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Friday, September 2, 2011

Freshie Friday!! Cherry Red Lips

This short story takes up back to 1934, when Mick, Ray and Lila (from the chapter What's Left Behind)  were all twelve and their world was changing - a sort of coming of age piece. Written for GTA on 6 Degrees.

I do not own any part of Moonlight or it's characters. No copyright infringement intended.

Summer, 1934

“Hey you guys, wait up!” Lila called out, running after Mick and Ray.

The boys were heading to Miller’s Grove to shoot off some contraband firecrackers they had gotten from Ray’s older brother Ronnie. He was 16 and got the good stuff, not the wimpy ladyfinger firecrackers the younger boys had.

Ronnie had told them that if they got caught and ratted on him he would get them good and they knew he didn’t lie about it. Both boys had been on the receiving end of Ronnie’s temper more than once so they agreed that if they got caught they wouldn’t snitch on him.

Both Ray and Mick admired Ronnie – he was a tough guy who had a car and everything. When he was in a good mood sometimes he would give them a ride down to Browns Sundry Shoppe where the boys would pay a nickel for an ice cream sundae complete with a cherry on top. That’s what summer was all about, running free, playing baseball or swimming when they could get someone to take them to the pool or the beach. Lila had always been a part of all that but as they got older they began to look at her as a girl, instead of just their friend. No guy wanted to be branded a sissy because a girl was hanging around all the time.

Ray and Mick stopped and debated for a minute whether or not they wanted her to hang around with them today. Since the girl was Lila they decided it was okay; after all, she could play ball as good as any boy and ran faster than most too. She even beat Gus Barton at arm wrestling last year. Lila was a force to be reckoned with they knew.

Besides, she knew where they were heading anyway and would just show up; she always did. They stood on the path and waited for her to catch up with them, scuffing their feet in the dirt while they waited. She had on a pair of navy bell bottom pants with a navy and white striped sailor’s shirt fresh out of the Sears and Roebuck Summer catalog. White canvas Keds sneakers adorned her feet. Both boys wondered how she ran around in them all the time and they never seemed to get dirty.

She ran up to them, out of breath from her sprint to catch them. She would never understand boys she decided; these two especially. It had always been the three of them forever and suddenly this summer they acted like she had cooties or something. It really irritated her; she didn’t like being on the outside looking in.

When she got to them her face was flushed and she swiped a stray hair back from her face with the back of her hand. She licked her cherry red lips as she caught her breath and glared at both of the boys for making her run so hard but didn’t say a word.

Both Ray and Mick watched as her breath slowed down, her newly budding breasts pushing against the material of her top. Add that to the moist red lips and suddenly the boys were both uncomfortable and aware that parts of their bodies were about to embarrass them. They turned around and Ray tossed over his shoulder, “If you’re gonna come with us don’t complain like a sissy girl!”

Lila looked at them both; the slightest bit of hurt showed in her lower lip that stuck out in the tiniest of pouts.

Both boys felt like heels; they both knew that things would never be the same again.

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