at the table grinning when he heard someone say, “May I sit with you?”

He looked up to see the stunning blonde from earlier and Logan grinned and nodded at an empty chair. “Please, I’d love the company!”

“Thanks. Um, you’re Logan Griffin aren’t you?” she asked taking a bite of some type of salad. She chewed it slowly and the Logan saw the tip of a very pink tongue slide out and lick her lips. His pants immediately got a bit tighter and he shifted in his chair to accommodate the discomfort.

“Yes, but I don’t know your name do I?” he teased.

“Janice Rand. I’m Captain Kirk’s Yeoman. You’re a vampire aren’t you?” she said, leaning forward across the table. Logan’s eyes immediately sank down to the ample curves of her jumblies that were displayed to perfection. “Is that blood you’re drinking? Isn’t it more fun to get it straight from a person?”

“I don’t do that, even before,” he said, slightly embarrassed. This wasn’t usually a topic for conversation with most people. Even in this day and age humans still tended to get nervous around vamps. “Uh, this is synthi-blood, an uh, nutritionally-based blood product.”

“Oh! Does it taste like Vulcan blood? I mean since its green and all?”

Logan almost spit out the small sip he had taken when he heard her question. “NO, well I don’t think so!” he rushed to say, stammering a bit over the words.

“Oh, okay. I just wondered,” she said with a slight pout, like it had disappointed her. She reached across the table and added, “Want to go to the rec deck after you’ve finished your dinner?” She batted her beautiful green eyes at him and he knew that he would follow her anywhere she wanted to go.

“Sure!” he said excitedly. He tipped the glass up and finished it all at once and set it down. “Okay, let’s go!”

Janice smiled and licked her lips again and stood up. The both grabbed their dishes and dropped them into the recycler as they passed the door. They walked down the hall to the ‘G’ lift and she pushed the button for deck ten, also known as the rec deck. When the doors slipped open Logan looked around him in amazement, before him was every type of activity he could imagine.

Janice looked at him and smiled and pointed to the right of them where there were viewports that looked outward. Stars flew past so quickly a human couldn’t even see most of them but Logan had no problem and he was amazed by all the colors that zipped by. He headed toward them and hardly noticed several door on each side of the viewports.

“It’s amazing isn’t it Logan?” she asked, pressing herself against his side. Logan could smell something sweet and intoxicating on her skin and he inhaled quickly, pulling in a much as he could. “Did you hear me?” she asked, when he didn’t respond.

Idiot! Say something, anything…

“Um, yeah. Yes, it is.” Dumb Logan, dumb. Why don’t you really impress her?

“Would you care to go into one of the private observation rooms to watch for awhile?” she whispered into his ear.

Logan shivered and it wasn’t from the cold. Suddenly her message was coming through loud and clear and he was up for it. Yes, he was definitely up for it. He only hoped that she hadn’t noticed.

Janice led him into one of the rooms with a green light over it. He noticed some had red lights, obviously a sign that they were occupied. They slipped into the room and she shut the door behind them and turned the privacy light on. Logan shifted from one leg to another, nervous and suddenly a bit scared.

He was no Casanova, he was a computer geek who usually had to pour on a bit of charm and maybe even allure to get up close and personal with the ladies. This one was clearly coming on to him and he tried to fight a brief moment of panic down.

Come on Logan, you’re 300 years old and you’ve been around the block a time or two. Just relax!

That was the last coherent thought he had – the next thing he knew she was all over him like peanut butter on a cracker. Her mouth melted against his, her tongue dipping deliciously into his mouth, swirling around his own. If he had needed to breathe he would have been out of luck because she sucked the air right out of him.

Her hands were everywhere, tugging his tunic off and then working the slides down on his pants. In less than a minute she had both of them naked and panting with desire.

“Oh Logan, I want you NOW,” she murmured into his ear and then traced it with her tongue. It felt electric and sent a charge up and down his body. If he was hard before it was nothing compared to now.

“Uh hey, you sorta got me Janice.” He pulled his mouth away long enough to spy a chair in front of the viewport and he lead her towards it; she followed, he hand stroking his ready eddy as they went. She pumped him furiously and he was about to lose control as she pushed him down on the chair and straddled him.

“Um, you have a lovely throbbing thrill hammer Logan. So big and hard. I’ll bet it is going to feel so good inside me. Do you want to push it into my love grotto? It’s nice and wet for you!” Logan looked down and admired the blonde patch of fur between her legs and reached an unsteady hand down to stroke her. He could swear she made a purring sound, like she had a tribble down there or something.

Logan could feel how wet and ready she really was. He was drenched already from the warm honey that flowed from her. She raised herself up a bit and sank back down onto him and sighed loudly as she did it.

“Oooh yessss…” she moaned as she started to ride him hard. “C’mon Logan, give it to me!”

“I’m givin’ you everything I got!” he told her, his hips pistoning up and down faster than they ever had before.

Janice bounced up and down on him, her boobs keeping a rhythm all their own. Her pert pink nipples were puckered in the cool room but Logan only had a moment to stare at them.

“Ouch!” Logan yelled as she bounced even harder. “My bairns, my poor, poor bairns!” She was squishing his balls flat and it wasn’t good. This was a wild ride and he was only hanging on by a thread. The girl was a maniac; Logan had never had an experience like this before. It was all intoxicating, the stars out the viewport rushing past in a blur, the scent of her arousal and the feel of her hot, wet silken meadow that gripped him so tightly.

“Oh yes baby, that’s so good!” she said, the words all running together. He felt her muscles squeezing him tightly as she bounced up and down on him, moving at light speed. “C’mon Logan, give it to me NOW!”

“Givin’ it all I got – I’m a computer guy, not a miracle worker!” he managed to get out as wiped sweat out of his eyes.

“Oh Logan, push it baby, push it harder and faster. I wanna feel your blue-veined custard chucker let loose! NOW…” she screamed as her orgasm took over. Her body twisted and undulated on him and Logan could feel her hot pocket squeezing him tightly.

His fangs lengthened and he sank them into his arm and let his own bottle rocket shoot, all thrusters firing and driving deeply into her. Both of them were panting with exertion and satisfaction. Janice laid her head against Logan’s shoulder and bit him lightly.

“I thought vampires had to bite to get off?” she asked.

“I uh, did. I bit my shoulder,” he answered with an embarrassed grin.

She looked at it with a puzzled expression. “Don’t see any marks.”

“We heal really fast,” he told her, finally catching his breath.

“And you live forever?” she prompted, trying to get him to talk a bit more.

“Well, unless someone cuts my head off or I get burnt up,” he said with a shrug.

“Wow, that’s impressive. So you will live long and prosper?” she giggled.

“I certainly hope so!” he said as he leaned forward and nipped at a rosy pink nipple. “How about a second orbit?”

Her moan of pleasure was all the answer he needed.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Chapter 51 The Return

 A special thank you to Moonlightlover 60 for the hard work she does on the pictures that add so much to the story.  Lynn, you are the best!!

July 26, 2008

We are in the ‘counting’ period now, tracking the information on the ovulation chart like it is somehow going to change from when we looked at it 30 minutes earlier. We stare at it, our hearts hopeful and waiting for the day we can begin the testing. It rules us for the most part and that isn’t really a good thing. We need a diversion, a distraction to take our mind off of all of this.

A distraction was the list but it wasn’t a good one. I tried to memorize as many of those names that I could; the ones that I didn’t recognize immediately because who knows how they all fit together? Mick and Josef listened as I went over all I had seen of it and I could see Josef grow angrier with each name I revealed. How many of them did he really know? I’m not sure but one I mentioned brought him to his feet and I could almost see a shimmer of anger surround him like a mirage in a desert.

The name was Miguel Estrella. I don’t know who that is or if he’s a vampire or not, but Josef definitely knows him, that much was clear. He left right after that with barely a word to Mick or me. Mick said he had heard the name before, but didn’t know much more about it; he thinks it must be a friend of Josef’s but then most of the vamps on that list are so what made that name special?

Mom and Clark have invited Mick and me to dinner on Friday. It makes me so happy to see her building a relationship with Mick. I know that she has always trusted him but that didn’t mean it made her happy to know that we were now involved in a romantic relationship. She seemed at ease with it at the wedding, something I am very happy about. Dinner will be interesting; not sure what she’ll have there for Mick, but I guess we’ll see. We are going to tell them that we are trying to get pregnant; I hope that will go over well.

I have to say just how very happy I am; I knew I would be happy but I am really beyond that. Yes, life is still so mundane in many ways; I get up and go to work, do my job and mingle with co-workers, just like before. But I come home to Mick; his strong arms wrapping around me and making me feel as if I am the most precious thing in the world to him. I go to sleep wrapped in those same arms and if occasionally I wake and he’s in his freezer I can handle that; he needs that chill time and I’m perfectly happy with that.

He has been spending a lot of time on his rooftop greenhouse. It was quite interesting to see how it all set up actually. They had to put in water lines and electrical outlets to power the exhaust fans that will help with air flow that keeps the temperatures within the correct ranges. Drainage had to be considered as well and somehow, they got it all worked out. Yesterday they delivered all the plants, some quite developed because it is so late in the season. Soon we’ll have tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers and radishes and green onions, and well, you get the point diary. I’ve taken to calling him ‘Farmer Mick’ and he just grins; if I were a vamp I know I would be able to smell the happiness rolling off of him.



Mick was tossing a salad for her dinner when she got home. She smelled grilled shrimp as well and her mouth watered and her stomach growled. Mick heard it and laughed, walking up to her and pulling her close in a hug before he kissed her plump, pink lips. They tasted sweet, sugary and he licked at them and felt her shiver in response. She wrapped her arms around his waist and forgot about her rumbling stomach; she had other hungers that needed feeding first.

Mick chuckled, recognizing her intent and backed away. “Nope, dinner first, then how about a bubble bath for my hard working wife and then dessert?”

Beth stuck her lower lip out in a little pout and then remembered she needed to tell him about the list. She sighed and nodded and Mick immediately realized something was wrong.

“Hey, why don’t you get changed and I’ll dish up dinner and we can chat while we eat?”

She nodded and headed up the stairs, dreading the task ahead. A few minutes later she came downstairs to see the table set including candles and a large glass of sparkling water for her. She grinned and sat down and laughed as Mick carefully laid a napkin across her lap before taking his own seat.

She speared a plump and succulent grilled shrimp and popped it into her mouth. It was spicy and tangy, just the way she enjoyed them. She took a few more bites and then sat her fork down on the table and cleared her throat. Mick looked at her and she met his eyes for a moment, licking her lips as she tried to figure out how to tell him.

“Mick,” she began, lightly chewing her lip as she drew little circles on the table top with a pink tipped finger. “Today Ben showed me a file he has; it was a list of names, lots of them. Some of them were historical figures, some of them were dead and on the last page was your name, Josef’s, Logan’s and other vamps too. Someone gave it to him anonymously and he doesn’t know what it means. Neither do I; do you?”

Mick slowly swallowed the sip of blood he had just taken, letting it trickle down his throat gradually as he listened to what she had to say. “Who were the other names, the historical figures and dead people?”

She tried to remember as many as she could and she started recounting them to him. “Mick, there were so many, hundreds probably. Ben doesn’t seem terribly concerned, more like it is a hoax or something, but it’s out there. I told him it didn’t make any sense to me, that of course some of them were friends, but the others I didn’t know.”

Mick ran his hand down his face, thinking about the possibilities of that list. “Do you know where he keeps it? Could you get a copy?”

“I’ve never seen it before Mick and I wouldn’t really know where to look.”

“We need to go and see Josef; he needs to be told.”

She nodded and finished her dinner. That wasn’t going to be a fun task.


She had left LA in a rush, as if the very devil himself were after her; that might not have been too much of a stretch, considering Kostan’s reputation. LA to Flagstaff, then on to Las Cruces and finally settling in Dallas. Four places in as many weeks, each one a stopping off place to make sure she hadn’t been tracked or traced. No time for amenities and all she really longed for was the cold of a freezer and 8-9 hours of undisturbed rest which was next on the list.

Fate saw her settled into a vamp-friendly ‘no tell motel’ on the outskirts of Dallas. When you had been a vamp as long as she had been you learn about these places, ‘safe’ houses basically. After a long rest she had other things to take care of but first she ordered some room service, O+ and lots of it. A quick shower after her meal and then into the cold oblivion for rest, but it wasn’t easy coming.

5 Weeks Earlier

“Kostan has commanded your death, as is his right as senior vampire in LA. His directions are clear; you shall be burned to death, reduced to ashes and scattered. Do you understand that?”

Kelly nodded numbly and swallowed hard but her eyes never left Katrina’s.

“Do you also understand that this was unnecessary? You have thrown your life away on a vampire who has never, NEVER been interested in you? You have taken every opportunity to throw yourself at him but he wasn’t buying! Still, you pursued him with alacrity, without out any thought of the consequences of such actions. You were warned; more times than I care to admit to leave them both alone and you flagrantly disregarded first a request and then a direct order. You have endangered all of us with exposure by that stunt at the beach as there were other humans there. Do you have anything else to say?”

“She is human,” were the only words that she could choke out.

Katrina nodded and Billie raised the flamethrower. Kelly closed her eyes and waited. She opened them a moment later and saw the indecision in Katrina’s. Billie was looking from woman to woman, as she saw Katrina hesitate. She shifted the flame thrower and said, “Ready?”

Katrina’s head snapped around to look at her and for a moment her eyes blazed silver. Her left eyebrow raised a fraction of an inch as she considered that word. Billie blinked under the ferocity of that glare and realized that Katrina was wavering. Billie didn’t want any part of this to begin with; having to take out a fellow cleaner would only cause ill relations with the rest of them, but disobeying Kostan would be the kiss of death.

Indecision stung at Katrina’s nerves; she shifted back and forth on her feet, in an effort to find a comfortable pose but none was to be found. This wasn’t right – Kelly is correct, the girl is human. If Mick wanted to play with his food fine but he needed to remember that they were first and foremost food.

Katrina walked forward and released the chains that held Kelly to the chair. “Get the hell out of here; if I ever hear of you in this area again or see you I will personally kill you. Do you understand?”

Kelly rubbed her wrists where the silver had burned into them and nodded. Before either Katrina or Billie could blink she was gone. Katrina felt a vibration at her hip and slid her phone out, grimacing as she saw Kostan’s number pop up.

“I want to see the ashes,” he said. “I’m on my way.”

Katrina wordlessly hung up the phone and walked back over the Billie, who had watched the whole thing with shocked and fearful eyes. Kostan would never stand for this. She started to open her mouth to speak and Katrina raised her hand in an ‘I don’t want to hear it’ motion. She stopped in front of Billie and eyed her speculatively, trying to think.

Billie ignored the warning and said, “I don’t want a part of this Katrina – Kostan will have your head and mine if I don’t report it.”

Katrina watched her with narrowed eyes; she didn’t like Billie and never had. She was a holdover from the old guard and Katrina had never felt any loyalty from her. Before Billie knew what was happening Katrina had her pinned to the floor and had pulled a stake out of her belt and plunged it into Billie’s heart. She observed the shocked expression on Billie’s face with amusement. “I never liked you Billie; should have kept your mouth shut!” she hissed.

She carried her to the chair and fastened the chains, securing her well and went to retrieve the flame thrower. She hefted it up, admiring the sleek lines and aimed it directly at Billie. Billie’s eyes registered a brief moment of panic as the flames licked at her and then turned her to ashes. They stayed aloft briefly before settling down onto the floor in a powdery dust.

Josef walked in, surprised to see only Katrina in the room. “All alone?” he asked.

She shrugged and said, “This was a private matter; no need to get everyone upset. We are rather protective of one another and this won’t sit well with most of them.”

“Um hm,” Josef muttered, walking towards the still smoking remains. The silver lay among them, still mostly intact. He toed a piece of it and watched as dusty ashes rose and settled over the toe of his shoe.

He looked at Katrina, leaning against the wall in a relaxed stance. No denying that Kelly was torched. He left without another word. But for some reason, his gut just shouldn’t trust her, he knew.

After a solid 10 hours in the freezer Kelly rose and showered, prepared to take care of business that day. She first headed to the post office to pick up a general delivery package for herself with new ID and credit cards, bank info and cash. She needed to buy a car and a new wardrobe and thought a few other changes were necessary as well.

The first stop was a salon and before she knew it her long dark hair was gone and in its place was a short dark blonde wispy cut streaked with golden highlights. It looked good she thought as she turned her head from side to side and admired the way it fell into place. She found a tanning salon and got a light spray tan; the fake bake looked really good she thought. All traces of Kelly the vampire were obliterated. New clothes further changed her image, low-slung blue jeans and midriff tops went with her new look she thought.

At the end of the day she had a new driver’s license and was ready to go purchase a car. She had decided on a bright red VW Beetle, convertible of course. Yes, that would be perfect! It would look good cruising down the LA freeways, top down, even if it was only at night.



Lani lay wrapped up in Eric’s embrace in the bed at her apartment. His fingers played lazily in her hair, slipping through the silken strands that were still a bit damp from exertion of their lovemaking. He sighed and she knew that he would soon be asleep. She bit her lower lip for a moment, her heart breaking.

This wasn’t right; she was letting him fall more and more in love with her and it wasn’t right. She had to end it but hesitated because she had hurt him before and didn’t want to do that again. There was just no easy way to do this.

The devil on her shoulder urged her to go with the flow; he was an excellent and caring lover and he did make her laugh – a lot. But the angel poked at her conscience with a very sharp stick and reminded her that she didn’t love him and never would. She did care for him, but it wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted happily ever after and she didn’t think she was capable of giving it.

Where had it gone, the ability to give her heart to someone? In reality, the true question might be had she ever had it? Not a single man had ever really gotten to her; made her breathless and want to be with them forever. She watched Beth and Robbi hungrily, aching to find it, but it never seemed to happen for her. She knew that she kept her self behind a glass wall, able to look but not touch in a way.

You know why, her subconscious answered. Don’t think about it, don’t think…

She swallowed a small sob back, trying to take control of her errant thoughts. Eric stirred beside her, rolling over onto his back and settling against the pillow, one arm thrown above his head in a very vulnerable pose. She watched for a moment until his breathing indicated he was deep in sleep and then she slid quietly out of the bed and walked over to the floor to ceiling windows and looked out at the cityscape of Los Angeles.

Much like Tokyo, the city never slept and was never quiet – a good thing when you didn’t want to think too much or be alone in your head. You could hide in plain sight here and no one ever suspected that you hid anything…sometimes even those people you loved the most. She watched the traffic moving 40 stories below, tiny pools of light that seemed to crawl the streets; the distance tamping down the engine sounds so that it was practically non-existent. She closed her eyes for a moment and laid her forehead against the cool glass, her stomach twisting badly.

She had to do it, tell Eric. He deserved so much more than she could offer and every day she delayed only made it worse. It will hurt him, she acknowledged, but better to just rip the band aide off quickly, first thing in the morning. For now, she pulled on her robe and headed into the living room and settled down on the couch with a glass of Macallen to soothe her; and maybe with luck make her forget – for a little while anyway.


Beth’s alarm rang at 6:30 am on Friday morning and she rolled over in bed, not surprised to see that Mick’s spot was empty. He was probably ensconced in his freezer and after last night she acknowledged that he deserved it! She stretched languidly, feeling the smooth slip of satin sheets against her skin and sighed. She wished that she didn’t have to go to work today but that was life and they did have dinner with her parents to look forward to tonight.

She sat up in bed and swung her legs over the side just as Mick walked in carrying a tray with juice and a toasted whole wheat bagel on it spread with organic mascarpone and fresh strawberries.

“Get back into that bed young lady, I’m bringing you breakfast,” he said, grinning at her. She noticed that he let his eyes slide down her body and feast on her rosy nipples which were puckering delightfully at his probing gaze. He sat the tray down on the dresser and pushed the pillows against the headboard as she scooted up the bed to lean against them. He pulled the sheet up over her breasts in an effort to take his mind off of them but one glance at him and she knew exactly what he was doing. She also noticed the tell-tale bulge in his jeans. Maybe there was time for him and breakfast too!

She leaned up and grasped the front of his Henley, pulling his head down for a kiss. “Um, breakfast is nice, but this is better,” she murmured, her voice a sultry invitation.

He sat down next to her and held her for a moment, enjoying the kiss as long as he could. The taste of her drove him wild and he had no defenses where she was concerned. And also, no time this morning either.

As he pulled back from the kiss she stuck her lower lip out and tried to look sad, but her eyes belied the puppy dog look; full of smoky passion they spoke of a determined woman. “I just want to be close to you,” she whispered, lightly nipping his neck.

“Beth, um, baby you have to be at work in a little while. And didn’t you get enough ‘closeness’ last night?” he teased.

“What, are you saying you’re not ‘up’ for it this morning Mick? A mere mortal tired you out?”

That stung, and it definitely presented a challenge, one he couldn’t ignore. He had to stand up for the virile capabilities of vampires everywhere; he couldn’t have her thinking they weren’t ‘up to the task’! Before she knew what was happening the sheet had been swept away from her body and his own sculpted physique was covering hers. His mouth captured hers in a sizzling kiss, tongue plundering and stroking her lips and tongue until she was only a big gooey puddle of desire.

She lived for this; the hard planes of his body that fit so perfectly with the soft valleys of her own. She caught her breath as she felt his fingers tweak her sensitive nipples that were aching for his touch. In the blink of an eye he left her and undressed before joining her on the slippery sheets. He gently kneed her thighs apart and slipped a searching finger into her aching folds that were already dripping with desire. A second finger followed and soon she was wreathing on the bed, gulping in huge breaths as the intensity of the pleasure overcame her. There was no denying the passion as it built and her hips pushed against his hand as his fingers played her like a melody.

As the wave crashed over her she screamed his name, loving him, needing him – all of him and he gave her what she needed in a swift move that sank him deep inside her still contracting body.

It was home; it was heaven to him and no place had ever been better. The breakfast forgotten by both of them, he took them on a journey of delight until their very souls throbbed, tangled in the silken bedclothes.

She matched him stroke for stroke, her willing body rising to meet Mick’s only to pull quickly apart. It was torture, it was rapture fulfilled, a bliss so exquisite that she couldn’t tell where Mick left off and she began. Lightening thundered through her veins, carrying her away to the pinnacle of fulfillment.

She felt him against her neck and she arched it for him, making it easier to find the right place. She was so ready for the bite, she needed it and she came apart as she felt his fangs pierce that place, his place, and gave into the ecstasy as it rocked her body.

He shuddered with his release, the taste of her warm blood full of the sweetness and essence that was Beth driving him to the edge, to the finish.

She was perfection; she was his life.

To be continued…

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Freshie Friday!! Missing Scene Challenge - Sleeping with Beth

Hi Everyone!!

September 28th is the 4th anniversary of Moonlight.  At Moonlight Forever we celebrate during the month of September as much as we can!  I issued a challenge this year to write a missing scene, something you would have liked to have seen in the show.  I chose to write a story called Sleeping With Beth about the plane ride to New York when Mick and Beth were trying to find Josef. (Beth's Diary story Sleeping Beauty)  If you haven't yet been over to Moonlight Forever and you love Mick, Beth, Josef and the gang I would love to invite you; I guarantee you won't meet a nicer group of people anywhere and they all love to make new friends.  I hope you enjoy this story.

Sleeping with Beth
Fourth Anniversary Celebration
Missing Scene Challenge
Episode 10 – Sleeping Beauty G-rated
What happened on the flight to New York?

Mick’s POV…

She was quiet all the way to LAX, eyes focused out the car window, seemingly interested in the city view as we passed by. Lights from oncoming traffic occasionally streaked across her face, painting it with an eerie pallid glow. Still, I didn’t need to see her face or hear her heartbeat to know that she was upset about something. Josh maybe? Or me?

A few side-long glances of her revealed that she was lightly chewing her lower lip while trying to appear calm. What exactly had he said to her? I had been preoccupied as I walked to her door and didn’t really catch much on the other side of door number 5 as I approached it. But when I knocked on the door you couldn’t ignore the tension that oozed darkly out from under it and almost knocked me over when Beth pulled it open, stepping aside so that I could see Josh.

That was an awkward moment; too bad Josef wasn’t there to appreciate it.

I stared at her, then at him and offered to come back. Unfortunately that offer was declined and Josh practically ran out of the apartment, whether to avoid me or Beth or the situation, well, I can only speculate.

Something sure as hell happened though and Beth wasn’t talking.

While traveling in the modern age was quicker and easier for most travelers it was dicey for vamps. No more packing a cold keeper in the luggage to bring a few pints with you. I’d fed well before I picked up Beth, but it was a five hour flight to New York and just the thought of being out of touch with a handy pint set me on edge. I hoped that we found Josef quickly because where ever he was I could be guaranteed a meal. Sure, there’s vamp friendly places in the Big Apple, but we were on a tight schedule and chasing around the city looking for a fix wasn’t exactly on it.

We parked at a nearby parking center, a few minutes away from the airport and then caught a shuttle over to our terminal. Still, Beth was silent, the look in her crystal blue eyes faraway and strained. Even her mouth wore only the barest hint of expression, just a shade off of a frown.

Look, I’ve been around for awhile; I’m trying to be one of those ‘sensitive’ guys. The kind women always talk about wanting and dreaming of; you know the type, strong, supportive, likes long walks on the beach. I can do that, but how the hell does a guy know what he’s expected to do if a girl doesn’t say anything? A mind reader I’m not and obviously I left my crystal ball at home anyway. I stared at her as we waited in line and she finally took pity on me and gave me a half-hearted smile.

My whole world was transformed.

“I’m sorry Mick,” she said, licking her rose petal pink lips. “It’s just that Josh is angry and I don’t quite know what to say to him.”

I nodded, understandingly I hoped. “Look Beth, it’s not too late; you don’t have to come with me. I’ll walk you back out and you can catch a cab home. Or I can take you and just catch a later flight.”

“No, I’m here because I want to be. That’s not the problem. Josh and I, well we have things to tal…”

The clerk at the counter practically yelled at us then, “I said NEXT. Can’t you two hear?”

Miss Mary Sunshine had obviously gotten up on the wrong side of someone’s bed. Her tone really pissed me off and I glared at her, hiding the fangs at the very last moment but not completely masking the low growl. She was a pretty smart cookie and saw that I wasn’t happy and made a unenthusiastic attempt at a smile. She got us taken care of in record time, practically pushing us away.

We had almost two hours before our flight and so we hit one of the terminal bars to kill some time. I ordered a scotch, neat and Beth ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. I raised my eyebrow and smiled at her selection; it packs a powerful punch
“I know, don’t say it. It’s just, I really hate flying. I need something to calm me down a bit.”

“Okay,” I told her and watched as she nervously picked at her fingernail polish. The drinks got there quickly and she took a couple of big gulps and I watched as a quick flush swept over her chest and face and she took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. It seemed that the tension was finally slipping away or maybe she was pushing it away, who knows. Either way I saw the first genuine smile on her face in an hour or so.

“So do you have any ideas about where we might find Josef in New York?” she asked, steadily sipping on the frosty glass. It was already half gone I noted and that was fine by me; the happier she was, the happier it made me
“Not really. It will be 10 in the morning when we get there. I might call a friend of mine and see if he can track Josef’s moves. I guess we should definitely check out John Whitley too, as soon as we get there.”

“Yeah, and Sam can look for Josef too, see if he’s registered somewhere or rented a car or something.”

“We have a plan then,” I told her, watching as she upended the tall glass and finished off the concoction and then proceeded to crunch on the crushed ice. I nodded at the glass and said, “Another?”

She grinned and flushed bright red, a color that was so appealing to me, the vamp and the man both, before shaking her head no. “One is enough. Anymore and you’d have to carry me down the jet way.” That was followed by a delightful giggle.

This was a totally new side of Beth. I’d never seen her tipsy before and I liked it. I liked it, a lot…

A few minutes later they did the boarding call for our flight and we headed to the gate. If Beth was a tiny bit unsteady on her feet I pretended not to notice but I did keep my hand resting lightly on the small of her back, guiding the way to the check in. The heat from her body seeped through the thin fabric of her blouse and jacket, eliciting a shaky tingle in my fingertips. I didn’t ever want to let go but all too soon we were boarding and settling in for the flight.

I admit it; I splurged on the tickets and bought first class for us. Partly because I wanted to impress her and partly because it’s just too damn tight back there in the economy section. I’m bombarded with the scents of a hundred humans, perfume, soap, tobacco, it all jumbled together and frankly makes me a bit green around the gills. Here in first class, I can stretch my long legs and enjoy relative quiet so I took it and brought Beth along with me. If it surprised her she played it silently, taking her seat and clicking her seat belt securely.

As soon as we were in the air the flight attendant brought the beverage cart around and Beth and I both chose red wine. I could at least pretend that it was blood I thought as I held it up to the dim light and caught the ruby red glow. My fingertip circled the rim of the glass wishing for something I couldn’t have right then.

“Are you alright?” she inquired, catching my nervous gesture.

“Hm? Oh yeah, I’m fine. You?”

She smiled at me, really smiled; it lit up her beautiful face like a beacon that I was pulled into. I thought I heard the Hallelujah chorus in the background I felt so blessed by the simple act. “Yeah, I’m fine. A bit sleepy though,” she said, hiding a dainty yawn behind her hand.

“Well, you have five hours to sleep. Need a pillow and a blanket?” I asked, pushing the button that would call the attendant.

“Um, that would be nice.”

Before long a tiny airline blanket was tucked around her petite body and she had laid her seat back. I adjusted mine as well; I told myself that it was just so I could relax, that it didn’t have anything to do with being able to watch her face as she rested.

Keep telling yourself that Mick, you might even believe it someday.

I watched her, surreptitiously at first as she relaxed; her breathing got slower and deeper and her heartbeat slowed down a bit as well. She was at peace and it made me smile at the simple ease of it.

I finished my wine and handed the attendant both of our glasses and sat the trays up, fastening them into place. I took a few deep breaths myself, trying to match Beth’s rhythm with the thought in my mind that it would bring us closer together.
Soon I heard her sigh softly and I turned to look at her. She still seemed peaceful and she leaned a bit closer to me as she slept. I could only wish for her to be closer, much closer and trust me, I did wish.

Before a half hour passed her head had tilted over farther until it was lying against my shoulder. I could smell the clean, light floral scent of her shampoo and the erotic scent that was Beth; something underlying that drove me nuts with the need to get closer to her. It was like water to a thirsting man, compelling in its draw for me.

A few more minutes found her arm creeping around my waist, her whole upper body pressed against mine. The sleepy warmth of her washed over me and tugged my heart to her and I began to wonder how it would feel to lay my head against hers. Just to rest a bit I told myself. That’s all, just for a few minutes, I’d allow myself that.

I leaned down and gently kissed her on the forehead; a simple ‘goodnight’ wish, that was all and then I laid my head against hers, feeling her silky hair lying beneath my own dark curls. My body leaned into hers, in order to better support her I told myself. Finally I was situated, comfortable.

I woke up almost 5 hours later when I heard the captain saying we were preparing for landing in New York. I jerked awake, trying to straighten up quickly before Beth realized that we had been entwined in our slumber. She came slowly awake herself, blinking as she saw her arm was still around my waist and she tugged it away hastily, stretching in the dim light of the cabin.

“Oh, sorry. I hope I didn’t drool on you or anything. I was so tired. Did I snore?” she grinned, tugging and smoothing her shirt down and setting her seat upright as I did the same. I opened the shade to see New York City below us, the rivers glimmering in the morning light. We heard the ‘thump’ as the landing gear came down and knew we were almost there.

That was the night I slept with Beth.