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Friday, July 22, 2011

Freshie Friday! Twisted -Part 3

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Author's Note:

I have sort of been an absentee landlord for a while now and I thank you all for your patience.  Life has been very complicated and difficult; for me I'm just sort of putting one foot in front of the other and trying to carry on.  Right now there is no real end in sight, but I will continue to do my best to keep updates coming to this story and hopefully will get back to the others eventually.

 This is an AU (Alternate Universe) Moonlight story. What if Mick regularly fed fresh when Beth discovered the truth about him? Come along for the 5 part adventure and find out!

*DISCLAIMER* If you recognize anyone in this story, I don't own them. Only the story idea is mine.

Twisted, Chapter Three

Even though it wasn’t the freezer Mick managed to rest on the couch with Beth snuggled against him; amazingly well in fact. He started waking with the dawn and watched as the light gradually flickered in the room through the lattice panels and window blinds.

Around 7 a.m. he felt Beth beginning to stir. He wished he could find a way to get up without disturbing her so that he could make some coffee for her. And, he had to admit that waking up with her face to face was rather scary for him. How would she feel when she remembered what had happened last night?

He didn’t have to wait too long; he felt her stretch her body against his and then she leaned up to kiss him good morning.

“Hi,” she said softly.

“Hi yourself. Did you sleep well?”

She grinned and laughed, “Yes I did. You wore me out!”

It wasn’t what he had expected to hear; recriminations, anger even but not that. She was happy and the thought tugged at his heart and gave him hope that he hadn’t screwed everything up.

Beth sat up on the edge of the couch and said, “Bathroom?”

“Um, upstairs on the left.”

She smiled again and headed upstairs, the afghan wrapped around her. God, he thought, she was probably freezing in here. He got up and turned the glass fireplace on, hoping that it might help a bit. He then slid into his jeans, a la commando and headed to the kitchen to make her some coffee. By the time it was brewing she still hadn’t come back down stairs so he headed up there to see if she needed anything.

“Is everything alright?” he asked. She was staring at her neck in the mirror, a smile on her face. Mick stood behind her, afraid to reach out and touch her, although he ached to. His eyes met hers in the mirror and she smiled at him, her blue eyes sparking with something that Mick didn’t recognize at first.

“Yes. I – I thought it would be um, bigger I guess. It’s hardly noticeable really. Is it okay if I take a shower?”

“Sure, let me get you a towel, okay?”

“Will you take a shower with me?” she asked, letting the afghan drop in a pool on the floor. She reached her hands behind him and took his arms and pulled them about her and then she leaned her head back against his chest.

He was amazed; she stood there in front of him fearless, asking him to shower with her. “Sure, if you don’t turn the water on too hot.”

Understanding glimmered in her eyes and she said, “However you like it. Go ahead and turn it on.” Her nipples were hard and he caught the double meaning in her comment. He swallowed hard and headed over to the shower. Had he been human he knew he would be blushing.

He got the shower set and then said, “I’ll be right back Beth. I’ll only be gone a minute or two.”

“Oh, okay,” she told him.

Mick jumped from the top step to the bottom and opened the hidden fridge. He pulled out a bottle of fresh blood and drank straight from it, half the bottle in a few gulps. He knew that he needed it to keep from losing control with her. He stopped to quickly rinse the residue out of his mouth before vaulting the stairs again and heading into the bathroom.

She was surprised to see him again so soon; it really only had been a minute or so. She opened the shower door and stepped inside, watching him as he unbuttoned his jeans and kicked them aside. Her eyes lit with pleasure as she saw that he was aroused, standing fully erect. He seemed to move in slow motion towards her, his eyes eating her up. She was beautiful, not shying away from his gaze but meeting it unflinchingly, her blue eyes flickering with desire. She licked her lip slowly and the sight of her pink tongue peeking out of her mouth made him groan.

He stared at her hungrily for a moment, his eyes devouring her. They swept from the top of her head to the tips of her pink polished toes; she was beautiful and he couldn’t wait to have her again.

Mick stepped into the shower and pulled her close to him, savoring the feel of her delicious curves pressed against him. He remembered to pull the shower door closed behind him at the last minute and then they were enveloped in the tepid mist of the shower, small rivulets of water streaking down their bodies.

Beth wasted no time in sliding her hand down between their bodies and grasping his hardened length firmly, tugging on him as she murmured into his ear, “Now Mick, I need you inside me!”

His mouth captured hers and feasted upon it ravenously , much like a starving man. He drank deeply of her sweet mouth and stroked the honeyed depths with his tongue. Beth wrapped her arms around his waist and he reached down to cup her bottom and lifted her up and onto his erection. She slipped him inside her and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, sighing with the pleasure. It was like coming home.

Beth shifted her arms around his neck and pulled her mouth away from his before gliding if down along his jaw to his neck. She kissed and nipped at it enticingly as he pumped faster and faster into her welcoming body. Each lost themselves in the moment, aware only of the need for one another and fulfillment. Mick feasted on her neck in preparation for the bite that would bring them both to passions valley. He pulled lightly on the skin and tongued it, driving Beth wild with need.

As he worked on her neck, on that spot the bite actually tingled in anticipation of what was to come. She moaned and whispered, “Now Mick, bite me NOW!”

She was on the edge as was he and he felt his fangs lengthen and ache with desire to bite her, to bring them both to orgasm. Finally the moment was there; he drove himself frantically into her trembling body and his mouth kissed the marks from last night before his fangs lightly pierced her skin, sending them both over the edge. Beth screamed with her release and he felt her body spasm and clench his tightly, milking him of every bit of his release. Mick savored the tang of the Beth’s warm blood as it flowed into his mouth; it was the sweetest if gifts, every drop precious to him.

He pulled his fangs free and gently kissed his mark, lovingly tonguing the tiny puncture marks until they ceased to bleed. She was still shaking in his arms so he continued to hold her close as they both caught their breaths.

Beth finally unhooked her legs and let them slide down his body to stand in the shower. She leaned her head against his chest and rested her cheek against the damp skin. The warm water bathed them both, providing a pleasant cascade of sensation.

They stepped out of the spray and Mick grabbed the bottle of shampoo and poured some into his hand and then worked it into her hair. His fingers tingled against her scalp as he massaged the shampoo in until it was a foamy lather. He kissed her eyes to close them and then moved her back under the spray to rinse the shampoo from her head. He then combed conditioner through with his fingers before washing her body, treating it like the finest treasure. After he had thoroughly rinsed her he allowed her to perform the same ministrations on him and delighted in the light play of her fingers over his skin.

Mick had never shared such an intimate experience with anyone. He found it exhilarating to wash her hair and body and submit as she did the same for him. He watched her as they washed one another and was awed by the comfort in it. It felt good, perfect in fact. But would there be more than just this brief time with her he wondered.

She has a boyfriend…


Beth finished drying her hair with Mick’s blow dryer and made her way downstairs, sniffing the air appreciatively.

“Um, coffee! Thanks,” she said, accepting the cup from Mick. He was busy wiping the countertop down and mumbled a “you’re welcome” to her as he rinsed out the cloth. Beth looked around the spotless kitchen and decided you could probably eat off of every surface in there, including the floor without any worries. Mick apparently was a neat freak; either that or he had a very competent maid.

She wasn’t sure she liked that idea at all.

He finally looked at her as she sipped the coffee and what she saw in his eyes melted her heart; he was anxious she realized. She reached out and touched his hand, “Mick?” she asked, trying to figure out how best to alleviate his concerns.

“I – uh, is the coffee okay? I keep it around for clients, but since I can’t taste it I don’t know if it’s any good.”

The words all came out in a nervous rush and she smiled again and said, “Its fine – good. So, you can’t taste it hmm? What can you taste?”

“Uh, blood. I can taste blood.” He paused for a moment before adding softly, “You Beth. I can taste you”.

The words made her breath catch in her throat and she blushed; the memories of last night flooding her head and she shivered slightly as she vividly pictured what he was doing when he tasted her. She sat her coffee cup down on the pristine counter and was in his arms practically before he could blink. Two pairs of lips met in aching abandon, clinging and teasing as their tongues lovingly stroked everything in their paths. Beth finally pulled away, breathless and tried to compose herself.

“Wow. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I have to go. I have to um, take care of a few things,” she told him, taking a step back, hopefully out of the pull of desire she felt for him.

Mick nodded and said, “I had two messages from Carl Davis on my phone; probably about what happened last night. They uh, shooting thing I mean.” He stared at her, his eyes unblinking as he watched her digest his words.
Inwardly, Beth groaned. She knew she was going to have to deal with all this and Josh too. Yes, Josh was going to be an important part of what would be happening. Beth nodded at Mick and said, “Um yes, I’m sure I’ll have messages too. So, I guess I’ll see you later?” she asked hopefully. She waited, almost holding her breath, until he answered.

He smiled at her then and his face lit up as he looked at her. She wanted to see him later! He felt like jumping up and down, but instead all he did was nod and say, “Yeah. So uh, until then I guess?”

“Okay. Thanks for the coffee. So you don’t eat food at all?” she asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

“Really don’t!” he said with a laugh. “Bye.” He walked her to the door and opened it, waiting for her to step through. The desire to pull her to him one last time was too strong, but before he had a chance to do it she was already there, in his arms.

“Bye,” she said, kissing him again. This time it was a sweet kiss, but a kiss that promised that later on, there would be more.

It was enough for Mick. He watched her go with a lighter heart, accepting that his lonely world was somehow changing because of a curious little blonde. And he was very thankful for that.


When she got home Beth checked her messages; she had 5 of them, three from Carl and two from Josh. Seriously, she was surprised there weren’t more from Josh and she was even more amazed that he apparently hadn’t come over last night to see her. She knew that he was working really hard on a case; they were doing surveillance on an El Salvadorian by the name of Tejada, in preparation for filing charges against him. Josh had been working on the case for almost two years and it was a top priority for the DA’s office.

As she changed clothes she thought about Josh and what she was going to do about him, or rather their relationship. She frowned as she pulled on a pair of pants and zipped them up. It was complicated with him; she was going to hurt him and she didn’t relish that thought at all.

Was she ready to throw away everything she had with Josh for a “maybe” relationship with Mick? Was Mick even interested in that? In the end, it didn’t matter to her because regardless of what happened with Mick, she knew that her relationship with Josh was done.

Beth was never one to shy away from the facts of a situation and the fact was that she and Josh were at the end of the road and had been even before Mick came along. Although, as soon as she met Mick she had been drawn to him; the attraction had been undeniable. She just clicked with him; she felt a comfort and safety with him that she couldn’t explain, but she knew she wanted to explore it.

Josh was a good man; an exceptional man really. Steady, dependable, all those qualities that a woman could dream of, and perhaps she was an idiot to walk away, but her heart and her conscience wouldn’t allow her to stay and hurt him any further. And the sooner the better, for everyone’s sake she knew.

She called Carl first and made arrangements to go in and give him a statement regarding Lee Jay’s shooting. It all seemed a million miles away now, a lifetime ago really and it was amazing but she felt a huge degree of distance from it all. She had shot and killed a man and she wasn’t freaking out about it; quite the contrary in fact. One truth came to her about it though, she had done it to save Mick and she would have killed a dozen people to do that and not batted an eye.

Next she called Josh, prepared to ask him if she could see him later so that she could end their relationship, but he was swamped at work so that would have to wait until tomorrow. He asked her how she was doing but didn’t seem to be aware that she didn’t spend the night at her apartment, for which she was grateful. They agreed on dinner the following night and she hung up the phone a bit happier because she had a plan for what was going to happen.
She wondered what Mick was doing right now? She fought the impulse to call him, just to say hi, or something equally ridiculous when all she really wanted was just to hear his voice. Was he thinking about her at all she wondered? Memories of their steamy night together flowed through her head and she actually felt herself blush as she remembered how forward she had been, insistent even. Then she remembered the bite and her hand flew up to her neck where her fingers gently traced to the small spots that were already healing and she couldn’t believe it when she realized that they were actually tingling as she thought about him and the bite.

Yes, the bite. He’s a vampire Beth, he’s really a vampire.

That put a whole new spin on things. Can vampires even have relationships with humans? He could certainly have sex ,she thought with a chuckle. Yes, he did that very well! But was he interested in a relationship with me? How would that even work? Could it work? She had so many questions she wanted to ask. Again, her hand reached for her phone and she almost dropped it when it started to ring. She stared at it for a moment before it registered that it wasn’t Mick calling but Mo. With a sigh she answered the call.


Mick caught a couple of hours of freezer time before he had to meet Carl down at the police station. He did manage to sleep a bit but thoughts of Beth kept invading his rest. First, there were the downright dirty thoughts that made things physically uncomfortable and then there was the other stuff…like, was she thinking about him at all today?

Last night and this morning were incredible and he definitely wanted more of the same. But, could she handle me being a vampire, he wondered. Really handle it and everything that went with it. AND – the biggest thing of all, how would she take the truth about how he had been involved in her life all these years. He couldn’t pursue a relationship with her if she didn’t know the truth, but the truth may keep it from happening.

How do you tell someone that you’ve known them since they were 4? That you rescued them from your crazy wife whom you had to kill just to be able to save her and that he had ‘watched’ over her all these years? Yeah, that’s a nice way to put it St. John, watched, not stalked. If anything were to come of this thing with her he had to tell her first.

After he got done with the meeting with Carl, which had actually gone pretty easy because Julia had filled Carl in on things, he started getting text messages from Guillermo, urging him to come to the morgue. Mick headed there with a sigh; he really wanted to call Beth, but thought it was better to let her take the next step, when she felt comfortable.

At the morgue he got two shocks; the first being that there was evidently a rogue vampire on the loose and the second that Beth was on the case for Buzzwire.

It looked like destiny was stepping in. He was perfectly okay with that!

To be continued…

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