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Friday, July 15, 2011

Freshie Friday!! Twisted Chapter Two

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This is an AU Moonlight story. What if Mick regularly fed fresh when Beth discovered the truth about him? Come along for the 5 part adventure and find out!

*DISCLAIMER* If you recognize anyone in this story, I don't own them. Only the story idea is mine.

“I’m a vampire Beth,” Mick told her. “I’m a vampire.”

“No. No, no, NO!” she said. Her blue eyes were round with fear at she stared at him, furiously shaking her head. “There’s no such thing as vampires!”

He had moved to sit next to her on the couch and he heard her heart thumping frantically in her chest. He reached for her hand and held it gently between his own. It felt feverish compared to his own cool fingers. Her breathing was jerky, almost impatient and she finally let out a huge breath.

“Beth, try to slow your breathing, you don’t want to hyperventilate do you?” he asked softly. He didn’t want to use allure on her but she was starting to frighten him a bit. He focused on sending her calming vibes as he looked into her eyes. His hand softly stroked hers in a soothing touch.

“Slow my breathing? Are you kidding me? After what you just said you expect me to slow my breathing?” She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to do what he suggested. Part of her wanted to run screaming from the room, but another part of her wanted answers, the truth. Mick would never hurt her, she knew it, she had to believe it.

She became a bit calmer and was suddenly very aware of her hand lying in his. It felt cool, definitely chilly in fact as his fingers gently stroked hers. It was almost soothing; no, it was soothing, hypnotic really. She started to relax; hopefully she could start thinking straight.

Mick heard her heartbeat slow and saw that her breathing was calming as well. Good, it was a good sign and he started to relax a bit as well.

“Do you, uh, what…can I ask questions?”

Mick smiled at the thought of her actually asking if she could ask questions. Beth, whose over-whelming curiosity never allowed her to hesitate, was asking him if it was okay.

“Sure, you can ask questions; I sort of expect it of you Beth. I’ll answer what I can. But you have to understand a few things; no one can know about us Beth. I mean it; we’ve been hunted for centuries and I have to be able to trust you with this. You cannot tell anyone; do you get that?”

“Ye-es. I won’t tell anyone Mick, I promise.” She took a deep, shaky breath and bit her bottom lip for a moment, obviously thinking about her question. “Uh, so do you bite people’s necks and suck their blood out? Is that what you were doing when I got here?”

“Yes, that’s one way of doing it. Also, we can bite the vein in the wrist as well. We can also get blood from the blood bank too.”

Her eyebrow rose a bit as she considered what he had just said. Her eyes glanced down at her wrist, where his thumb was still gently strumming along the vein. She gave a small, nervous laugh and said, “The Red Cross does not mention that in their literature!”

“No, I’m sure they don’t know about it,” he answered, waiting for the next question.

“Do they, um, do they die when you do that. Drink from their neck?”

Mick debated for a moment on how to answer that question. The answer would no doubt surprise her, but he chose his words carefully.

“Beth, people can die from that, but that’s not what we were doing. We were just, feeding. And most freshies find it pleasurable.”

“What? You’re kidding me? Someone would let you do that? Freshie, what is that?”

“That’s a term that vamps use for uh, human donors. Because the blood is fresh you know.”

Beth sat up a bit straighter and fixed Mick with a piercing look. Her blue eyes were practically flashing as she asked her next question.

“Is this like ‘friends with benefits’ or a ‘paid’ arrangement?”

“Well, it can be either, depending on who’s involved. Some vamps, like my friend Josef have women who work for him regularly. They live at the mansion; he pays their college tuition, medical costs, that kind of thing. Other vamps may have other arrangements.”

Beth’s brow furrowed a bit and her eyes narrowed as she took in what he had said. “So what is it with you? Do you have girls that live here?”

“No – no. I uh, don’t have the kind of income it takes to support that kind of system. Josef ‘shares’ occasionally and I pay him for the use… usage I guess you could say.”

“So this ‘usage’ does it involve sex?”

“Why would you ask that?” Mick asked, almost shocked.

“Well, you said the girls find it pleasurable. Don’t you?”

Mick tipped his head down a bit to hide the slow smile that spread across his face. “Beth, for me, it’s just food – dinner you could say.”

“I find that hard to believe,” she told him skeptically.

“Why? Don’t you have the ability to differentiate between food and sex?”

Beth fixed him with a level gaze and said, “I can, but I’m not so sure about those two girls who were lying across your laps, almost passed out. It didn’t look to me like they were differentiating anything!”

“Well, for them they might not; as I said, it can be very pleasurable for the uh, donor. Very intense in fact. For the vamp, well, it’s different, really…”

Beth was starting to squirm in her seat a bit Mick noticed. Her heart had picked up a bit too. Was she nervous again he wondered?

“So you don’t enjoy it?” Mick had continued to softly stoke her wrist, the inside skin that was so delicate and sensitive. It was starting to make her skin tingle in fact, a curious sensation, given the circumstances. She looked down at his hand as he touched her and gently pulled her hand away, although she was unsure why. It was definitely stirring her and she took a huge gulp of air, trying to clear her head.

“Well, yes, but on a different level. Like, maybe the difference between eating steak and a bologna sandwich, you know? The fresh blood tastes, well, fresh, warm. Bagged blood sustains us, but the taste is flat. There is no thrill to it.”

“AHA! I knew you enjoyed it!”

“Yes, but not like you think Beth. It’s not a sexual thing for me.” Not most of the time!

“So, it’s that way for all vamps?”

“I couldn’t say. I’m pretty sure that Josef sometimes does more than eat, but I don’t ask questions about that.”

“And you have never? Got more than lunch, shall we say, out of it?” She was watching him closely, trying to gauge whether or not he was being honest.

He smiled at her and picked her hand up again and held it lightly while looking into her eyes before he declared, “There is a difference between feeding and sex Beth.” He hoped she didn’t probe into that answer any further.

“I – I just don’t see how it could feel good. I mean, you are biting them!”

“It’s the way we bite and do it. We’re gentle and there’s something about the um, motion of the mouth on your skin, almost a …caress,” he told her, watching her eyes get bigger.

She swallowed hard and looked down at his hand that was softly stroking the delicate skin on the inside of her wrist again. The whisper soft touch spread goose bumps along her arm and she almost shivered. She wanted to know, felt compelled to know, but she was also scared; and she never wanted to be ‘dinner’.

He watched her pupils dilate a bit and noticed her nipples were blossoming beneath her blouse. It caused an immediate tightening in his jeans. It was time for her to leave before they headed down a path that they weren’t meant to be on. She had a very real boyfriend and he definitely did not want her to be ‘food’.

“Mick…” His name was spoken quietly, almost a whisper, a plea.

“No Beth. We can’t, I won’t, not with you, not like this.”

“Not like this? What do you mean?”

“You are not food for me Beth and you have a boyfriend.”

Beth licked her lips, and Mick caught the small gesture; a moist, pink tongue delicately rimming her beautiful lips. Beautiful, plump lips that Mick ached to kiss. He realized he was still holding her hand, stroking her wrist and he tried to pull his hand away but he couldn’t force himself to let go. She suddenly felt hot and it was a fire that was catching. His eyes started to silver and a low, soft growl escaped his lips.

Beth was mesmerized by that growl; it didn’t scare her at all, it thrilled her. She felt an immediate rush of wetness between her legs, soaking her panties. She saw Mick lift his head a bit, as if he could smell her arousal. Her eyes took him in, all of him from his silvered eyes to the bulge that was starkly evident in his jeans. She ached for him; it was past desire now, it was an all-consuming need. She didn’t understand it, but she knew she would explore it.
She reached out a hand and lightly traced it across his cheek, feeling the slight stubble that made her fingertips tingle as they rubbed against it. Her heart was racing now and she felt as if she was falling, falling into a warm other- place in a swirling vortex of desire.

Mick knew the moment was now; if he was going to stop this it had to be now. He knew he shouldn’t do this, he didn’t want to be the ‘other man’ in Beth’s life, he wanted to be ‘the man’. His head told him to pull away, hell, to run away. His heart spoke of another path, of staying the course with her, riding out the passion. He tried, but he couldn’t resist; the vamp would not let him resist. He pulled her to him, his mouth capturing hers in a scorching kiss. The vamp took control and Mick relinquished the reins.

She caught her breath as she felt his mouth take hers. Her arms wrapped around his neck to pull him tighter to her and she opened herself to him, inviting and welcoming him with all that she had. The cool touch of his lips and tongue drove her crazy; she couldn’t get enough of him.

Mick felt himself drowning in the kiss, a delicious drowning that he never wanted to end. With each stroke of his tongue against hers he fell a little bit farther into the sensual abyss that awaited them. His mouth hungrily ravaged hers, drinking her in like the sweetest of wines.

Beth returned the kisses passionately; her small, blunt teeth captured his bottom lip and tugged on it which elicited another low growl from Mick. She licked his lips, sucked them into her mouth and pulled on them with her teeth, nipping lightly and she was rewarded with another growl. She bit a little harder and thrilled when she got a taste of his blood and she lapped it up greedily. His mouth deepened the pressure on hers and she felt the twin points of his fangs against her own mouth; she rubbed her tongue against one sharp fang and the warm taste of her own blood thrilled her senses. She felt invincible, on fire and she wanted to consume him, to be consumed by him.
Beth hungrily slid her mouth down his chin, stroking her tongue or the slight stubble. It was just rough enough to make her tongue tingle with the contact; she couldn’t get enough!

Mick lay back on the couch and pulled her on top of him. His hand cupped her ass and pulled her tightly against him so she could feel his need. Beth ground her hips against him and was rewarded with another sensual growl. Meanwhile Micks mouth had found her throat and he was nibbling enticingly along the vein that was beating out a frantic rhythm. He pressed his tongue against it and felt the warm blood pounding through the vein as he licked it delicately. He was rewarded by a low moan and a shiver of anticipation from Beth.

“Oh Mick, please don’t stop…don’t stop!” The words were a breathless whisper, escaping from her kiss swollen lips.

“Never Beth, never.”

Beth sat up and started to unbutton her shirt. Mick’s hand gently replaced hers and he took his time, unfastening one button at a time and reveling as inch by inch her creamy skin was revealed to him. Soft wet kisses covered her chest and he tongued a hardened nipple through the thin lace of her bra before biting it softly. His hands reached around and unfastened the clasp and the bit of lace was free. He slid the straps down her arms, finally slipping it free from her body.

For a moment he stared at her breasts; ripe and luscious, his mouth ached to taste them. He pulled her down again and rolled over so that he was on top of her and then captured one perfect breast with his mouth. The skin was soft as silk and he nuzzled the underside and ran his tongue around the sensitive skin where her breast joined her body. He listened to her sharp intake of breath with satisfaction and redoubled his efforts by lavishing attention on the other breast.

Beth was panting with need and she almost came off the couch as she felt feather-like fingers caress the skin along her ribs. His hands meandered down her body and stopped to tickle her belly button. His mouth traced the path his fingers had made as she squirmed, her hips pushing up against him, grinding against him in need. Mick chuckled as he slipped the button free on her jeans and she shivered as she heard the zipper slid down.

Mick pulled her jeans down, sliding them off of her legs, leaving only a tiny wisp of lace covering her womanhood. He could see blond curls peeking out around the lace and his mouth watered as he scented her arousal and he spied the tell-tale wet stain on the fabric. He slipped his fingers under the elastic and pulled the garment off in one fluid motion. She lay exposed under him, open and ready for his caresses.

Mick stood up and quickly divested himself of his clothes. Beth watched with eager eyes as he stepped out of his boxers and his proud manhood was revealed to her. She reached a hand out to capture his length and wrapped her warm fingers around him, stroking him up and down. She was rewarded when a small drop of his desire seeped out of the tip and she gently spread it around with a fingertip, which she then placed in her mouth.

Mick watched as she sucked on her finger and then swirled her tongue over it, licking it clean. A surge is passion spread through his body like wildfire, setting him on edge. He was trying to hold back, to not rush this for Beth; he wanted this to be a night she would forever remember but his patience was being sorely tried. He closed his eyes for a moment or two to try to regain his control.

Beth sat up and surprised him by taking him into her mouth, taking him deep within its wet warmth. He twitched and jerked as he felt her tongue swirl in lazy arcs over him and laid his hands on her shoulders, caressing her in time to her movement. His hands caught in the fluid silk of her hair and he combed through the tresses with gentle fingers.

“Beth, I – I, you have to stop now baby, you have to stop!” he pleaded, knowing that he was too close to losing control.

Beth looked up at him, the cornflower blue eyes sparkling with mischief as she took him deeper still into her mouth and sucked harder on him. She stroked him a few more times and then released him, right when he was on the verge of coming.

He lightly shoved her back down on the couch and growled, “My turn!” and before she could catch her breath his mouth had found the inviting valley between her legs. He spread her gently and swirled his tongue around the aroused button of desire. Beth whimpered and lifted herself up to meet the thrusts of his tongue as he explored deeper into the wet folds.

Beth clutched a pillow in her hand and squeezed hard, rhythmically kneading it with each stroke of his tongue. She was on the edge of her orgasm and couldn’t lie still; her body squirmed frantically and Mick tried to hold her still by placing his hands on her hips. Her release came in a torrent, keening through her body. She moaned through the orgasm and wrapped her legs around Mick’s head, unaware of anything except the blissful tremors that spread through her body.

Mick unwound her legs from his head and lifted on foot up to his mouth, kissing the arch which elicited a breathy sigh. He teased her ankle with soft nibbles and moved upwards, stopping every few inches to taste the silken flesh. Finally he was nose to nose with her and he heard her heartbeat rapidly pumping in her chest. His mouth claimed hers again, his tongue seeking hers in a passionate duel. Just when she thought she couldn’t stand it another minute he sank into her wet depths and she moaned with the exhilaration of feeling him inside her.

Mick closed his eyes as he gave her a moment to adjust to him. His lips slid down her cheek to lightly tease along her jaw line and lower still, being drawn inextricably back to the vein that mesmerized him.

Beth wrapped her legs around his hips and started moving against him, trying to increase their contact. Mick smiled at her and happily obliged, plummeting her depths over and over until she was panting and aching for release again. Mick kept the pace fast and deep enough to keep her hanging on the edge, but wouldn’t let her go over yet. He worked her body like the most precious of gifts, burying himself deep in her and then withdrawing so that only the very tip of him was still inside her body.

Beth was going mad with the ache, the need to come. Her mouth found his again and hungrily captured it, sucking playfully on his tongue. He played the game, his tongue darting in and out of her mouth matching the rhythm of his body as he plundered hers.

He could tell she was on the verge of orgasm again and this time he would let that happen. His mouth found the vein again and as he felt her body grip him with the beginning of her orgasm he bit her. He buried himself deeply in her as his own release came.

Beth’s eyes flew open in surprise but much to her shock it didn’t hurt; in fact it intensified her orgasm and she cried out loud, a sound that slowly turned into a scream. It went on and on, the delicate pull of his mouth against her neck increasing the pleasure until both of them were spent. She felt his mouth softly licking at the bite marks, tenderly sealing the wounds.

Mick rolled over and pulled her with him so that she was lying on top of him. Her breath was gradually slowing down and the damp sweat was making her chilly. Mick reached behind him and pulled an afghan over them, to help warm her.

Beth’s cheek was pressed against his chest. It seemed so strange to not hear a heartbeat. She let a fingertip play in the dark hair on his chest and kissed the places her finger had played. He was quiet as he watched her touching him, afraid to say anything for fear it would break the spell they had woven between them.

She lifted her head and looked directly into his eyes and what he saw in them made him blink in surprise. No regret or anger, only happiness. She smiled at him and he smiled back and hugged her tighter to him. He felt her yawn and snuggle into his chest. Before long he heard the soft sighs that told him she was asleep.

He knew there would be repercussions from this night; he knew that he had not done himself any favors by taking this step with her. She had a boyfriend, he kept repeating it over and over, like a mantra.

She had a boyfriend.

To be continued…

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