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Friday, May 6, 2011

Freshie Friday!!! The Road Trip, Part One

Welcome to Freshie Friday.  Today starts a 5 part story that is a part of Beth's Diary.  It takes place after Sonata and will be necessary for you to read in order to understand what is happening a little later on in the story.  It's a fun and  funny, so I hope you will enjoy it.  After all, what happens when you take two women and two vampires on a road trip in a bus?  Well, let's see, shall we?

The Road Trip

Part One - Heat Wave

Beth and Simone lay in the warm late afternoon sunshine on the deck around Josef’s pool. Beth felt drowsy as the sun soaked into her back and she was glad she had a 30+ sun block on. Adding to the lethargy was the sound of the waves rushing to shore along the beach and Beth smiled as she licked the slight salty tang from her lips. It was hot today and had been for a week. Not just the usual LA hot, but really hot. LA had been under a heat advisory and if it wasn’t for the pool and good air conditioning life would have been miserable.

Josef had opened the beach house for Beth and Simone and urged them to take advantage of its hospitable amenities. It was right on the beach and managed to catch what few cool breezes came off of the Pacific as well as having a pool and an excellent air conditioning system. Actually Beth thought the air conditioning system was almost too good, set more for a vampires taste than human, but then again during the heat wave she wasn’t going to complain.

Through half-closed eyes she watched Simone sit up in the chaise and reach back to tie the top of her turquoise colored bikini. Simone stretched slowly after securing the top and smiled as she spotted Josef watching them from the shaded windows. Simone smiled at him and sighed.

“He’s watching us again,” she chuckled to Beth. “I can’t decide if it’s because he misses all the naked freshies that have inhabited this place in the past or if he isn’t really looking at us at all.”

Beth giggled and sat up, fixing her own bikini top. “I think he’s just hoping to catch a glimpse of some naked boobs Simone! Let’s face it, he may be a billionaire hedge fund trader, but he’s still a guy when it comes to his fascination with girls!”

They both stood up and gathered their towels and sun block to carry into the house. Josef continued to watch them avidly, a salacious grin plastered across his boyishly handsome face. He gave them a ‘thumbs up’ as they came into the house and snickered as he commented, “Ahh girls, um hm. Vampire hearing, don’t you just love it?”

Beth rolled her eyes and said to Simone, “he’s all yours!” and then under her breath added, “thank God!”

“I heard that!” Josef tossed over his shoulder at her, before wrapping his arms around Simone and burying his face in her neck and inhaling the warm scent of her skin and the blood that flowed through her veins just under it. “Umm, you smell delicious!”

“I’m sure you would just love the taste of the sun block! Why don’t you let me shower first, hmm?” she whispered as she ran her hands down his well-muscled back. She slipped her hands farther down and cupped his ass, squeezing it tightly for a moment.

God, he has a sexy ass, firm and so nicely rounded!

“You know I can’t taste the sun block!” he murmured, his lips still nestled against her neck. “You taste salty though. I like that,” he said as his lips and then his teeth grazed her neck. His tongue probed a bit firmer on the vein that was pulsing just beneath her warm and silky skin. He felt her shiver at the contact with his teeth and he worked hard to keep from going totally vamp and said, “Perhaps I should join you in that shower.”

“What are you waiting for?” Simone said with a come-hither grin. She crooked her finger at him, beckoning him to follow her.

Josef didn’t argue…


Beth heard Simone squeal with laughter as Josef growled at her; their play amused her as well as made her feel lonely. She turned the stereo on in her luxurious bedroom suite before heading into the shower. She adjusted the water to the ‘tepid’ level; she couldn’t stand the thought of anything warmer in this heat. 104 degrees today! It was miserable…like me she realized.

Mick was in Reno on a case and had been for almost a week. The nice thing for him was that it was a lot cooler there than here in LA. The LA vampire population was hiding away right now since the heat was so bad. Fire may be a vampire’s enemy but this heat wave didn’t do them any good either. Warm they could tolerate but this heat drove them all to their freezers it seemed. Josef’s usual cadre of vamp employees had all been on leave or something and even Josef had stayed hidden away most of the day since they came here to the house two days ago. Beth and Simone had both taken vacation from their jobs to come out to the beach. Not that she couldn’t commute here to the beach, it was only an hour drive, but it was much nicer just being here and relaxing the day away. It also was nice to be with friends she could talk about Mick to, in other words not have to hide the fact that he was a vamp.

Beth had adjusted her own schedule to be here; she was normally a morning person but she and Simone had been staying up most of the night to keep Josef entertained. Beth laughed to herself as she thought about that. Josef always had to have something going on. That’s probably why he was so rich; he was driven to keep busy and most of the time keeping busy meant making money. He was very generous with his money, amazingly so. Even more than his money he was a generous and kind friend; of course by her saying that she knew he would deny it and then threaten to throw her in the tar pits or something equally nasty!

She shampooed her hair and then put the conditioner on it while she stood in the misty spray of the shower. The stall was huge with a bench at one end of it, the tiles a warm coral color with electric blue accents. She closed her eyes as she let the water rinse the conditioner out of her hair and thought about making love with Mick in this enormous shower stall. They wouldn’t have to worry about space like they did in her normal sized shower at home. And the floor tiles here had some sort of non-slippery stuff on them. They looked like the walls, but they were almost cushiony feeling. Kinda weird, but it would be nice not to have to worry about slipping when things got a bit athletic she decided with a grin.

She thought about his hands sliding slickly over her body, massaging and kneading her breasts before taking her nipples into his mouth and teasing them with his tongue. She would wrap her arms around his neck and spread kisses over his neck, nipping at it until she felt him shiver with longing.

She leaned her forehead against the cool tiles and took a couple of deep breaths, trying to get her mind off of Mick and the ache of desire she felt. She groaned softly and felt her tummy quiver and contract with need.

Mick! Only a couple more days and he would be here and they could try out her wicked little fantasies…

Beth finished her shower and turned the water off. As soon as she stepped out of the shower stall a blast of frigid cold air assaulted her, puckering her nipples even more. This was not the blissful tightening caused by a certain PI though; this was just plain old cold. She was shivering as she dried off and crawled into a pair of sweats, her defense against the air conditioning. She laughed as she smoothed moisturizer over her face and neck and tried to comb through her tangled mass of wet hair.

She sighed again, trying to keep her mind off of her sexy PI. But it was a losing battle!


The house was mostly quiet when she emerged from the bedroom. It was just a little past 7 and she realized she was hungry. Simone and Josef were no doubt occupied with the same type of things Beth would like to be occupied with at the moment so she went to explore the kitchen on her own.

She decided to make a salad with some grilled shrimp for dinner and as the seafood was grilling she chopped the vegetables and stirred together a light lemon and olive oil salad dressing. She didn’t cook very much really, she depended on the local Chinese take-out place much more than she should she knew. But this was simple and light and in no time it was done. She stowed the extra shrimp and veggies in the fridge so that they would be good if Simone wanted some later before wandering into the den to see what was on television.

True to his inner child Josef had an extremely large set, 52” with satellite reception. Only the biggest and best she thought with a laugh as she tried to find something on the 300 plus channels to watch. Earlier when she and Simone had the TV on one of the movie channels was having a Robert Redford movie marathon and Beth decided to see if it was still going. She and Simone had laughingly dubbed it the ‘The Robert Redford Channel’. Robert Redford reminded her of her mother, who adored seeing his movies. As Beth settled in to watch another one she thought her mom had pretty good taste.

She had long finished the salad and was working on a bowl of popcorn and trying to decide if having a glass of wine with it would be too strange when Simone emerged wearing a tired but satisfied smile.

“Ooh, the Robert Redford channel! What’s on now?” she asked, digging her hand into the popcorn bowl.

“This is The Great Waldo Pepper. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid will be starting soon. What do you think, red or white?” Beth asked, munching another handful of popcorn.

“Red, definitely,” Josef said. “Red is always best!” As he spoke he catapulted over the back of the couch landing next to Simone in one smooth motion. “NOT the Robert Redford channel again?” he asked, one eyebrow raised in amusement.

“Hush up,” Simone told him, laughing as he kissed her and then licked some salt off of her lips. “Butch Cassidy is coming on. It ought to make you feel right at home, since you say you were a cattle rustler!”

She and Beth giggled wildly as he stared at them for a moment, trying to bluff them with a threatening look.

“Yeah, well the old west was rough. It wasn’t all pretty like movies portray you know. Pretty cowboys and pretty women. Let me tell you, they didn’t have deodorant back then, that’s for sure. Most of the time the horses smelled better than the people! Yep, that’s why I ran off to the ’49 gold rush; I figured it would smell better or at least I would be by myself most of the time and it wouldn’t matter.”

“Josef, you were in the 1849 California gold rush?” Beth asked excitedly.

Josef smirked and said, “It’s where I made my first million dollars.”

“You’re kidding? Seriously Josef?” Beth asked.

“I’m serious Blondie,” he told her as he got up off the couch. “So, did we decide on red?”

“Yeah, red is great. So tell me about it?”

“Another time, I promise. Now, let’s watch them rob some trains, okay?”

Beth frowned slightly, realizing he really didn’t want to talk about it, which was a shame. The reporter in her was really interested in hearing that story and she mentally filed it away, awaiting another opportunity to chat about it.

He brought back 3 glasses and the opened bottle and they all settled in to watch the movie. When it was over Josef got up and said he had a surprise for them. He left the room and came back carrying a couple of large boxes.

“What?” Simone asked, checking it out. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Nope! Logan says we’ll love it,” he told her, smiling at her.

Beth started giggling as soon as she saw what the boxes were. She recognized them immediately and knew this would be something Josef would like. She didn’t know if that was a good thing or not, given the fact that she would like to get to sleep sometime tonight and with all the noise this thing made that could be doubtful.

“A play station and Guitar Hero,” he told them excitedly. “See Simone, we just hook it up to the television and presto, no more Robert Redford channel!” he teased.

Within a few minutes he had it all hooked up and was plunking his way through Stairway to Heaven. His face was funny to watch as he tried to copy the notes and play. One moment it was staring intently and the next scrunched up as he made some glaring mistake. He had a tendency to chew his bottom lip when he was at a particularly challenging place.

Bet he doesn’t do that in full fang mode!

Simone and Beth started singing along with him and after a while Beth realized that he was getting better. Simone finally managed to get the guitar away from him about 3 am and by then Beth decided she had had enough.

“I’m going to bed,” she told them, fighting a yawn. “Have fun and play nice, kiddies!” she told them as she went down the hall to her bedroom. The air in her room felt icy and she hurriedly crawled between the covers. She could hear the faint sounds coming from the den but they weren’t too bad. Logan had been right, the Guitar Hero was fun. Thinking of Logan made her think of Mick. She picked up her phone and scrolled through to Mick’s picture. She stared at his smiling face and her heart as well as her body ached for him. She held the phone up to her face for a moment and closed her eyes, thinking about him.

The phone started to vibrate and then ring and her eyes flew open in surprise. He must have been reading her mind.

“Hi. Can you read minds, my delicious vamp?” she answered, her voice husky in the dark.

She heard him chuckle, the sound low and almost a growl. “If I could, what would I be reading?” he asked her. The line was quiet and he could hear her heartbeat speed up as he spoke.

“What I want to do with you! God Mick, I miss you.”

“Miss me huh?” he asked. He sounded almost disappointed.

“Yeah, I miss you.” She was quiet for another heartbeat or two. “I need you Mick,” she added solemnly.

“Ah, me too Baby, me too. I can’t wait to get my hands and lips on your body!” he murmured.

“What about your teeth?” she teased.

“Uh, yeah those too,” he admitted. He sounded embarrassed about that.

“Hey, you know I liked it when you bit that time while we were making love. I wish you’d let me bite you too!”

“Beth, you know that’s too dangerous.”

“Yes, I know. You remind me all the time. But still…”

“Are you mad about that, baby?”

“No Mick, but it’s frustrating. I KNOW you would like it.”

He heard a smile in her voice then and he let a long breath out that he hadn’t been aware of holding. “Someday Beth, if that’s what you really want. We’ll talk about it anyway.”

“Yeah, well talk to me about something else right now. Talk to me about sliding in and out of me and making me come,” she told him, her breath quickening as she spoke.

“Are you wet?” he asked, his voice husky.

“Oh yeah…”

Continued in Part Two – Desire By Any Other Name…


Joangel said...

Hope! How could you end it like that? It was just getting interesting!!!! Great beginning. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Hope said...

Hey Joangel!!

It gets better. I promise!!!