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Friday, April 8, 2011

Booty, Bosoms and Blood, Part 2

When I posted this earlier I left out a section right above the picture of Lizzie.  Please go back and take a look at it, it is very important to the next chapter.

We continue the pirate saga this week with my friend Julia taking over the pen and ink.  She was raised in North Carolina which is alive with pirate lore, especially Blackbeard who is considered to be quite a local folk hero.  Please let her know you are enjoying this tale!

Disclaimer: We own nothing. Hope and and I are merely playing with the characters and will put them back in their boxes when we're done. The historical mistakes are entirely all mine. LOL.

Chapter 2


The blockade of Charles Towne harbor May 1718 on the Queen Anne’s Revenge….

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.” Josef softly sang to himself as he sat in the crow’s nest staring across the smooth moonlit sea. He had been working on the song for weeks but he could only come up with the one line and thought it needed more before he taught it to the crew. Almost a century had passed since his turning and they were still marauding the seas together although on another side of the world. They had plundered the coastal regions of Ireland and Scotland until Lola set her sights on bigger game in the New World and they had set sail for the Caribbean.
Unfortunately their luck had run out when their ship was run aground onto a sand bar by a Royal Navy gunship. Now they were forced to align themselves with another pirate until they could restore their fortunes. 

Edward Teach, Blackbeard to his enemies, was just as ambitious in his quest for booty and power as his sire. He had been building his own pirate army and now commanded 300 men and four ships demanding he be referred to as Commodore instead of Captain. The man was arrogant, thought Josef as he scanned the horizon having been banished to the top of the ship like a bat, while Lola entertained the Captain… Commodore, below deck. For the last week they had detained and searched each ship entering and exiting the harbor of Charles Towne racking up a fortune in rum, fabric, and other goods that Blackbeard would turn a profit from when he sold them on the black market. They had even taken hostages demanding payment and he knew that it was only a matter of time before the Royal Navy would be breathing down their necks.

The moon slipped out from behind the clouds to illuminate a small patch of ocean revealing a large British merchant ship. “Ahoy,” he yelled, not bothering to use a rope in his descent to the deck below. The crew was used to his eccentricities as his eyes glowed silver and his fangs descended in anticipation of the fight. “Run up the Union Jack.” The crewman behind him scurried to hoist the British flag to fool the ship into thinking they were friendly. It was a trick that Blackbeard had taught them to wait until they were right on their victim before hoisting the signature black flag with a white skeleton.

“Look alive, gents,” he said pushing the crewmen aside as he made his way to the Commodore’s quarters. From the smell he knew that Lola was doing more than reviewing sea charts and navigation with their partner. He paused outside the door inhaling and seeing the activities of the past hour in his head, scowling and attempting to push his jealousy aside for the moment. It wasn’t as if he and Lola were exclusive but did she have to flaunt her tastes so openly? She was making him a laughing stock in front of the crew.

“Ye filthy bilge rat,” screamed Blackbeard as he turned his head releasing a rosy tipped nipple. “You’ll be keel hauled for sure for interrupting me…..Oh, Josef ye should have knocked.” Lola didn’t bother to cover herself as she lay naked and sprawled on the bed propping herself up on an elbow and smiling coyly.

“There’s room for one more,” she said patting the bed and then curling her fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion taunting him. She licked her lips seductively as he turned his head to the side in embarrassment over seeing Blackbeard’s bare arse in the candlelight.

“There’s a ship,” he said directing the conversation to business.

“How far?” said Blackbeard disengaging for a moment causing Lola to whimper with disappointment as he withdrew still at full mast. “Aye, dunna fret yerself me beauty.” He patted her on the leg causing Josef to hiss as he tried to focus on the task at hand.

“We should catch up with her in a half hour if the wind holds,” he said staring at the floor and playing with his belt.

“What type?” said Blackbeard taking his attention off Lola for a moment causing her to sigh in frustration.

“Three masted sloop with 20 guns,” said Josef. “She’s fast but they’re not expecting us.”

“She might make a fine ship for ye, Lola,” said Blackbeard touching her cheek softly with the tip of his finger. She twirled one of the long dark braids of his beard playfully around her fingertip pushing out her bottom lip like a little girl.

“I’ll prepare the crew,” said Josef dismissing himself turning to leave.

“Josef, you’re free to join us,” she said pulling the pirate down onto the bed and giggling.

“My, you’re a wanton little wench,” said Blackbeard laughing as he latched onto her breast and teased her taut nipple with his tongue, tickling her soft skin with his rough whiskers. Josef slammed the door in frustration, rattling the multiple panes of glass, leaving them alone.

"Don’t mind him,” she said feeling her fangs descend aching for the contact with flesh. “He doesn’t like awkward situations.” She raised her wrist to her mouth preparing to bite to relieve the pressure. She would have to find a way to make it up to her fledgling later, she thought. Josef was easy to control with the promise of fulfilling his carnal desires.

“He’ll understand when he’s older,” said the pirate thrusting deeply as she bit down on her own wrist finding her release. He wasn’t far behind her as he followed her over the edge, panting from his efforts. As he lay in her arms still breathing fast she positioned him to where he could look into her eyes using her influence.

“Where is the treasure, Edward?” she said allowing her eyes to widen and darken in color as she attempted to place him in a trance. The man had made enough money in his brief year as a pirate to fund multiple lifetimes and she wanted a portion of it. It was widely known he had stashed a majority of it in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. “Edward, please tell me.” She held his head in her hands speaking sweetly as if she were a virgin bride whispering sweet nothings into her beloved’s ear. “Where did you hide your treasure?” He cracked a mischievous smile knowing full well what she was doing.

"Only me and the devil know, me beauty, but ye can speak to me some more like that. For a moment ye sounded almost human.” He laughed and sprang from the bed pulling his breeches up to his hips and shoving his feet into the knee length boots. Lola let out an exasperated noise as she followed him and slipped into a scarlet colored dress to complete the illusion of the dreaded Red Wench. She was growing weary of this game.

A few minutes later they were fully dressed and emerged onto the deck to find Josef in command as he stood behind the wheel directing the ship. Lola leapt to the top of the bridge stepping behind him and laying a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re mad at me,” she said whispering into his ear brushing her lips against the lobe causing him to shiver with pleasure. She knew all the right buttons to push and he hated that she could manipulate him with a touch and a promise of things to come. “It’s just business. He doesn’t mean anything to me, Josef. Ye know that, right?”

“I can’t help but be jealous,” he said handing off the wheel to another crewman as he walked away from her, almost sulking.

“I’ll make it up to ye later,” she said following him and wrapping her arms around his waist. Her hands drifted down below his belt feeling the growing bulge and smiling that she had gotten a rise out of him. She ran the tip of her fangs across his neck causing him to growl. He closed his eyes fighting the urge to let his inner vampire loose.

“We’re wasting our time with this man,” he said glancing down at the pirate on the deck below as he secured a belt diagonally across his chest that was outfitted with knives and pistols. “If you want the ship just drain him and be done with it.” The Queen Anne’s Revenge was the pride of Blackbeard’s fleet having been a former slave ship retooled with over 40 guns. It was a floating powerhouse that could meet any foe the Royal Navy could muster and a worthy prize.

“Edward is useful,” she said tickling his ear with her tongue.

“He knows what we are,” he said turning to face his sire and speaking in tones too low for human ears. “How do you know you can trust him? He doesn’t just carry a silver tipped sword because he thinks it’s shiny.”

“Oh ye of little faith. You have trust me Josef,” she said holding up her wrist to his lips. “You need to drink before the fight.” She knew he wouldn’t refuse her as the blood of his sire sang to him from underneath her milky white skin. Josef didn’t disappoint as she watched his fangs descend of their own accord and he seized her arm, biting down. It was hot and sweet on his tongue, coating the back of his throat and infusing him with power and strength. She very rarely allowed him to sample her blood but on the occasions when she was in a generous mood he was rewarded with the euphoric feeling followed by a sense of loyalty and bonding with his sire.

“Oh Josef,” she said throwing her head back in rapture. She had taught him well how to pleasure a woman in bed as well as with his fangs. He knew just how much pressure to apply and how to tease the blood from the wound with his tongue that would make any woman weak at the knees.

“Sorry to interrupt,” said Blackbeard clearing his throat as he stepped onto the bridge. Josef released her wrist reluctantly and wiped his mouth clean never taking his eyes off his rival. The crew hoisted the black flag as they approached the merchant ship.

"She be a fine specimen.” He nodded in the direction of the merchant ship as the sailors aboard it scrambled and yelled warnings to each other.

“Yes she is,” said Josef staring at Lola instead.

“They look weak and ill prepared,” said Lola drawing her sword. “There’s little fight in them.”

“Wouldn’t it be better just to give them the option of surrendering?” said Josef growing weary of death and slaughter over money. He felt it was more efficient to take prisoners and divvy up the booty in a peaceful fashion.

"Now where’s the fun in that?” said Lola playfully as she stood on the rail slipping her foot into a loop tied on the end of a rope preparing to swing over to the other ship. She yelled down to the crew below. “Kill all who resist but leave some to press into service you scurvy dogs.” She leapt from the rail swinging over to the other ship and dropping into the midst of the fight along with the rest of the pirates.

“I can’t believe you would let her order your crew around like that,” said Josef staring at Blackbeard as he gripped another rope preparing to follow the Red Wench.

“I could use the exercise, mate,” he said lighting the ends of the fuses he had woven in the lengths of his beard. “Ye need to learn how to find joy in yer work, young man. Yer too serious.” He bit down on the blade of his knife he held between his teeth and leapt off the railing following the vampire. Josef rolled his eyes and grasped the rope as the next line of this song came to him suddenly.

“Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me. We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot. Drink up me hearties, yo ho,” he sang as he sailed across the water and landed on the deck of the ship drawing his sword and slicing through the first unfortunate soul that crossed his path.

The fight was short lived as they had taken the crew by surprise. A flash of blonde hair caught his eye as he saw a young woman fighting off two of Blackbeard’s crew. She held a sword that was too heavy for her, swinging it at the two pirates that were licking their lips in anticipation of what they intended to do to her. Something about the fierce determination in her eyes caused him to take a second glance as he dispatched the man he was fighting, running his sword through him and grabbing a rope hanging from the mast. He swung over the fight below kicking the two pirates in the head as he landed, knocking them unconscious. The blonde was undaunted in her efforts as she swung her sword in his direction holding it with both hands. Josef knocked it from her grasp in one swift motion.

“Get below deck and hide unless you want to be raped and murdered and then raped again, savvy?” She frowned as if she wasn’t used to taking orders but a flash of his fangs seemed to spur her to action as she picked up the sword and disappeared into the bowels of the ship.

“What is it with these 18th century women?” he said shaking his head. “They don’t know what stay below deck means.” He turned around to see a nobleman on his knees begging for his life at the tip of Blackbeard’s sword. The fight had turned in their favor now as the majority of the merchant ship’s crew had thrown down their swords.

“Please don’t kill me.” The nobleman slobbered over his words pleading as he cried like a woman. “I can pay any ransom. I’m the aid to Governor Spotswood.” He almost crumpled into a mass of hysteria causing Blackbeard to look at him with disgust. He withdrew his sword, punching him in the face rendering him unconscious as he fell to the deck in a heap of blue silk and badly powdered wig.


“Congratulations, me beauty,” said Blackbeard bowing to Lola the Red Wench as he inspected the new crew lined up on either side of the deck that had been pressed into service from the survivors of the merchant ship. “She be a fine addition to me armada with a most worthy captain.”

“Thank you Commodore,” she said smiling as he kissed the back of her hand.

“They’re all yours.” She nodded to him out of respect before facing the new crew.

“I have one rule on this ship, ye filthy dogs will follow me to the bowels of hell and beyond or I’ll drain ye meself and throw ye to the sharks.” She allowed her face to change as her eyes glowed and her fangs descended. One of the crewmen crossed himself whispering.

“Saints preserve us, it be the devil incarnate.” Lola smiled wickedly as she spun to face him.

“I’ve met the devil. He’s much nicer than me,” she said lifting the man with one hand and breaking his neck tossing him over the side. The gesture had the desired effect as the rest of the crew cowered in her wake casting their eyes to the deck as she passed. “Take the prisoners below.” She motioned to the blonde haired woman that Josef had rescued before, along with the nobleman that Blackbeard had spared.

“A word with ye, Josef,” said Blackbeard as he leaned forward whispering. Lola was occupied with establishing her control over the new crew as he followed him to the bow of the ship. The pirate rested his elbows on the rail as he stared across the water.

“Yer not like the others,” he said lighting a pipe and inhaling the smoke of the tobacco. “Ye’ve got a brain in yer head and yer not used to being a kept man.”


“Yer not the first and ye won’t be the last,” said Blackbeard as he withdrew the pipe and cleared his throat. “Ye have morals, scruples, rules. Being a pirate isn’t all they ye are, Josef, nor following her around like a trained dog.”

“You’re committing adultery against your wife in Bath and you’re lecturing me about morality,” said Josef not hiding his jealousy.

“Morality is a matter of semantics me boyo,” he said mysteriously. Josef sighed as he leaned over the railing hearing Lola screaming in the distance.

“Why did you spare that man’s life?” said Josef curiously.

“He asked me to,” said Blackbeard inhaling deeply and puffing on the pipe. “There was no glory, no honor in his death. He be pleading like a hysterical woman. That be no manner of way to send him to his maker.”

“What does one life mean over another? They’re just humans,” he said knowing it was a direct insult to the pirate still being mortal. Had Lola promised him immortality? Was that the reason that she had formed an alliance with him, dangling the carrot in front of him? His sire was planning something that she didn’t feel he needed to be privy to and it was another bone of contention between them.

“I don’t kill women or children or innocents,” he said clamping on the tip of his pipe. “Ye kill for love, revenge, justice, but not money.” Josef was deep in thought remembering their encounters with the ships over the past few months. He had never seen Blackbeard kill anyone that wasn’t threatening him and he even showed mercy at times when his sire Lola would scoff and swing her blade. Most times he would give the ships the option of surrendering first and with his infamous reputation it was the most common outcome.

“Ye need to break away from her, Josef. Yer better than this.”

“I’ll take it under advisement,” he said pushing away from the railing.


Josef paced the small space in the cabin allotted to him and mulled over Blackbeard’s words; was he better than this? Was there more out there for him? He didn’t know.

What he did know was that he was angry with Lola and the way she treated him; he was weary of the secrets she kept and the way she held him constantly at bay. He wasn’t even allowed to share the captain’s cabin with her! No, he was relegated to the crew’s quarters; like he was nothing more than her minion.

He had had enough he decided and made his way to her cabin. They’d only had possession of the new ship for a day and already he could smell the sex that Lola and Blackbeard had partaken of; the hallway reeked of it, making Josef slightly nauseous.

No more! I am better than this!

He pushed the door open, not bothering to knock. Lola was studying charts on the table in the center of the room. She looked up when he entered the room and then frowned as he kicked the door carelessly shut with a boot.

She sighed and realized something about him put her on edge; something was on his mind and it made her feel a bit anxious.

“Yes,” she asked, watching him as he slowly approached her.

He stood in front of her, scenting her growing anxiety; it made him smile. Hints of fangs peeked out of his generous mouth and Lola’s eyes opened slightly before quickly narrowing in speculation of what had gotten into her fledgling.

“Josef?” she asked, watching him as he looked around the room in disgust. The bed was rumpled from her earlier encounter with Blackbeard.

“Lola,” he countered, pushing her up against the edge of the table and situating himself between her legs. She could feel his hardened length pressing against her urgently and she started to relax. When he let go, she would take control.

“Come, Josef,” she said trying to maneuver around him to get to the bunk where she could regain control.

He regarded the bunk with a sneer and said, “No more Lola; I’ll not crawl between the sheets that carry the stench of Blackbeard any longer.” He inhaled deeply, scenting the recent events in the cabin and suddenly he knew that Lola had a secret! The room held the traces of her passion that wasn’t passion at all!

“The big, bad Blackbeard canna pleasure you, can he my love,” he stated with certainty. It was all a ruse on her part; feign the pleasure in an attempt to get him to spill his secrets. Josef tossed her a cocky grin and then licked his lips in anticipation. His head dipped to her long neck and he sniffed along the delicate skin, desire building within him.

Lola drew in a sharp breath and then let it out in a cool rush. He had figured out her secret; that it was all a ruse with Edward, the passion and desire. Frankly, the beard disgusted her and the shivers that she exhibited when he stroked her skin were not the ache of passions desire but rather of revulsion. Josef knew exactly what she needed to be pleasured and she wanted it, demanded it now. Again she tried to lure him to the bunk, to no avail.

“Nay Lola, not the bunk that is ripe with the stink of Blackbeard!” He swept his arm across the table scattering its possessions to the floor in a flurry of motion. He sat her down roughly on the edge and pulled at the buttons of her breeches, tugging them open and tearing the buttons off that wouldn’t cooperate quickly enough.

Lola moaned with desire, knowing that she was not in control. Her breath was coming in quick little pants and gasps as she watched him tug her breeches down over her legs and feet and toss them aside. He spread her legs apart, his eyes glinting silver with desire as he took in her ruby red flesh that was partially hidden by the golden blonde curls; it was already wet with desire.

“Josef,” she cried, desire making her voice shake. “Take me now!”

He dipped his head, to take her lips with his own and then pulled back at the last moment. She whimpered as she felt him pull away from her. Lola’s fingers reached for the buttons on his breeches and he stepped back from her, just out of her reach and unbuttoned them on his own, pulling his fully-aroused cock free and sliding his hand up and down it’s steely length for her to see.

The words were unspoken, ‘you want me?’ Lola’s head jerked in response; she ached for him, needed him in her now.

He stepped forward and buried himself in her, deeply plunging into her depths without any preliminary caresses. She leaned her head back and mewled with satisfaction as she felt him sink fully into her ready body.

Josef felt her warm and wet body immediately squeeze him tightly; he could already feel the first spasms beginning to ripple through her lithe body. He began to pump into her; long and swift strokes that brought them both to the edge quickly. He stared at her exposed neck, fangs elongated and he watched the veins stand out starkly against her pale skin; taunting and teasing him to give the kiss of satisfaction that would bring them both over passions edge.

Lola was moaning, the keening sounds loud in the small cabin as they bounced off the walls. “Now Josef, now please!” she begged. Josef thrilled to that; Lola never begged for anything. It was the last bit of enticement he needed. He buried his fangs in her neck and sighed with satisfaction as he felts Lola’s reciprocate in his own neck.

They both shuddered through their climaxes; their bodies clinging and twisting together as their pleasure slowly subsided.

Josef pulled back and stepped away from Lola, pulling his breeches up and refastening them. Lola lay back on the table, resting on her elbows as she watched him fasten the last button. She felt stunned by what had happened; this was not a Josef she knew. No, this Josef was totally in control and it stunned her; aye, he had pleasured her as he never had before but still she didn’t like the loss of control over her fledgling. She sat up and slid off of the rough wooden table, hoping that she wasn’t going to have to pick splinters out of her ass.

She went to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, letting her tongue wiggle into his mouth and stroking it against his tongue. His body was stiff and she sighed in exasperation.

“Josef…” she began, but he interrupted her.

“Lola, what is going on with Teach?”

“Whatever do you mean?” she asked, feigning innocence.

He didn’t buy it and he wasn’t going to stand for it either. He felt strong against her for the first time ever and it made him more determined to get answers. “What are your plans for him Lola? We’re not just going to cruise the coast here with him forever you know.” He gazed at her steadily and saw something fleeting pass over her face before she snapped the control back on.

“We stay with him as long as we need to Josef – he provides us with the necessary safety and knowledge of these waters to build our own army. That’s all it is. We can’t do it without him yet.”

Josef knew that there was a measure of truth to her words but there was still a lot that she wasn’t saying. He sighed and decided to just walk away for the time being. Today, there were no more answers to be had for him.

Lola watched as he crossed the cabin and left it, without saying another word. She knew with a certainty that they weren’t done with all this. Why did that bother her so?


It was early morning and he could feel the pull of his bunk calling to him as the sun rose over the swell of the waves. Josef walked the deck of Lola’s new ship inspecting the day crew before slipping into the welcoming darkness of the passageway below. He found himself drawn to the lower bowels of the ship where the prisoners were housed. For some reason he was curious about the mysterious blonde that Lola had taken prisoner rather than killing. From her state of dress she was most likely of the servant class with no one to pay a hefty ransom. He descended the stairs to the brig holding his nose from the stench of rotting food and human waste. The nobleman was lying in the corner of the cell curled into the fetal position snoring loudly as the blonde woman paced like a caged tiger.

“Hello,” he said tipping his leather tricorn hat attempting to be polite. She folded her arms only causing her breasts to nearly burst from her bodice as she stared him down with her icy blue eyes. She didn’t answer him and instead turned away, facing the wall.

“I’m sorry about your accommodations,” he said trying to be civil.

“The governor will ensure that you hang,” she said defiantly.

“Possibly, if we were in Virginia, but governor Eden is offering a pardon and amnesty,” he said smirking by lifting the corner of his mouth. He knew that if the girl wasn’t anyone of notoriety that Lola would use her for blood and then toss her body over the side. Something about her spirit made him ache to help her. “What’s your name lass?”

“Why?” she said balling her fists and turning to face him in a huff as the blood rushed to her face causing another reaction in him that was more base in nature. “So that ye can use me for ransom?”

“I think we both know from your attire my lady, that ransom would be a fruitless effort.” His words caused her to lose what little spirit was left as she sunk to the floor and started to weep.

“I didn’t mean to upset you,” he said wanting to retreat to the far end of the ship. He hated when women cried, especially if he were the cause of it. “I’m sure there’s someone that would wish for your safe return.”

“There’s no one,” she said almost barely audible. “I was the wife of a lowly silversmith.”

“Was?” said Josef as he leaned forward and gripped the bars.

“Me husband died on the crossing from the pox,” she said staring blankly past him at some point on the wall behind him. “He had family in the Carolinas.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” he said honestly as he felt compassion for another human for the first time in decades. Perhaps Blackbeard was right that he was burdened with the curse of a conscience. “What is your name, lass?”

“Marie Elizabeth Turner.”

“Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…….”

“Josef are you coming?” said Beth as she held Mick’s hand and almost ran like a kid towards the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. He sped up behind them offering his arm to Simone as they stepped up to the back of the line. Fortunately it was a short line and a cloudy day as they waited.

“I’ll bet this brings back a lot of memories,” said Mick referring to Josef’s past as a pirate with the infamous Delores Maxford Whitaker.

“You have no idea,” said Josef leaning against the railing separating the line of tourists as the memories washed over him like the waves of the sea.

To Be Continued...


Micklover said...

OMG! This story just gets better and better! Josef is one hot, and yet tormented pirate! I wonder what he will do?

And the girl that looks like Beth? What's going to happen with that?

Had to laugh at the song though. Julia, you must have a really twisted mind, so we are going to love you here.

Hope said...

Hey Micklover!

Thanks so much. This is such a fun story and yes, Josef does make a good pirate! Julia takes the story so much deeper into the pirate world and still makes it fun and interesting.

Thanks so much for reading!

tigger said...

Woo Hoo!

I wants me a pirate Josef! Hope, can you write a story with the delicious pirate richland and josef? NOW that would be a story.

I love it! Thank you julia.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great post, thank you Julia!!

Misha said...

Wow, this is really great. I grew up in South Carolina so we know all about Blackbeard too. Yep, he was considered a folk hero around those parts, not by the british of course, but the people thought he was magic or something the way he could get past them and get out unscathed.

Hope, do you and Julia have other stories? I would love to read them!

Deena said...

This is a great story. Julia, we love our hope but you can come and play with us anytime!

Thank you both for this awesome story!

Celia said...

You had to go and put that darn song in my mind didn't you? :)

When Rob and I took the kids to Disney World before he died they were enchanted by that ride. This brings it all back, but in a very different way. How on earth can I think of that song in a sexual way now?

Welcome Julia!

Hope said...

Hey tigger!

'bout time you bounced in! LOL, how are you doing sweetie?

I don't know about the two pirates together, we'll see. Sarah might like Josef too much you know because of the Moonlight dream she had!

Julia will turn up later to say hi everyone, so hang on!

Hope said...

Hey Anonymous!

Thank you for reading. Julia will check in later on this, but we're delighted you are enjoying the story.

Thanks for reading.

Hope said...

Hey Misha!!

Currently Julia and I are batting around an idea for a sequel to this story. AND - I'm trying to talk her into writing a sequel to Sometimes because she has some fantastic ideas for it!

Thanks for reading!

Gina said...

Welcome Julia, we hope you'll write more with our Hope. And we'd love to see a sequel to Sometimes!

This is a great story and so much fun. Blackbeard sounds a bit disgusting with that beard and all but I guess that's how he got his name maybe.

Anyway, thanks for the story.

Julia said...

Hi Everyone. I'm so glad you like the story. Blackbeard is one of my heroes. I grew up hearing stories about him and I love pirate tales. Hope was kind enough to let me write a continuation to the first chapter. Yes we've talked about a sequel, so we'll have to wait and see what we can come up with.

Hope said...

Hi Deena!

Haven't seen you around for a bit so welcome back!

Julia is an awesome author and you can all read more of her Moonlight stories by going to www.moonlightforever.com and find the stories by Vampfan5. You will love them I promise!

Thanks for reading Deena!

Hope said...

Hi Celia!!

That song!!! When she first came up with the idea and I heard it it drove me nuts for days! But at least now we know that Josef wrote it! LOL.

Thanks so much for reading Celia; I'm happy it brought up some good memories for you.

Hope said...

Hey Gina!!

How's the little one doing? Oops, both of them! Bad Hope...:)!

Julia is awesome isn't she? You are going to love the last chapter, so stay tuned

Hope said...


This story was made so much better by your contribution. I only started it out with a little sex; you gave it history and substance.

Thank you my dear friend for all you do and your wonderful ability to tell a story!