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Friday, March 18, 2011


NOTE:  The regularly scheduled chapter to Beth's Diary will post this evening or first thing in the morning.  LOL, I forgot my flash drive today!  Sorry for the delay!

“Oh my gosh Mick! I can’t believe you still have some of those old albums! What do you do with them?”

“I play them. See, I have some old ‘78’s and these, my favorites are the LP’s.” Mick told her as he reverently held one. “Count Basie, Chairman of the Board. It came out in 1959.”

“So it’s like old,” Beth teased.

“Yeah, like ME!” He gave her with a lop-sided grin, his eyes twinkling with laughter.

“So what does LP mean?” she asked curiously.

Mick mentally rolled his eyes but answered, “Long Playing. It plays at a speed of thirty-three and a third revolutions a minute. 78’s play at 78 RPM’s and…”

“And 45’s at 45 RPM’s,” she finished for me, wearing a completely sexy grin.

“Yes.” He slipped the album out of its dust cover and held it up, ready to put in on the stereo.

“Hm.” She cocked her head to one side and she thought about it. “That’d be like on one of those old turntables, right?” she asked with an innocent bat of her crystal-blue eyes. “So how long is ‘long playing’ exactly? Does it mean it lasts a long time?”

Mick huffed an impatient breath before he caught on to her game. “Yeah, a looonng time Beth. It’s vintage you know so we weren’t into ‘instant’ gratification back then!”

“Instant gratification? Heaven forbid,” she teased with a flirtatious roll of her eyes. “I might need a demonstration though, for uh, practical purposes!”

“Really?” he asked, taking a step closer to her. He tilted his head down and lightly danced his lips across her cheeks and down her nose.

Beth shivered in anticipation. “Mm, you know, sometimes there could be something said for instant gratification!”

“Not a chance. I’m going to help you learn to appreciate long playing Beth.” Another soft kiss, this time along her collar bone added to her shivers. He scooped her up and practically leaped the stairs all at once to get her up to the bedroom.

He toed the bedroom door open and then gave it a gentle kick from behind to make it close. They both ignored the soft click it made as it shut behind them. Mick sat her down on the edge of the bed and started to unbutton her blouse, one at a time as he knelt between her legs. He took his time, kissing a bit of exposed skin with each satisfying release of a fastener. As the last one opened he slid the blouse down over her shoulders and arms, letting his fingers trail lightly over her arms. Goose bumps accompanied the gesture and Mick smiled with delight to see them.

His lips graced those sensitive bumps, playfully raising more along the way before his mouth glided upwards to her collarbone. Beth moaned softly and ran her fingers though the dark curls on his head, lightly tugging them to pull his mouth up to hers for a stirring kiss. Their tongues dueled in a primal mating dance and the kiss went on and on until they were both breathless.

Mick reached down and unfastened the front hook of her bra, and pushed the straps down over her shoulders in a mellifluous motion and then tossed it over his shoulder. First his fingers and then his mouth caressed her blossoming nipples that were becoming taut with desire. Beth was panting by then, soft little sounds of arousal escaping her parted lips.

Mick chuckled as he tugged gently on one of the stiffened peaks. Deft fingers embraced the luxurious swell of her breasts, caressing and molding them in his cool hands. His lips playfully nuzzled the underside of one breast, his tongue licking along the soft skin before he captured the nipple between his blunt teeth. His hands paid homage to the other neglected breast, teasing it with his fingers; it brought a low moan of desire from her, a slow sound of aching need that came from deep inside her throat.

He laid Beth back on the bed and unbuttoned her jeans and then tugged the zipper down. As he worked the garment off of her body he realized his hands were shaking slightly he was so aroused. Beth let her eyes travel down his body and saw with anticipation the abundant gift that was awaiting her; the only problem was that it was still hidden in his pants!

Beth tried to reach up impatiently and unfasten his jeans, but he playfully danced away from her and said, “No, I’m teaching you about long playing, remember?” His eyes ate her up and with relish he removed the tiny bit of lace that was covering the blond curls between her legs. He could see a glistening bit of moisture peeking out of the curls and he inhaled deeply, scenting her need. He traced an eager finger tip over the exposed folds and smiled at her sharply indrawn breath. The liquid honey flowed over his fingers and he spread it around the delicate flesh before sliding a finger inside of her.

She moaned, louder this time and he joined the first finger with a second and moved them in and out of her eager body as her hips rose to meet his fingers. He couldn’t resist a taste of the nectar and before she could catch her breath he was feasting on the hardened nub of desire, tracing his tongue over it softly and then stroking downward to lap gently and the pool of juices that accumulated around his fingers.

Beth was writhing with need and then she was falling over passions edge, her screams keening wildly in the room. They were the most beautiful sounds that Mick had ever heard.

He quickly divested himself of his clothes and pulled her upwards on the bed before joining their bodies and their mouths. Lips and tongues worshiped one another in a scorching kiss that went on and on.

Beth threw her legs around his waist to allow him deeper access into her willing body. He stroked her deeply and steadily, driving her wild as another orgasm approached. His hands lifted her bottom up higher and his rhythm increased until both of them were calling the others name. On and on it went until Beth was sure that he couldn’t possibly make her come again; and yet he did.

Beth’s body was trembling so wildly that she felt out of control, as if her body no longer belonged to herself and as another orgasm washed over her, she felt Mick kissing her neck before the exquisite bite brought her over the edge one last time with Mick joining her in the moment of ecstasy.

He rolled over and carried her with him, pulling her tightly against his side. After they both caught their breaths he murmured against her hair, “So, LP or CD?”

Beth chuckled and said, “I think I’ll take the long playing Mick! Forever!”

The End


mum said...

Whew...didn't expect that. Very nice. mum

Hope said...

Hi mum!

I'm delighted you enjoyed it. I just thought that you all might enjoy some of the other Moonlight stories I write. Some are sexy like this one, some are sad or thought provoking.

Thank you for reading!

Reddbean said...

Am I going crazy or was this posted once before?

Hope said...

Hey Reddbean!

No, you're not crazy. I first posted it when I wrote it last fall, but it's a fun one to start off our 'Freshie Friday's' I thought!

Anonymous said...

Love this story.

Quick question though, are you going to be bringing Wishing on Stars back or is that one done?

Hope said...

Hi anonymous!

I'm so happy that you enjoy the story.

I have been bad about WOS, I admit. In some ways I have wondered if anyone is interested in it. If people are I will be glad to start it again.

Engbunny said...


Hope said...

Well, you haven't said anything before. Never!!!

Engbunny said...

I HAVE NAGGED, BITCHED, PRODDED, WHINED, CAJOLED and PLEADED and you have been slacking and you know it. Now as your editor, I am saying no more writing Mick and Beth until you get caught up on Cassie and Giorgio. Now, I am banishing you to the writing room. Don't come out until you have stuff for me to proof. Do we understand each other young lady?!?!?!?!? NOW GO!!!!!

Hope said...

LOL! Sorry, I'm at work.

Engbunny said...

When you get home will be soon enough. :-) But you don't get to come out all weekend. I might let you come out to pee and eat. Other than that, you are under lock and key.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I think WOS is my favorite one out of the 3 (was 4). I just love how the characters are played out and everything. (In case that helps you write it at all :) )

Anonymous said...

Hi please don't put MICK ON HOLD I need my Monday fix!! I enjoy WOS too...

Anonymous said...

I love WOS and still check every week to see if anything is posted. I have to say it was my favorite blog of yours too. then this one. And you stopped posting at suCh a god part of their relatIonship...PLEASE CONTINUE! PLEASE PLEase please...

Hope said...

Hi everyone,

I see that a few of you are asking for WOS, which surprises me, but at the same time pleases me too.

Personally, I love the story between Cassie and Georgio and it is fun to write. However, when I was posting it I couldn't tell that anyone was reading. Comments aren't necessarily about feeding an authors ego, (but we like knowing you enjoy the story) as much as knowing that someone is paying attention and reading. Without feedback, there just seemed to be no interest which is one of the reasons I had sort of let it go.

I'll start posting it again and if it appears that people are reading, we'll continue on with it.

I will not stop writing Mick and Beth. I have my stories running on Moonlight sites and I'm sure my readers there would hunt me down and stake me! Of course, I wouldn't mind if they sent a certain vampire out to me, but I guess that's wishful thinking, LOL.

I hope you enjoy the addition of what I have decided to call "Freshie Fridays". It will give you a chance to see some of the other Moonlight stories I write.

mum said...

I'm on the WOS bandwagon as well. I may not comment on it often, but I check daily to see if there is a new post! mum

KBear said...

i like WOS, but please don't stop writing Moonlight to catch up, moonlight is my favourite:)

Hope said...

Hi mum and KBear!

Message heard! :) I will not be stopping Beth's Diary, no worries and I'll get WOS back on track soon.

Thank you both so much for commenting and reading, it helps to feed the muse!

Joangel said...

Looks like I'm a little late to the party, but I too miss WOS AND WMHD. Loved the bonus story...HOT! I love ALL your stories Hope and really appreciate your creativity. You bring such life to your characters. Thank you for sharing them with all of us!

Engbunny said...

Thanks to all of you who said you love WOS too. I have been telling Hope that others missed it too and she wouldn't believe me. Now she does. And I was kidding about banning her from writing Mick and Beth. I love those too. :-)

Hope said...

Hi Joangel!

Thank you so much! I will try to get back on track soon with WOS, so be watching for it.

The extra stories are lots of fun to write; sometimes they are very different from Beth's Diary, as will be the case for this coming Freshy Friday story. It is a 'What if?' story about what would happened if Mick hadn't been smitten with Coraline. Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

Hi did I miss the post today? I love all your blogs too!! I can't wait for a new WOS post:) Thank you for sharing with us!!

Hope said...

Hey anonymous!

You didn't miss it; I hope to have it up later tonight or in the morning. I forgot the flash drive and I'm going to try to post from my laptop but I'm not too good at that so if I can't it will be there in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, after reading your blog I had to watch all the tv episodes (on Netflixs) and I am totally hooked on Mick and Beth!! I can't wait to see where you take it after the season ends:)

Anonymous said...

Hope, please continue WOS! one of my favs!!!

Hope said...

Hi anonymous and Laurie!

Thank you both for stopping in and posting. Wasn't it delicious watching Moonlight? The way that man moves and the chemistry between Alex and Sophia just sizzles and smokes! YIKES, absolutely fantastic. I have a lot planned for after the show, so hang in her with me. The show left a lot of loose ends because they thought they would be back for a second season. Some of them will be addressed and others not, but there will be lots of new things happening as we continue on.

Laurie, I won't stop WOS. Many have let me know they want it so I'll continue! Thanks for letting me know.