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Friday, April 22, 2011

Freshie Friday!!! Fire and Ice

This is a 'what if' story taken from part 30 of Beth's Diary. So many people on the Moonlight sites made comments wishing that more had happened between Mick and Beth when she stayed at the loft that night that so I took that scene a bit farther. Well, okay, a LOT farther, just to see what might happen.

Julia and Lynn, you are great er, motivators, so this story is for you!

Fire and Ice

Mick and Beth had met back at his loft and as they were walking toward the building a car drove straight at them; Mick pushed Beth out of the way and the car hit him. He bounced off the windshield and onto the pavement, trying to shake it off when Beth got to him. He got to his feet and leaned on Beth as they went into the building. Dean Foster got it all on digital.
Upstairs Mick and Beth sat chatting about everything, sharing what they knew about Tierney’s murder. Finally Beth got up to leave and Mick said, “Where are you going?”

“Home,” she answered.

“You can’t go home, there are paparazzi out there and I can’t take you. You’ll have to stay here with me.”

Beth smiled and thought ‘FINALLY!’ “Wow, from dating to speed dating!” she teased.

“No, I didn’t mean with me with me. I mean, my couch is comfortable and you can stay there. Besides, I sleep upstairs.” He started up the stairs and said, “Anyway, if you need anything, well, I’m up there.”

“In your freezer,” she giggled.

“Yeah, in my freezer.”

“Goodnight,” she called out.

“You too,” he said, looking slightly embarrassed.

Beth laughed at his retreating form and looked around. There was an afghan on the back of the couch, but didn’t he have anything else? He had to have slept somewhere beside the couch when he was human. She debated for a moment what to do. She looked at her blouse and didn’t really want to sleep in it or her jeans. She wondered if he had a shirt she could sleep in? Thank goodness she had a toothbrush in her purse. She headed upstairs to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Mick’s bathroom was pristine, just like the rest of the loft. She speculated about if he had a maid or if he kept it all so clean all on his own? She washed her face as best she could without any cleanser and dried it off and then went and stood outside the gray door, debating whether or not to knock.

She lightly chewed her bottom lip as she tried to figure out what to do. It was perfectly innocent, she just needed something to sleep in and maybe a pillow and a blanket. Still, she sort of felt as if she was invading his space if she knocked.

Mick had listened to Beth in his bathroom and found it exciting. He let himself fantasize about them being an ordinary couple getting ready for bed. She could come out of the bathroom and kiss him, her mouth clean and minty and he would capture her lips in a torrid kiss and carry her to bed where he would make passionate love to her all night long.

His cock lengthened and grew as he peeled his jeans off and folded them up and laid them on the dresser. He heard the water shut off in the bathroom and soon he heard Beth shut the light off and walk down the hall.

And then she stopped in front of his door and he caught a deep breath, sucking it in frantically as if he would die without it. He silently padded over to the door and laid his head against it, scenting her through it. He could scent her indecision and a bit of fear too as she stood there, so close but yet a life away. Finally she knocked softly, as if afraid to disturb him.

“Mick, I uh, I need…can you open the door please?” she asked softly.

He panicked for a moment and reached for a pair of satin pajama bottoms and slid them on with vamp speed. He opened the door and looked at her, standing there looking freshly scrubbed and enticing. He realized his cock was growing again and he didn’t have anything to cover himself with.

Beth’s crystal blue eyes swept him from head to toe and she definitely noticed the swell in the middle of his lean body. She unconsciously licked her lips before dragging her gaze back to his face. She cleared her throat and timidly asked, “Do you maybe have a tee shirt or something I could wear to sleep in? And, um, maybe a blanket and a pillow?”

Mick could have kicked himself for his dumb blunder; he should have thought of that earlier. He started to move but he was mesmerized by her nipples which were blossoming tightly through the layers of her shirt and bra. His cock jerked in response and he turned suddenly away from her, trying to put the thought out of his mind.

“Sure, I’ll get you one of my shirts.” He pulled out one of his Henley’s and handed it to her and continued, “I’m sorry I don’t have a bed for you. I bought this air bed while I was human and then I managed to get a leak in it and so I threw it out. I have blankets and pillows though” he rambled, making his way down the hall to the other door where all that was kept. He grabbed what she needed and headed downstairs with it.

Beth watched it all, smiling at his nervousness. She knew exactly why he was nervous and it made her feel ridiculously happy because it meant he wasn’t immune to her!

Downstairs Mick was tucking in a sheet on the couch cushions and spreading the blanket. Beth picked up the Henley and brought it to her nose, but all she could smell was whatever he had washed it in. She unbuttoned her shirt and unfastened her bra before doing the same with her jeans and panties. Mick had been busy with the couch and when he turned he saw her naked before him and he let out a sound that sounded like something between a groan and a growl she thought.

“Beth, for God’s sake,” he said, turning around to give her privacy. Images flashed through his mind, of the night she took the BC and he had to undress her and put her to bed. Her lush body had been such a temptation then but now it was even more so.

“What? I’m just putting your shirt on,” she said in a sing-song little girl voice. She knew exactly what she was doing; she could only hope that it worked.

“Are you dressed?” he asked, afraid to turn around.

“Um hm, it’s safe now.”

He turned around and she was on the couch, sitting Indian style. It seemed a demure pose but as he stared he could see much more of her than he could handle. His eyes flashed silver for a brief moment and he decided he needed to get back upstairs, quickly.

“Goodnight Beth; sleep well,” he said, his eyes averted.

“Mick?” she asked, as he headed towards the stairs. “Mick, can’t I even have a kiss goodnight? I mean, we are dating!” She stood up and followed him and waited while he turned to her. For a moment she thought he would run around but instead he pulled her to him and took her lips; devouring them hungrily.

The kiss made her head swim and her body respond with delicious desire. She pushed herself against him and felt his hardened length pressed against her belly and her stomach quivered in anticipation. Beth’s knees started to give way and Mick scooped her up and grabbed the blanket and headed for the stairs.

Beth looked around her as he set her down on the roof top and spread the blanket down for her. He knelt down and held his hand out to her and she took it, settling down in front of him on her knees. Beth reached for him, cupping the sides of his face and looked into the hazel eyes that she cherished so much, eyes that were filled with love and desire for her – only her. Her thumbs lightly traced over his lips and cheeks, feeling the softness of his lips and slight stubble that adorned his face. She leaned forward and kissed the tiny divot in his chin, running her tongue over it enticingly. She felt a tiny shiver of anticipation at the gesture.

“Beth,” he groaned and pulled her to him tightly, letting her feel the hardened length of him pressing against her belly with adamant desire. Her body felt heated, almost on fire and he was drawn to it like the proverbial moth to the flame. He hungrily captured her trembling lips with his own, claiming her as his own.

Beth tugged his Henley up over her head leaving her naked in front of him. A shiver sweep over her as she touched his cool skin as their bodies made contact. It heightened her need for him, like someone rubbing an ice cube over her. She wanted to be surrounded by him, drown in his love and passion. She pressed as tightly against him as she could and reveled in the low growl that escaped his beautiful lips. Beth traced her fingertips over his back, scratching lightly and slid her hands down until she reached the top of his pajama bottoms.

That silken fabric covered him; it hid from her the object of her desire. She tried to tug them down and she felt Mick smile against her passion-swollen lips before he stood up and slowly slid them down his body. Beth’s breath caught in her throat as she saw his cock standing firm for her and she marveled at its magnificence. He was large and proud and before she could stop herself she wrapped her fiery fingers around him, thrilling to the velvety touch of his skin. She saw a bead of fluid glistening in the light of the moon and ran her fingertip over it, spreading it over his glans and the devilishly licking it from her finger.

At the feel of her fingers around him Mick almost came immediately but that was nothing to what he felt when her mouth opened and took him deep inside. Liquid fire, she was liquid fire and he knew that he wouldn’t last long as she swept her mouth up and down him, playing him gently as if he were the finest instrument. Her blond hair almost glowed in the bright light of the nearly full moon; it looked like a halo encircling her head but her moves were anything but angelic. She sucked him and palmed his balls, squeezing lightly and as he felt himself falling over the edge he turned his head and bit his shoulder as the orgasm washed over him.

“Oh God, oh God,” he whispered as he sank to his knees. “Baby, you have no idea what you do to me!”

“Oh I think I do,” she countered.

The scent of her desire was heady to him; it swirled around him an enveloped him, sending his senses on overload. He couldn’t wait to get his hands and his mouth on her, to taste the juices that were running freely down her legs. Like her hair, they glistened in the moonlight.

Beth felt as if she were caught in a vortex of passion, as miasma that was intoxicating. This was perfect, being with him here on the rooftop, under the stars and moon, every woman’s fantasy to make love like this with the cooling breeze caressing her skin and blowing tendrils of her hair about. It tickled her shoulders and back and brought a rush of goose bumps that rose starkly against her silken skin.

Mick saw them and reached out a finger to lightly trace over them which only stirred up more. Soon his mouth took over, kissing them until she was trembling and weak-kneed. Mick gently laid her down and continued his exploration of the lush valleys and plains of her body. His tongue lapped at her aching nipples and both of them blossomed and budded at his tender ministrations. Mick nipped gently and then blew against her heated skin; it felt icy to her, delightful and she moaned in earnest.

“Mick, I need you NOW,” she implored, her voice husky with her passion.

Mick only chuckled and continued the detailed exploration of her body, delving into her navel and swirling around it as he felt the muscles in her stomach contract with need. His journey took him farther down her body and he gently spread her legs apart and settled between them, inhaling the scent that was hers only. His cock was already hard again and he shifted on the blanket, finding a more comfortable position.

With tender fingers he opened her fragrant flower and swallowed hard at how beautiful she was. The blond curls framed a rosy valley of which a guardian stood proudly over. He stroked her with a fingertip and spread the delicious honey over her flesh. He couldn’t hold back any longer and he let his tongue dip down to sample the nectar. Beth sighed, a drawn out murmur of delight.

Mick’s mouth lapped at her and he inserted first one and then another finger into her, moving them in and out of her until he felt her gripping them tightly. His mouth paid homage to the firm little pearl and caressed it until Beth’s hips could no longer hold still. He swirled and suckled on her clit and soon he felt her body coming undone for him and he rode it out, listening to her small cries of satisfaction.

Mick moved up to capture her mouth and felt her lips open to him. Their tongues found one another, stroking and dueling in a battle as old as time itself. Mick explored ever bit of that delightful cavern that her could as she did the same. He tore his mouth away and kissed his way down her neck, amazed at the beauty of her veins, the faint highway carrying her life’s blood. It mesmerized him and he quickly hut his eyes so that he could put it out of his mind.

“Mick, inside me, now. Please Mick, I need to feel you inside me,” she moaned, trying to move against him.

Mick was only too happy to give her what she needed and he sank into her and felt her body greedily pull him in. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt her wet passage holding him snuggly. He pulled in a deep, unnecessary breath to steady himself as he began to move in her. Beth wrapped her legs around his waist to open herself more to the man who was driving her mad with passion and desire. Her body met him thrust for thrust and begged for more.

Mick lifted the rounded globes of her beautiful butt so he could drive deeper into her willing body. She was so tight, so wet; it was heaven and try as he might he knew that this wasn’t going to last long. He had been too long denied another’s touch and in truth, he had wanted no one’s touch but Beth’s for so long that he had closed himself off. Instinct took over now and he pumped into her, thrilling as her cries grew louder and more passionate.

“Yes Mick, that’s it. Harder baby, please…I need it!” The words were all but a scream and made him get even harder if that was possible. He thrust long and deep, moving faster until he felt the walls around him clutching his cock tightly. He knew they were both on the edge.

He cast one last look down at her neck again and knew that he couldn’t do it. He wanted it, needed that bite but he also knew he would deny himself the satisfaction of it.

Beth saw him staring at her neck and knew what he needed; she wanted it too – she had to know. “Mick, bite me, NOW!”

He heard her words as if from afar so caught up in the moment he was. Finally they sunk in and his first thought was denial. The blood rushing through her veins was more than a physical need, it was an emotional call, a siren song that enthralled him, beckoned him in. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t.

Would he?

“NOW Mick, bite me now. Please baby, I have to know.”

Mick felt his fangs lengthen and imagined the sublime pleasure of tasting her blood again. He wanted it, needed it and he wasn’t even aware of it as his mouth sank closer to the temptation that was Beth’s lovely neck.

His mouth kissed along the vein before his tongue ran delicately along it, feeling the rush of blood right below the surface. It sang for him, as Beth herself did. He could resist, he would resist.

His fangs sank gently into her neck and as the blood pooled in his mouth the both came together. The feeling was more intense than anything she had ever felt before and her body was on the edge of a nova, brilliant light bursting through her body. Tears streaked down her face and she called out her love for him, urging him on.

Mick drank in her love and her passion; a part of him was amazed by it, but he drank anyway. As both of them came down from the plateau he withdrew his fangs and softly lapped at the puncture marks – HIS marks.

She was him now and would always be. As Beth stared into his silvered eyes she said, “I’ll always be yours Mick. Forever.”

The End


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That was AWESOME!! I really Love this blog! Keep up the good work girl! :)

Joangel said...

Wow Hope!!! I don't think they could show that episode on TV. I'm ready to run home and make the hubby a VERY happy man!!! I know I've told you before, but you are an AMAZING writer. You make me feel like I am right there with Mick and Beth...ok that sounded a little creepy, but you know what I mean. Thanks for the Friday fix!