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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chapter 33 Shook Up the Worlde

This is the first of 3 chapters of Beth's Diary that I will post this week.  


This chapter’s title is from a Puddle of Mudd song entitled Shook Up the World. It is a song about new beginnings and making your world what you want it to be. It is a song that means a lot to me. If you care to listen to it, click the link below. If not, it’s okay because it isn’t necessary to appreciate this chapter.


Part 33 – Shook Up the World

The past 24 hours have been filled with the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. I thought I had lost Mick somewhere along this twisted path that we have been following but I now understand that he can be as stubborn as I am and I thank whatever god is listening for that. Left to me, I would have pushed him out of my life but he wouldn’t let me.

Secrets…they are evil, insidious things that tear apart what is good and literally mask the truth. The secrets that cloak vampirism shook my world, slammed the doors shut and no matter how hard I pounded, I couldn’t get in. At least I thought so anyway. I don’t know them all now; maybe I won’t ever but I’m okay with how things are now for Mick and me. Any relationship is a growing, living thing and we have started the roots of our love with passion and honesty and for that I am thankful. I misunderstood so much, but that wasn’t my entire fault of course. I have told Mick that I will never expect him to read my mind if he won’t expect me to read his.

We have a deal, sealed with a kiss. Several actually…

When I got home a while ago I had several messages, one for Lani asking me if I would like to take fencing lessons with her on Wednesday evenings. I really need to talk to her about all of her maneuvering as she tries to protect herself from vampires but frankly, I don’t know what to say to her. Have to call her back soon though. She didn’t say anything about her date, I wonder how it went? Back in college those two were quite an item, for awhile anyway. Eric was always crazy about her and while she liked him a lot, Lani was already thinking about the future and where she wanted to go in the business world. Eventually they went their separate ways, Lani to San Francisco after graduation and Eric went on to get his masters so he could teach.

The second message was from Audrey Pell, the young woman I met during the Donovan Sheppard story. I’ve thought about Audrey a lot because her courage through all of it was amazing to me. She stood tough, even at the end when she couldn’t have possibly understood what was happening. She didn’t ask many questions at the time but I’ve always known they would come, sooner or later. Now is the time I guess and I’d better figure out what to say to her. She asked me if I could meet her for lunch this week and I will; just have to call her back and set up a date.

Now to end on a happy note, MICK CREATED A BEDROOM JUST FOR ME!!! It is perfect and I love it so much. The soft colors and pale cream walls made me feel right at home. I think I kind of like him!

Make that love him – always and forever.



“Um Beth, we need to talk,” he said against her mouth. He tried to step away but she held on to him as she wriggled out of the blouse.

“No Mick. Talk later, right now I need you. Make love to me Mick,” her plea was emphatic and it resonated within his soul. He picked her up and headed up the stairs to the room that he had created just for her, laying her gently on the bed.

Her arms wound around him as she whispered in his ear, “Now Mick, I need you now!”

“Whatever you want my Beth…”

Their lips met in a kiss that took her breath away, tongues seeking and surrendering to the rapture of the moment. Beth’s fingers traced lightly over his shoulders and slipped down between them to try and work at the waistband of his pajama bottoms, tugging them rapidly down. Mick rose up just enough for her to work them over his hips and then he pulled away and kicked them off and worked on the buttons and zipper of her jeans.

Her eyes were alight with desire as she stared at him in the early morning light; if she could eat him up she would she realized. Before she knew it her jeans and panties were off, a casualty of the passion that burned between them. His nimble fingers unclasped the front hook of her bra and it too fell to the floor, unneeded.

His eyes drank her in like a starving man; she was the nectar he needed to survive and he pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly. She was trembling with need and he scented her desire for him and he inhaled deeply, trying to pull it into him so it settled about him like a sensual cloak.

When his lips captured hers again she drank him in, savoring the taste of his lips, his tongue. Beth ran her tongue lightly over his teeth, searching for the fangs that weren’t yet there and she groaned at the disappointment. She was ready now, she needed him inside her and she moved her body so that he rested between her legs, trying to urge him on. She wrapped her legs around his waist and said, “Now Mick, please…”

He wanted her so much and he didn’t want this first time to be so rushed but he couldn’t hold back. This was Beth, his Beth and he lovingly gave her what she needed, what she wanted.

As Beth felt Mick’s hard length slide into she caught a deep breath and let it out in a long husky moan. She moved her hips upward to pull him in as deeply as she could and sighed when he filled her completely.

Lips and tongues again mated, danced against the other, and as he began to move against her the world started to spin and swirl for her and she embraced it the feeling, meeting him thrust for thrust.

Neither would last long Mick realized; he could already smell the heady call of her blood and fought against the monster within. He shut his eyes, afraid to let her see the silvery glow that heralded the transformation. Beth’s heart was beating rapidly, singing to him as her quick gasps for breath spread like a warm breeze over his neck. Her body was hot and tight and he was lost to the exquisite bliss of the moment. When he felt her body contract around him and let himself go and turned and bit down on his shoulder and let the torrent of passion wash over them both.

When their bodies ceased to move any longer he rolled to the side taking her with him and held her close. For a moment he enjoyed the feel of her in his arms, his love, his Beth.

Then he realized she was crying, the scent of her tears and the small sobs wrenching his undead heart.

“Beth? Baby what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” Panic washed over him as he feared the worst.

“Why didn’t you bite me? What’s wrong with my blood?” The words tumbled out as anguish wrenched her broken heart. Was Cami wrong? Maybe there was something wrong with her after all. Maybe he didn’t love her.

The words shot through Mick’s heart like a silver arrow, causing a blazing pain that he had never anticipated. Had Josef talked to her? How did she know about the bite? The questions tumbled through his mind with blazing speed and he tried to think of how to talk to her about it all since she obviously knew from someone else. He regretted not talking to her before they did this.

That was a lie he admitted; nothing would have stopped this.

He wiped her tears away gently, gently kissing their salty path as he held her close. “Beth, there is nothing wrong with your blood; it saved my life, I burn for it Beth. But remember I said we needed to talk?”

She let out a small hiccup as she nodded her head, searching his worried face for answers. “Yes. But Mick, I know you have to bite to um, you know. Cami told me.” A scarlet flush swept over her face as she murmured the words.

Cami? That was someone that had never occurred to him; he couldn’t help but wonder what else Cami had told her.

“It’s true, that’s what happens,” he answered, placing a small kiss on her forehead, trying to comfort her.

“But then how Mick? What…happened? Did you?”

He smiled, a small lop-sided grin and tilted her small face up so he could look her in the eyes. “Yes, I just bit my shoulder Beth. It’s just the need to bite into something that allows us our release. I didn’t want to do that Beth, without explaining to you first what would happen. Baby, you really didn’t give me much time here this morning, you know?”

Beth listened to his words, a small frown creasing her forehead as she digested what he had said. “But there isn’t anything wrong with my blood? You drank Simones and said it wasn’t a big deal but I don’t understand after what happened in the desert because it was a big thing there.”

Mick scooted up in the bed and brought Beth with him so they were sitting upright; it seemed the easiest way to talk to her. He turned slightly so he could face her and took a deep breath before he began. “Beth, Simone, that was just nothing. In fact I never should have done it because Josef did it in a way because he was pissed at her because he thought she was sleeping with Dominic; he bit her and wanted me to taste her blood so that I would know it wasn’t hers that was found on his body. I shouldn’t have went along with it. It was wrong.” He searched her face to see if she was really listening to what he was saying and breathed a sigh of relief when he realized she was.

“Beth, there is a huge difference to a vampire between food and love. Feeding from a freshie, that’s just food, you know? You can love your Kung Pao chicken, but its love of the food, not love for the food. It’s just food, period. In the desert, I was dying Beth and I needed food. You are not food to me Beth, never have been and never will be. I didn’t want to drink your blood then because of it.”

“Oh. But what about now?”

“I want to drink your blood because I love you; I’m in love with you. It is a way of sharing our feelings, through the blood. It brings a whole new dimension to the act of love Beth that you can’t imagine. Baby, I will be able to taste your passion, your desire and the connection that you will feel will increase your satisfaction, I promise.”

“Will it hurt? It did for a moment in the desert and then it changed Mick; I – I can’t even describe it.”

“No, it won’t hurt you, but I have to be very careful Beth and I’m scared about it.”

“Why Mick?”

“Because I can’t take too much from you. Beth, when I’m making love the, um, the vampire comes out. Do you understand what I mean by that?”

“The silver eyes, the changes to your body?”

“Yes, but more than that; the human retreats and the vampire takes control. Beth, I’m scared of that happening with you.”

“You are afraid the vampire won’t stop?”

“In a way. I’ve never had to worry about controlling him like this, with someone so precious.”

Beth was quiet for a moment and said, “Mick, I don’t think you would let the vampire hurt me, but more than that, if the vampire is an extension of you, then surely he must love me too and would want to protect me.”

Mick heard the truth in her words and knew they were right. The vampire knew she was his mate and would kill to protect her, as Mick himself would. He leaned down to kiss her and said, “I know you are right Beth, you are right.”

The kiss deepened as they drank one another in; tongues dueling, tasting the need of the other. Mick pulled his mouth away from her and looked at her breasts then, truly seeing them for the first time and his gaze made her feel beautiful because it was so full of desire. His hands were shaky when he touched them, holding and cupping them, molding them to his hands and running his thumbs enthrallingly around her dusky areola’s and nipples.

Beth watched him touch her and quivered waiting and wanting so much more and when his mouth finally found her breasts she cried out with the joy of his mouth, hot and wet on her velvety skin. Beth reveled as his mouth covered her nipple, feasting excitedly. He tugged gently on it and then pulled the whole sensitive and aroused bud into his mouth, laving it slowly with his tongue and then nipping gently. It sent shivers up her spine and she couldn’t wait for more.

Mick hands slipped down over her legs until her got to her feet, massaging slowly; kissing each foot enticingly on the arch. She felt his tongue tickle her there before moving upward to her ankles. He was on a dedicated journey of arousal and she couldn’t stop him now; she didn’t want to.

His mouth found that very sensitive place behind her knee and heard her sharp intake of breath. Beth felt him smile and continue to swirl his tongue languidly, taking his time before continuing up her leg, to the sensitive skin of her inner thighs where he tickled her with the tip of his tongue. He drew erotic patterns on it before moving upward again, journeying to the vee of soft curls between her legs where that sensitive tight little knot of need was aching to feel him.

Beth’s stomach was contracting and rippling with desire, and she held her breath as he slowly and delicately opened the petals of her fragrant garden and placed a lingering kiss on the heated flesh that was wet with desire for him. She cried out then, very close to orgasm, knowing it would only take a few strokes of his tongue to take her there. She could feel his hot breath against her as he stroked her swollen love knot adoringly, swirling around it in enticing circles that brought her closer and closer to passions path.

Mick spread her legs farther apart as if to see more of her and she gloried in the knowledge that he wanted all of her.

She was honey, she was the sweetest nectar and her warm juices slid over his tongue as he lapped greedily upon them. He had waited for this for years and he wanted it to last forever for her.

“Please Mick, please,” she whispered, her voice catching in her throat. Her head was thrashing back and forth and he was igniting a flame within her that only he could quench and she needed him to do it quickly. Mick chuckled at her impatience as she wiggled on the bed, pushing herself against his mouth.

He gently inserted a finger into her, sliding in and out with long and deep strokes while he insistently played his mouth lazily over her heated flesh. He sucked gently on her and then his tongue pressed more firmly against her and she came, writhing on the bed, screaming his name, trying to pull him to her.

Mick slid back up the bed and she stared at him, the beauty of his body taking her breath away; he was beautiful, his lean and firm belly and legs made her squirm with need. His cock was long and hard, ready for her and she wanted to taste him, feel him in her mouth and she told him so.

“No baby,” he murmured, against her mouth. “I promise you that you can do that later, but right now I need to be in you!” he told her with a smile as he kissed her again, lingeringly. She could taste herself on his lips and tongue and it excited her even more. He had brought her such exquisite pleasure but she was ready for more.

He parted her thighs and she reached down and took him in her hand and guided him to the entrance of her drenched sheath. She slid him up and down the valley there, spreading the juices around and then slipped him inside of her. He paused for a moment, giving her time to get used to him and then he slid all the way inside. Her muscles clamped tightly around him, holding him firmly within her and she was enthralled by the beauty of their connection. She squirmed to get him in as deeply as possible and he shifted his hips to accommodate her, wrapping her legs around his hips.

Beth entwined her arms around his back and pulled him down for another kiss, pushing her tongue inside his mouth, searching for his tongue to tease and torment him as he was tormenting her.

Mick moved in and out of her, each long and deliberate stroke, bringing her right to the edge of orgasm. They moved together, evoking magic, weaving it wildly between them. Her hips met his in a ceaseless dance, sliding together, and then slipping apart.

Their mouths were fused together, velvety tongue stroking velvety tongue, dipping and swirling and keeping rhythm with the movements of their bodies. Their breaths became shorter and more ragged as their starving mouths and bodies worshiped each others, promising fulfillment and ecstasy. They were drenched in sweat and still they went on, climbing higher in their quest.

Beth was crying now, calling his name over and over, and thrashing her head back and forth. Mick’s thrusts became quicker and deeper as he pulled her hips up higher to meet him and allowing every inch of him to slide in and out of her body that was pulsing and throbbing and gloriously close to fulfillment.

He felt the vamp take over then and he let Beth see him, his eyes silvered, fangs ready and aching to bury themselves in her neck and taste her sweet blood once again.

Beth looked up and saw the vampire lover and smiled at him, bidding him entrance to her passion. She pulled Mick’s mouth down to hers and ran her tongue over the fangs and tasted her own blood for a moment when one of the razor-sharp edges caught it. She felt his body respond to it, a rumble deep within his chest and she thrilled to the sound of it.

He scented it, her hot blood pulsing through her veins and he stared in hungry fascination at the beauty of the veins that adorned her silken neck. He body was squeezing him tightly and he knew that now was the time, she was almost there. He bent his head to her, kissing the delicate vein that pulsed with her blood and ran his tongue over it, searching for the perfect spot. He found it and gently sank his fangs into the vein and heard her gasp of surprise, quickly followed by pleasure.

Beth’s orgasm broke then, sending waves of satisfaction coursing through her body, radiating outward. Her muscles rhythmically contracted around him and then she felt him let go, filling her with his seed, pushing in as deeply as possible, his body shuddering against hers, saying her name over and over and moaning loudly.

It was like nothing he had ever experienced before, this act of love that he and Beth shared. He blood flowed into his mouth and he tasted her love, her desire, her joy. He felt humbled by her emotions and a silent tear escaped his eye at the elation they shared. He lapped tenderly at the twin wounds, kissing them closed. This was the sacred spot to him, their connection.

Beth held onto him for a minute more, her body still contracting from the strength of her orgasm. He felt so good in her arms and she didn’t want to let him go, but he finally pulled himself out of her and rolled over onto his side and tucked his arm around her, holding her close. He groaned softly then and brought his mouth to hers, this time for a soft and gentle kiss as their breathing slowed down.

Beth traced little hearts over his chest with her finger tip and sighed, her body sated and wonderfully relaxed. The bite was surprising at first but then quickly opened doors for her she never knew existed. The power of her satisfaction still resonated within her and she definitely felt weak-kneed. She leaned up to kiss him and heard a soft sound emanating from deep within his chest.

“Are you purring?” she teased, enchanted by the sound.

“I don’t know. Am I?” he smiled.

“Sounds like it. Wow.”

“Wow, you’re purring or wow something else?”

“Um, all of the above?” she said, with a yawn.

“Sounds like you need to sleep Beth. How long have you been up?”

“I don’t know, a long time. But I’ve got to go home and feed Travis; he didn’t get his dinner last night.”

“Why don’t you sleep a bit and then we’ll go over and take care of him, hmm?”

“Okay, sounds good,” she murmured sleepily. “But I gotta go to the bathroom first.”

He nodded and watched as she slid off the bed and stood up. And then he watched as she crumpled to the floor.

To be continued…


mum said...

I'm not going to worry, she's probably just light-headead, or maybe he took a little too much blood...heck, I'm a little weak kneed myself...whew!!

Hope said...

Hey mum!!

She will be fine. Beth's problem is that she is always forgetting to eat! Mick is going to have to learn to take care of her. Let's just hope she doesn't starve poor Travis too.

Thanks so much for reading!

Joangel said...

Wow...that was an amazing post. Their first time is certainly one they are going to remember forever. So glad he is finally letting her into his world a bit.