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Monday, March 19, 2012

Chapter 4, Mending Fences

When Beth and Mick walked out of Josef’s office Lani immediately went to Josef and leaned into him, loving the solid feel of him in her arms.

“Hey, you okay?” he asked softly, tilting her face up so he could look at her.

“Yes, it’s okay. I think she understands Josef.” She stood on tip-toes and placed a kiss on his lips and reveled in the passion that took over them both. Finally, after several minutes she stepped back, breathless and shaky.

“See, that’s the benefit of being a vamp, I can hold my breath!” he teased, all the while trying to get himself under control. He sat down in his chair and held a hand out to Lani and she perched on his lap, smiling at him.

“Audrey told me to remind you we are running the first beta test on the system at 3 Josef. Are you going to watch?”

He glanced down at his watch; they only had a few minutes and he intended to take full advantage of it. “Sure, but for about 5 minutes I’m just going to sit here and hold you tight, sweetness.”

“I think she made you really uncomfortable didn’t she?” she smiled.

“Beth is a powerhouse, that’s for sure. I’ve always said she’d make one hell of a vamp and she’s living up the reputation. I honestly wasn’t sure what she would do and for that matter, what Mick was going to let her do.”

“If you are counting on Mick to save you from his wife you might have a rude surprise Josef. Once Beth gets something in her mind come hell or high water she’s going to do it. It might not be a bad thing to remember.”

“Hm, are you saying she’s stubborn,” he murmured against her neck, nuzzling the spot where his marks were.

“Beth? Stubborn?” She giggled and moaned at the same time as she felt his lips and then teeth graze his mark, making her pelvic muscles clench. “That is like saying the Rockies are just bumps in the ground.”

“Hey, I can climb any mountain.”

“Yeah, well good luck with this one Josef.” She tilted her head back as she felt his mouth slide down her neck and nibble at her collar bone. “Um, Josef…Josef, it’s time to go,” she told him reluctantly.

“So it is,” he growled. “Dinner tonight Lani?”

“Sure, but can you come to my place for it? I need to get some things done there Josef, sorry.”

“I’ll follow you anywhere, your place it is. Around 7ish? Can I bring dinner for you?”

“Seven is fine and no, I am craving a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich,” she laughed and then thought for a moment. “If you bring one of those spinach, strawberry and walnut salads though I’d enjoy that!”

“Sure Popeye, I’ll gets ye yer spinach!”

She smiled and then laughed at the funny voice he used that sounded nothing like Popeye. “Okay then. Now, come on!” She stood up and held out her hand and waited for him as he stood up and looked down ruefully at the tell-tale bulge in the front of his slacks.

“Go ahead, I’ll be along in a minute,” he told her, willing his body to stop yearning for her. He knew he didn’t have a chance though.


The ride back from Josef’s office was pleasant; the sun was out but wasn’t too harsh for either Mick or Beth. She turned the radio on and sang along softly with Snow Patrols Chasing Cars, a song she loved. She smiled, the corners of her mouth turning up as she sighed.

Mick watched her from the corner of his eyes, trying to stay focused on the afternoon traffic instead of his beautiful wife. It was impossible he knew; the rest of the world faded in comparison to her. She was his world; she had his heart, his soul, his very life in her hands.

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

Love, for him he could never say it enough to her because his life started when she brought love into it. Before Beth his life was void of connection, of purpose. Yes, he and Josef had some good times, some great times but it had all been meaningless.

She suddenly turned in her seat, watching him, watching her and smiled; the brilliant smile that she reserved for him only and it was all he could do to keep moving in the car. He wanted to pull over and take her right then and there, but given that it was afternoon that wouldn’t be wise. So instead he pushed the Benz just a bit faster, cutting in and out of traffic with one thought on his mind, getting her home and into bed. The knowing smile she gave him echoed his thoughts.

He gunned it in the garage and applied the brakes with a squeal and hopped out of the car, laughing when she matched his speed. In the elevator the clothes started coming undone as their hands caressed and teased each other’s bodies. Mick dug the door remote out as she wrapped her legs around him, kissing him as he walked by pure instinct alone to the door, clicking it open and then closing it just as quickly with a booted foot. Their lips fused together in a scorching kiss that sent shivers up Beth’s spine and she moaned against his mouth, eager to be with him.

Before she knew it he had carried her up the stairs and into their bedroom. He sat her down on the floor and finished unbuttoning her shirt, his lips still moving enticingly over hers.

Her fingers caught in the deep brown curls the framed his beloved face, combing through their softness before they slipped down and worked his Henley up over his head, leaving his chest bare to her roving fingers and lips. She scratched lightly at a nipple and then licked at it and was rewarded with a moan from him. Her lips paid homage to its twin before sliding downward, following the trail of curling hairs that led below his belt. Nimble fingers unfastened the belt and then the jeans, tugging them and his boxers downward impatiently.

Her prize was revealed and she worshiped it with her lips, her mouth taking him in deeply. She felt a momentary trembling in his legs as he worked to stay in control and she worked faster at him, loving the taste of her mate. Finally he couldn’t stand it any longer and he pulled her up to him and worked to remove the rest of her clothing before laying her onto the bed and feasting on her beauty with silvered eyes.

Her own eyes were that intense blue again with swirling bits of other colors reflecting in them. They were more beautiful that he could ever imagine and he crawled up the bed and took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply, every bit of love and longing he had was in that kiss.

She felt his arousal against her thigh and she spread her legs apart in invitation and purred when she felt him settle between them and sink deep within her. Her hips moved impatiently against him, trying to increase the speed and depth but he only grinned at her, a fangy knowing smile meant to tease her a bit.

Slow and steady, he rocked into her until she was trembling wildly; soft mewls and then growls escaping her lips. No matter how hard she tried he wouldn’t go any faster, take her to the heights more quickly as she desired.

His lips found her shoulder, kissing and nipping at it lightly as his hands explored her pebbled nipples. When she felt as if she couldn’t stand it another moment he gave her what she needed and rode her fiercely, bringing them both to the edge.

Two pairs of fangs found the sweetness of the other’s neck; perfectly placed bites brought them both over the edge, falling and swirling into the heavens with their passion.

“I love you so much Mick,” she told him as she fought to catch her breath.

“I love you too my Beth. This will all be okay, I promise you. Lani and Josef, Robbi and Kevin, all of it. You and me forever, okay? Besides, we make a good team, don’t you think?”

She grinned at him and said, “I do indeed.” She snuggled into the curve of his shoulder and rubbed her fingers lightly over his chest. She was so happy, but she was nervous too.

“Your eyes are the most incredible color when you turn now. I don’t know why.”

“What do the look like?” she asked with a frown. “They aren’t silver any longer?”

“No, they are…a vivid and deep blue and they reflect other colors too, like they are swirling in them.”

“Since when Mick?”

“Since last night I think. I would have noticed them before, let me tell you.”

Small frown lines furrowed her brow as she lightly chewed on her lower lip. It was just one more indication that she was somehow different and she didn’t want to be. It scared her, the brief explanation that Heroku had given them. This Children of the Moon thing and being a descendent of an ancient vampire group seemed strange and maybe even a bit ridiculous.

“I don’t want this Mick. I just wanna be – me I guess. I want to be your Beth; I want to live our lives without whatever complication that will bring.”

“I know Beth. Listen, I don’t understand it at all, but something did happen last night and if Heroku wasn’t here it probably would have been so much worse. Let’s just wait and see what these people say, okay? I’m going to ask Josef what he knows about them as well but today with Carl there it just wasn’t the right time.”

She nodded and looked at the clock, seeing that it read a bit after 5. “I need to call Robbi and see if she and Kevin will stop by tomorrow night. I’m so dreading that conversation.”

Mick leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and then traced a fingertip down her nose where he placed another kiss, followed by one on her sweet lips. “It will be okay, just like I said. Now go and call her.”

She nodded and pulled her clothes back on before heading downstairs and finding her phone that was tucked in her purse. As she dialed Robbi’s number Mick came down the stairs, shirtless and barefoot and dug in the hidden fridge looking for blood. He saw that he was going to have to go and visit Guillermo tomorrow or they wouldn’t have any supplies.

That gave him pause, thinking about Beth’s reaction to morgue blood. He couldn’t deny that drinking the fresh blood that Josef had provided for them the past month was going to make it hard, even for him to go back to the bagged stuff. Maybe Beth had a point; maybe he should see about using one of the services that provided fresh blood. It was expensive, but they could well afford it.

He looked up when he heard Beth on the phone and listened as he poured two glasses of A+.

“Hi…hi Robbi, it’s Beth.”

“Beth, how are you?” Robbi said stiffly.

No, ‘good to hear you or when are you coming home Beth noticed. “I’m good. We’re back from Seattle and Mick and I were hoping that you and Kevin would come over tomorrow night for drinks, after uh, after dinner? Can you?” Beth listened and heard Robbi’s heart speed up on the other end of the connection. The pause seemed endless as Beth mentally ticked off the seconds in her head.

“I don’t know Beth. I…we, Mom is keeping Brianna overnight and Kevin and I were just going to relax.”

“I understand that. Robbi, I have so much to say to you, to explain and I can’t do it over the phone. Please, come by for just a little bit. Or we could come there if you prefer?”

“NO, I mean, no, we’ll come there. We’re going to have Brian with us so we can’t stay long.” If they came to Robbi and Kevin’s house there might not be a quick escape if needed Robbi decided.

“Great. See you around 7 then?”

“Sure, 7.”

“Oh Robbi, I can’t wait to see you,” Beth said and again noticed that there was no agreement by Robbi. “Okay, then bye Robbi.” The only answer was a click on the other end.

She looked at the phone sadly and when Mick came into the living room with a glass of blood for her she took it and sipped slowly, sadness filling her heart. She licked a stay bit of blood from the corner of her mouth and looked at Mick who was watching her with love in his eyes.

“One step at a time Beth. It will be okay. Now drink up so we can go and see your Mom.”

She nodded and finished her drink, hoping that all went well at her mom’s house. She had enough of worrying about what was going to happen. It was time to enjoy some peace and happiness.


When Mick pulled the Benz into the driveway they saw Logan’s car sitting there. He shook his head at the old beat up VW Beetle he’d had for many years. It had been a great little car for him when he’d bought it but when Mick thought about the fact that if probably didn’t even have 5 thousand miles on it he had to smile. Mileage and appearance sure didn’t jibe.

As if reading his mind Beth said, “How old is that car anyway?” After she said it she had to laugh since they were sitting in a 1964 Cabriolet that Mick had purchased new. Then again, the Benz was pristine because it was Mick’s baby. The Bug was, well, totally Logan come to think of it.

Mick hurried around the car to open the door for Beth and she grinned at him, knowing how important it was for him to treat her like a lady. His generation did have some great things about it even though she was perfectly able to open her own door. Mick was a gentleman, right down to his roots and that wasn’t a bad thing.

She took his hand when he held it out to help her out of the car and couldn’t resist a small giggle; she felt giddy with excitement and practically drug him to the door and waited impatiently for the door to be answered.

Dorothy, Clark, Logan and Audrey were sitting at the dining room table, just getting ready to eat as they talked about the progress on the house when the door bell rang. Audrey quickly took a sip of her iced tea to hide the smile that curved the corners of her mouth up.

“Who could that be?” Dorothy asked, pausing as she cut the lasagna into pieces.

“Don’t know honey. Maybe it’s the Girl Scouts selling cookies! I’m ready for the Thin Mints.”

“Wrong time of year Clark,” she told him with a frown. He had stood up and headed to the foyer to answer the door, with Dorothy closely following behind.

When he pulled it open he let out a loud laugh and opened the glass door for Beth and Mick to step into the foyer. “Welcome home Beth,” he said, hugging her tightly. “You too Mick; it’s so good to see you both!”

“Oh Dad, it’s great to see you too!” She saw her mom standing behind him and saw tears running down Dorothy’s face. “Mom? Are you okay?”

Dorothy nodded, trying to stop crying. She was so relieved to see her daughter. Even knowing that she was okay it hit Dorothy hard that she had come close to losing her; if not for Mick that is.

Beth rushed to her and pulled her into a hug and Dorothy sobbed against her shoulder as joy rushed in and the realization that Beth really was here now. “Oh Beth, I’m so happy to see you, to hold you honey.” She pulled back and looked into Beth’s eyes; you’re here, you’re really here!”

“Of course I am.” She looked down at Dorothy’s baby bump and ran a hand over it in awe. “Wow Mom, they are really growing!”

“Yes and they play hockey in there sometimes it feels like. Why didn’t you call?”

“We just got in last night and so I wanted to surprise you today.”

“Well, you succeeded. Goodness, I’m surprised but so happy! Now, come on in, we were just getting ready for dinner.”

In the dining room Beth was hugged by Logan and again by Audrey. Beth watched the touches and the looks they shared and realized that things really were good for them. Both of them just glowed with happiness and that was a difficult thing for a vampire Beth thought with a laugh!

“Mm, lasagna,” Beth exclaimed. “May I have some please?”

All conversation at the table stopped immediately; her mom dropped the spatula into the pan and Logan nearly spit a mouthful of blood out.

“I…well, honey, that’s probably not a good thing for you,” Dorothy said and looked at Mick who only smiled and shrugged.

“It seems that Beth can taste and eat food still with no problems. She apparently is a different type of vampire,” he told the group and watched shocked and puzzled expressions cover their faces.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand,” Dorothy said.

Mick explained what they had found out, from Heroku and by trial and error. “Let me tell you, she has a very powerful gift with allure; I didn’t even realize it at first until Tim pointed it out. She had me running in circles!” he exclaimed, purposely omitting the fact that she came close to wearing him out in bed. The sly smile that she gave him made him laugh because she knew that he had left that part out.

“Still, you can actually eat food Beth? And not get sick?” Logan asked, clearly confused.

“Well Logan, you eat popsicles and say you can taste the pineapple ones for heaven’s sake!” Beth responded.

‘Yeah, well uh, I suppose,” he said, obviously not convinced.

Dorothy put a small amount on the plate for Beth and she inhaled the aroma and her stomach growled. Everyone at the table heard it and she just shrugged and took a bit. “Oh Mom, this is divine!”

“Thank you honey.” Still unsure, she could only hope that Beth really could handle it. But as time wore on that evening she saw that Beth was just fine. A mystery that Dorothy didn’t understand, she decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“So Mom, how is the pregnancy going? You look really good.” Beth speared a bit of lasagna and chewed it slowly, savoring the taste. Logan was watching her still, clearly confused by it all. She grinned at him impishly and took another bite.

“The doctor says I’m doing great, both the babies are healthy, but we still don’t know what the sex of the second baby is. She thinks I’ll deliver by Christmas, a bit earlier than planned. Often twins come early I guess. They are both active, I’ll tell you that much. And I’d love to get through a whole night without having to get up to pee.”

Beth looked at her mother and at Clark who was watching her as if she were the most precious gift a man could have and realized just how happy they both were. It was amazing, that she and Clark were given the gift of this pregnancy in their lives. They were both healthy and fit and hopefully the twins wouldn’t wear them out too much. Besides, she planned to be a very active big sister to them and spoil them rotten. That thought made her heart ache a bit for the babies she and Mick would never have; obviously fate had other plans for them, as Josef would say.

“Hey, Audrey, Lani, Cami and I are going shopping Thursday night for work clothes for Audrey, why don’t you come with us? We can shop for baby things too, if there is anything left to buy that is!”

Clark laughed and said, “Not much; I think it is safe to say that we’re being a bit indulgent for the little ones. But I’m sure you can find something!”

Mick laughed, knowing how true that would be and he also knew that little black plastic card was going to get a work out.

“I would love that; are you sure you don’t mind me tagging along?”

“No, we don’t mind at all. Mom, I would love it if you came. I want more time with you.”

“Okay. Maybe I should have a party, since you’re back. A cookout; just because.”

“Oh, I’d love it! Mm, jalapeno burger, I can taste it now.” She was so excited that she missed the looks that were passed around the table.

They didn’t understand it a bit, but as long as she didn’t get sick. That’s all they cared about.



Josef stepped out of the elevator, an overnight bag in one hand and a bag containing the salad that Lani had requested. He had wished that she would eat something more substantial for her dinner; she needed more protein, more iron. He couldn’t risk biting her very often if she didn’t eat properly; he wouldn’t risk it.

He pushed the buzzer and she opened the door almost immediately. He grinned like a horny school boy when he saw her; she was wearing some sort of flowing cotton pants that were tied low around her hips and what looked like a sports bra. All in all it left a lot of Lani to view and he intended to do as much sight-seeing as he could. Her hair was pulled over to one side, leaving his marks exposed.

“Hi,” she said, taking both bags out of his hand and setting them down before winding her arms around his neck for a kiss. He took her lips in a delicious kiss and ran his hands down her back until he was firmly cupping her derriere to his body, letting her feel how aroused he was. Damn, all she had to do was be in the same room with him and he came to full attention.

“Hi yourself,” he managed to murmur, his nose buried in her neck as he inhaled her sweet fragrance. “Um, you feel so good Lani.”

“So do you. Hope you can manage this again later,” she teased cheekily with a wink, referring to the bulge in his slacks as she picked up the bags and headed into the apartment.

“The one there goes into the bedroom,” he said, hoping that he hadn’t taken too much for granted. “And it has an insulated bag in it for my…refreshments.”

She handed that bag to him and started to the kitchen with her salad. “Okay, just come on into the kitchen when you’re done. I’m just getting ready to make my sandwich.”

He carried the bag into the bedroom and pulled out the insulated bag first and then the toiletry bag. He checked his watch and decided to hop into the shower quickly, vamp speed being what it was he was sure he could be done before her sandwich.

He was and came into the kitchen with the insulated bag, wearing a pair of silk pajama bottoms and nothing else. Lani grinned at him as she scooped the sandwich out of the grilling pan and placed it on a plate.

“Where will I find glasses Lani?”

She pointed to a cabinet next to the sink and he pulled one out and poured a generous glassful of AB- and set it on the counter, across from her plate. She dished up her salad and poured a glass of iced tea and took her seat across from him and again he was fascinated by watching her eat the sandwich that dripped honey and peanut butter all over everywhere. Some dribbled out onto a finger and she popped it into her mouth and sucked and Josef swallowed hard knowing full well how that mouth felt. He tried to mentally shake himself free of the image but it stayed with him. She grinned at him as if she knew exactly what he was thinking.

He took a drink and then cleared his throat. “Lani, I’m kind of worried about your diet. I mean if you, if I, well if I bite you I mean. You need more protein and iron, fresh vegetables and such.”

“Do I not taste good? Is that what you mean?”

“No sweetness, you taste delicious. But you know, if you donate blood very often you have to eat a diet that replenishes your blood, the nutrients. I’m afraid to bite you Lani because you won’t feel good if you aren’t eating properly.”

That did make sense to her; she had donated blood to the Red Cross in the past and they had said the same thing. Maybe she should talk to his chef who prepared all the meals for the girls because they were all carefully gauged to meet the dietary needs of ‘blood donors’.

Which made her think of something else that was bothering her; his ‘meals on heels’ as she called the girls. Their blood was clean, healthy and that had to be best for him. Beth had talked about the bags of morgue blood that Mick drank and that was so gross to Lani. Suppose they were young and healthy and just killed in a car accident or something? That was one thing but suppose they had cancer or something. Not only was the blood diseased but probably full of drugs. She gave a small shudder; she didn’t want him drinking that. But knowing that he was drinking from the girls bothered her, since she knew what happened.

She realized he was watching her, waiting for an answer. “I guess I could talk with your chef to make sure that I’m getting the nutrients you need.”

“No Lani, what you need, to stay healthy sweetness.”

She sat her sandwich down on the plate and bit her lower lip for a moment, trying to decide how to approach the rest of it.

Josef watched her and understood that she had something on her mind and he was pretty sure he knew what it was. Still, he waited for her to speak up, thinking that was best.

“Josef, I worry about you too. I want you to be able to drink fresh, healthy blood, not that disgusting bagged stuff that Mick drinks. I just…”

“It bothers you, the girls?” She nodded and he continued, “Lani, I don’t have to bite them to get their blood; there are other methods.”

“But you’re a vampire and I know that there has to be some tactile, physical need for you to bite. I’m correct aren’t I?”

“Lani, there is a certain sense of pleasure in the bite; for me as well as the girls. For me it isn’t necessarily a sexual pleasure, unless I want it to be. Like when I bite you, because I love you. You have to understand the difference between ‘food’ and ‘love’. For instance, you enjoy that completely messy sandwich, but you aren’t in love with it. If you never had it again you might miss it but it would be okay, right? You are correct when you mentioned the nutritive factor Lani; it’s important. I don’t understand, or believe for a moment that Mick can be at his best, his strongest drinking the bagged morgue blood, but it makes him feel like less of a predator. I understand that, but the truth is that vampires are predators Lani. You see the soft side of me most of the time, the side that loves my mate completely, the mate I would protect to my death but make no mistake Lani; there is a dark side of me, the one that has kept me alive for 400 years. And I fully believe the reason that I have survived this long is because I drink fresh blood.”

She nodded; she understood what he was saying. She had known all along that he had that dark side he mentioned and she could handle it. She also knew that he controlled it quite well. Even the night on the beach, when he killed those three men, he only did it when she was threatened and it wasn’t a bloody massacre; he just did what he had to.

She reached across the table and took his hand, rubbing his thumb with hers. “Do I really have to give up my sandwich?”

He laughed outright and shook his head. “No, I think its okay.” He got serious again and said, “I’ll just have the girls donate instead of drinking fresh from them. It’s okay, I can do that.”

“Is that what you really want though? I am okay if you still do it, the…the other way. As long as you aren’t sleeping with them too.” She hated the thought that they would experience that intense sexual pleasure from him, but then again, he was biting them and drinking their blood. Maybe they deserved something in return.

“I haven’t slept with any of the girls who live at my house for a long time. It causes too many problems among them, so we keep it business. But I haven’t been any kind of a monk Lani. Simone was one of my lawyers and I did drink her blood regularly, but she didn’t live at the house with me.”

“Okay. I can deal with all that I think.”

“We’ll try it the non-bite method and see how it goes, okay?” He leaned across the bar and kissed her, licking a bit of peanut butter and honey off of her lip. He concentrated hard on it, but still couldn’t taste a thing. It made him wonder about Beth.

She smiled sadly as she watched him trying to taste it and knew that he hadn’t. A few minutes later she had put the dishes in the dishwasher and closed it with a snap. Josef stood, leaning in the kitchen doorway, his arms crossed across his chest as he watched her.


“Yes.” She looked around her innocently and said, “Well, what now?”

He grinned, a hint of fang showing and scooped her up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. “I think we’ll start with this,” he said, moving a hand up under the bra “And then maybe this…”

Hours later Lani stretched in satisfaction. He had covered all the bases, more than once!

To be continued…


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