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Friday, April 1, 2011

Freshie Friday!!! Booty, Bosoms and Blood, Part 1

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This was my story entry for a game on a Moonlight site.  It is actually only the first part.  The second part was written mostly by Vamp Fan 5 (alias Julia) and will be posted next week with the final chapter the week after that.  She takes the story over as Josef and Lola make their way to the new world and find bigger problems to deal with than just stealing a little nookie when ever they get the chance.  This is a fun and bawdy romp that I hope you'll enjoy.  Julia is from North Carolina and pirate lore and stories about there.  In episode 6, BC, Josef goes to Mick to track Lola down and tells him that she used to be a pirate, back in the day.  It got me thinking and this story is the result.

I've been a pirate fan for ages. If any of you read my story What My Heart Desires, Adam played the pirate for Sarah a few times and it was so much fun as my 'hopies' fought over the attentions of 'The Delicious Pirate Richland' that I wrote a one shot from his POV called A Romp on the Beach.  You can find it on the What My Heart Desires site. 

Booty, Bosoms and Blood - Part 1

Delores Maxford Whitaker, otherwise known as the pirate Red Wench looked out over the stormy sea with a worried frown on her beautiful face. That pirate brigantine was hot on their tails and had been for 2 days. She believed it was Bushy Billy that was commanding the fair ship and she had to admit that he was doing quite well.  She stared at the ship with hunger; what she wouldn’t give to possess that ship!  It was fast and sleek and fairly skimmed the water as if propelled by the very Gods themselves.  So far they had managed to stay just out of harm’s way, but she didn’t know how much longer her valiant crew could hold on.

They had been working furiously to keep the sails full and aloft, which was no mean undertaking in this unpredictable weather. One minute the sails were full and the schooner was skimming along on the waves and the next the sails were luffing and the ship only seemed to crawl along.  Night was falling quickly and Lola knew that it would be to her advantage. 

Lola knew these coves along the east coast of Ireland the way some knew the fingers on their hands.  They managed to make it into one of the coves, slipping between the rocky cliffs and tucked the ship safely away for the night.  There was a fair size village not too far away and Lola and several of her men took to the dinghy to make their way ashore.

The town’s folk never used the hidey-hole cove where the schooner was hidden; it was far too dangerous and took an adventurous sort with nerves and skill to navigate the passage into it.  Lola was just such a sailor and they had used the cove many a time to slip away from danger, be it wicked seas or marauders.

The moon was high and full overhead when Lola felt the small craft drag upon the sands of the beach.  Her lithe body jumped out of the dinghy and helped to drag it onto the beach.  Her boots sank into the moist sand, making scratching sounds as she moved along, heading for the cover of the rocks and cliffs that lined the shore.  The town was just up over the rise and she could already smell the delicious odors of humanity that awaited them there.

Lola strolled into The Stormy Brew with confidence.  The Stormy Brew was the local pub and she cast a jaded eye at the humanity that sat at the tables and lined the bar counter.  She was a beautiful woman and she attracted notice wherever she went.  Sometimes that attention was unwanted and aggressive but that was okay, it just gave her the opportunity for a bit more fun.  She was still in her leather breeches and knee boots from the voyage and as she entered the pub conversation around her stopped dead as they all turned to look at the female who strode confidently in wearing breeches.

As she eyed the crowd spotted a young man who was sitting at a rough-hewn table with some mates, drinking a tankard of ale.  Her brown eyes captured his similarly colored ones and he stared at her spellbound for a breathless moment.  She smiled at him and her smile enticed him to leave his mates and make his way towards her.  She watched him approach and admired the way he moved; graceful and sleek as if he hardly touched the floor.

He stopped in front of her and cast her a cheeky grin and she realized he wasn’t quite as young as she had thought at first; perhaps 25 and a handsome young man he was.  She felt her fangs pushing against her gums and she knew she had to have him.  Her eyes focused on him a bit more intensely and she said, “Care for a stroll along the beach?”

Wordlessly he followed as she led; Josef couldn’t have objected even if he had wanted to.  He walked next to her, feeling tongue-tied and awkward; he wanted to speak, to hear her mesmerizing voice again but words just wouldn’t come.

Josef was the eldest son of the local lord; he was used to having his way with the wenches and being the one in command.  He was not in command here and for one blazing moment that thought almost frightened him.  He watched the soft gentle sway of her hips as she strode along the path to the beach and licked his lips in anticipation of what he hoped was to come.  Already he was growing hard in his breeches as he imagined a passionate tryst with the bonny lass.

They reached a secluded piece of beach, hidden away between some large dunes and rocks and Lola pushed Josef down onto the shifting sand and immediately straddled him, grinding her hips against him.  She felt his arousal and smiled appreciatively.

He was large and ready, the perfect combination!

He tried fruitlessly to pull her down so that he could capture her mouth but she wouldn’t bend.  She only laughed at his efforts, her head tossed backward exposing her long neck, the silken skin begging for his mouth to caress it.  She laughed harder as she saw the hunger in his eyes and ground her hips roughly against him, teasing him as he felt her heated loins against his own.

She reached down and untied the lacing that held her shirt together and pulled it free of her breeches, exposing her luscious breasts to his appreciative eyes.  He swallowed hard, taking in her firm breasts that were fairly glowing in the bright light of the full moon.  Her nipples were a dark and dusky pink, tightly puckered in the chill evening and Josef tried again to reach for her and this time she allowed him to caress her.  She felt his fingers skim over her breasts and she bent forward, urging him to capture one of her aroused jewels in his mouth.

When his eager mouth settled over her she sighed and murmured “Yes, harder, bite me!”

Josef didn’t stop to ask questions, he obeyed her command.  Lola reached down to boldly stroke his heated length and suddenly moved off of him so that she could rip the buttons off of his breeches.  They gave way, each one making a popping sound as it was ripped from the fabric.  When she had done that she yanked hard to remove the garment from him and his engorged manhood sprang to life.  Her hand captured his bulging cutlass and caressed him firmly, making him squirm as he lay beneath her.  Her hand stroked him rapidly which elicited a low moan from him and she decided she couldn’t wait any longer.  She shivered with anticipation and quickly undid her own breeches, standing before him and pulling them slowly off so that he might admire his prize in the glow of the moonlit night.  Her fingers dipped into the softly curling blond hairs between her thighs and massaged herself boldly.

Josef watched intently and was rewarded by a glimpse of glistening flesh as her fingers worked magic on her excited body.  Josef’s hand stole down to his own cock and began to pump it rhythmically as he became more captivated by her fingers sliding over her wet folds.

Suddenly she dropped down onto him and he almost howled as he felt her body sheath him totally.  She started rocking forward on him then, moving so fast he almost couldn’t see her.  His hands gripped her slim hips and held on tightly.

Lola loved the delicious feel of his cock sliding in and out of her body; it felt glorious!  She leaned back and raised her hands above her head, trying to pull the passion of the moon down into her; she wanted this to go on forever but the tightly wound knot inside her knew that was impossible.  She leaned forward and Josef caught something glinting in the moonlight.

My God, she had fangs!

Lola kissed his neck, letting her fangs catch along the sweaty skin; she licked him, savoring the salty flavor of him and whispered, “So you see me as I really am!  Are you with me or not?”

“I’m with you – I’m with you!”

Those were the last words that Josef ever uttered as a human.  He felt no regret as her fangs sank into the vein that pulsed with life in his neck; indeed he welcomed the bite.  As darkness overtook him he felt his seed spewing into her shuddering body.  He screamed his release and succumbed to the darkness, satisfied to leave the light.

To be continued...


Micklover said...

This is such an awesome story Hope! Who is your friend? If she writes anything like you this will be a pleasure to read.

I've now made it all the way through the DVD's and this is such a wonderful show, I can't believe it was cancelled. You literally bring it to life with your stories. We're so lucky to have you writing them.

tigger said...

Oh Hope, this was so much fun! Reminds me of those days when we all fought over who got to be under the table with the delicious pirate Richland! Yummy, those were such fun. I'm looking forward to more of this story. Welcome to your friend Julia.

matt said...

Hey little girl, haven't had a chance to comment for a bit, been traveling.

You really are enjoying these vampires aren't you? Hehehehehe, I really do find it entertaining and of course we all know about your preoccupation with pirates. Seems natural somehow that you would combine the two.

As always, I enjoy your writing, theres none better.

Anonymous said...

Hope, I love this one. I can't wait to read the rest.

You are the bestest!

Hope said...

Hi Micklover!

Thank you so much; I appreciate your time when you read and comment. I'm really happy you are enjoying the story.

I know it's nice to read the story but isn't watching the episodes yummy? Ahh, Mick...

Hope said...

Hi Tigger!!!

We did love our pirate didn't we? I can promise you that you will fall in love with Josef as a pirate; he is delightful! Julia really gave him personality and here's a hint about something - you will find a new tie-in to Moonlight!

Hope said...

Hi Matt!!!

I have missed you! Welcome back. Where did your travels take you?

LOL, yeah, pirates and vampires! they do seem to go together don't they? In my world anyway. Thanks for reading Matt.

Hope said...

Hey anonymous!

Thank you so much. I've never been the 'bestest' before. :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

Joangel said...

There is something so tantalizing about sex outside...especially on the beach! Ahmmm, not that I would know that by first hand experience or anything! Great post Hope!

Hope said...

Okay Joangel! I believe you, really...

Yeah, outside, the sound of the surf, the sand getting everywhere.

What can we say? How would I know about those things?