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Friday, March 25, 2011

Freshie Friday! Moonlight Story Bonus.

Banner courtesy of my very talented friend Susie Q!

New Year’s Eve 1951

The band was heating up in the dim, smoky light of the bar.  In fact, the air was so thick with smoke it was like being in a San Francisco fog.  Occasionally it stirred as a couple danced by, creating little ripples in the haze.  Mick sighed and continued the song, Cry.  They had just finished up The Glory of Love and were moving towards a slightly faster pace which everyone would appreciate as the liquor flowed this evening and the revelers welcomed in 1952.

After another 20 minutes the boys decided to take a smoke break themselves and climbed down off of the stage.  Mick headed to the bar to grab a whiskey sour when the juke box started playing Nat King Cole’s Too Young.  As he waited for his drink he noticed a table of young women near the bar who were laughing as they sipped their drinks.  He turned and leaned against the bar, his elbow resting along the marred wooden surface and grinned as he watched the girls share a joke.  Two of them stood up and headed to the bar to get refills and the young blonde caught his eye as she picked her way around the chairs that were packed around the table.

She was petite, with crystal blue eyes and a wide smile.  Her hips gently swayed as she walked and Mick stared at her legs, long for such a diminutive woman.  Since the war the hemlines had lengthened a bit each year and mores the pity Mick thought.  Still, the blonde managed to show a bit of leg and it was a very pleasing leg indeed. 

Her dress was royal blue satin; a strapless gown that molded tightly to the bodice and flared at the hips.  It complemented her eyes and hugged her figure in all the right places.  Mick licked his lips as he stared at her as she made her way closer to him. 

Her silky blonde hair was styled in a shoulder length bob and was pulled back on one side and held in place by a rhinestone barrette, leaving a small ear and a good bit of sexy neck exposed.  Mick wondered how it would feel to spread kisses along it and felt himself start to grow hard in his slacks.  He turned back towards the bar, resting his foot on the kick bar in an attempt to hide the issue of the bulge that pushed against the front of his pants.

The blonde stopped next to him and flashed him a brilliant smile.  He caught the scent of her perfume, Tabu, and inhaled deeply.  The scent combined with her own natural fragrance ripped sexy right off the charts.  He took a sip of his whisky sour and almost spit it out when she spoke to him.
“Hey, you’re with the band aren’t you?  You have a nice voice.”

Mick set his drink down and turned his head to her and flashed her a lop-sided grin.  “Yes, I am.  So, you like us?”

“Very much but I’m waiting for you guys to pick the tempo up a bit,” she laughed.  Her voice was as sexy at the rest of her; it reminded him of rustling silk, it just flowed so smoothly. 

“Soon, I promise.  Anything you’d like to hear?”

“Um, how about Sixty Minute Man?”

He laughed, surprised by her choice.  He didn’t take her for an R&B kind of girl.  “Sure, we can do that one,” he said laughing.

“My name is Lizzie Turner.  What’s yours?  Just so I know who to thank for the song.”  She smiled again and it lit up her whole face.  He’d play that song over and over if it got her to smile like that.

“Well Lizzie Turner, I’m Mick St. John.”  Just then Mick heard the base player striking a few notes and realized it was time to get back on stage.  He lifted his glass and tossed the rest of the whisky sour down with grimace as the liquid burned its way down his throat.  He turned away and she stood right in front of him, smiling still.

“How often do you take a break?” she asked.

“About once an hour or so,” he told her, hoping that in an hour she would still be here.

“Oh, okay.  We’ll maybe I’ll see you next break then?” she asked and Mick could see the hope in her eyes.

“I think I can mange that.  You have a good time listening to the music, okay?” he told her, walking towards the stage.

Back on stage the smoky fog was thicker than ever and he couldn’t see her any longer; he could only hope that she was still there when they broke again.  He mechanically plodded through the next set but he made sure they included Sixty Minute Man as well as several other lively songs like Rocket 88.

Sure enough at the next break she was waiting for him at the bar with a whisky sour that was just beginning to melt a bit.  Mick picked it up and took a drink and then wiped the cold ring of moisture off the bar before setting the glass back down.  “Thanks,” he said, “I really needed that!”

“Um hm,” she told him and he stared at her as she flicked her tongue over her cherry red lips.

During that break and the next one they chatted and got to know one another a bit.  Lizzie worked for a television station, being a part of the morning news program reporting on fashion.
“I hate it, fashion I mean,” she said as she sipped her drink. 

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to report the news, but the station has ‘men’ to do that.  So, at least I’m working I guess,” she said with a slight frown.  “Women can report the news just as well as men can!” she declared.

Soon it was time for Mick to head back on stage.  This was their last break for the evening.  He decided to take a shot and ask her out.

As she listened to his question her smile grew wider until her whole face showed her excitement.  “Yes!  I would love to go out with you!  I thought you’d never ask.”

Plans made for the next evening filling him with excitement Mick went back to finish out the evening set. 

Over the next few months he and Lizzie became inseparable.  She went to every gig of Mick’s that she could and when he wasn’t playing with the band, they played with one another.  Lazy days were spent on the beach, or wrapped in each other’s arms.  It was heaven to Mick and he realized she was exactly who he had been looking for his entire life. 

One evening, sitting on a blanket on the beach under a full moon he asked her to marry him.  Tears burst from her eyes and she gave him a teary smile and said, “Yes!  I thought you’d never ask!”

Mick felt like the luckiest guy alive.  He wanted to shout his joy from the rooftops.  His band mates often teased him when they saw Lizzie at the gigs.  Mick didn’t care; he figured the sorry bastards were just jealous anyway.

One night the band was booked at a gig in a fancy house high up in the Hollywood hills.  It was a Hawaiian themed party and Lizzie laughed as she watched him don a Hawaiian shirt with a grimace.
“Oh, come on Mick, it’s only for one night!” she teased and then planted a passionate kiss on his smiling lips. 

“Hey, that’s not the way to get me out the door,” he told her but none the less kissed her back, stroking her lips and tongue with his own until she was shivering with delight.

“Mm, maybe not, but this way you’ll won’t be tempted by those beautiful Hollywood types!”

“Not a chance baby; you’ve got everything I want,” he breathed against her lips, before he gave her one final kiss.  He heard someone honking outside and said, “I gotta go.  I’ll see you later!”

Lizzie watched him go with a smile on her face.  He waved as he climbed into the old Dodge Panel van and she blew him a kiss.  As she closed the door to the apartment she hugged herself and realized she had never been happier.


At the party in the hills Mick quickly realized that the dark haired woman who was hosting the party was casting him longing looks.  She was a looker, they all agreed.  Tall, dark haired with sexy, mysterious eyes she was a pleasure to look at.  On one of their breaks she asked Mick to play some faster songs and he agreed although he wasn’t sure this was the right crowd for it.  She told him that her name was Coraline and it seemed to fit her, sort of exotic.

“Hey Mick,” Keith teased, “the girl has it for you!”

“Hey, I’m an engaged man!” Mick retorted, and the image of Lizzie standing on his doorstep and blowing him a kiss brought a huge smile to his face.

“Yeah, well, it’s there if you want it. She can’t keep her eyes off you man.”

Mick just shook his head and continued to play.  Every now and again he saw her staring at him, smiling mysteriously and he just smiled back, not wanting to make her mad.  Still, he admitted to himself that she was indeed a looker.

After the gig the band was clearing up and getting ready to go and Coraline motioned for him to come over to where she was watching as the band packed up.

Mick sauntered over to her, curious about what she wanted; their fee had already been paid and he couldn’t imagine what else she might have to say.

“Hey, you wanna get wet?” she asked, flashing her dark eyes at him and then looking at the pool.

Mick stared, mesmerized for a moment and then remembered Lizzie at home, waiting on him.  He shook his head and smiled.

“Sorry, I can’t.  My fiancé is waiting on me.  But thanks for the offer!”


Joangel said...

Be strong Mick!!! Just walk away...back to Lizzie. Have a great weekend Hope!

Hope said...

Hey Joangel!!!

Yep, in this version he did. The caveat to that is that he was never a vampire and couldn't do that 'sexy vampire jumping thing' as Beth called it. But he has a normal life.

Thanks for reading Joangel!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE Please please bring back wishing on stars I really want to read more of their story...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hope, I am not a fan of this story:) I love Vampire Mick to much to image a world without him.. LOL... Thanks for sharing!!

KBear said...

I have a question:)

is freshie fridays replacing the Monday posts, or are you still posting on Mondays for this story and keeping up with the regular story itself?

just curious what the schedule is. I've been out of the loop and I check every monday, but usually it doesn't arrive til later in the week, so I don't know if you changed the day or not:)

I like the story!

Hope said...

Hi everyone!

So sorry to be out of touch - I ended up having to go out of town for work for 3 days and wasn't able to post.

I'll post the next Freshie Friday story tomorrow as usual and post the next Beth's Diary on Monday as usual.

This weeks Freshie Friday is a story that I wrote with another author, Julia, aka Vamp Fan 5. She writes wonderful stories and you really should check out her stories on www.moonlightforever.com. You'll find them funny and intriguing. In the next Beth's Diary you will meet a cat by the name of Travis and Julia tells the moonlight story through the eyes of Travis. It is a fantastic story.