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Monday, November 5, 2012

Chapter 5 Always and Forever

A huge thanks as always to LaLa! She makes this story so much easier for you all to read!

Chapter 5 Always and Forever

Beth stopped at the grocery store on the way home because they definitely needed to stock up on a few things. She didn’t eat that much food and having her mom there made Beth more aware that the cupboard was practically bare. A full shopping cart later she was satisfied that she had enough. She zipped her card at the register, her eyebrows raising slightly at how much it all cost.

It all surprisingly fit into a half dozen bags and she wasn’t sure if that made her happy or mad. All she could do was shrug it off and drive home, feeling contented for the first time in a while. Clark would be okay, Shatel was dead, and if she wasn’t quite past it all yet, she would just continue to work on it. She and Mick were happier than they’d ever been, making her feel very secure. Now, if things would only stay this way for longer than a few days!

At the loft she pulled into the garage and saw her mom getting out of her car. She must have decided she needed it and that was probably a good thing. Dorothy saw her grabbing grocery bags and walked over, ready to help.

“No, Mom, I have it.”

“Beth, I’m not an invalid, stop treating me like I am. I can carry a couple of grocery bags.” She held her hands out and waited for her daughter to hand a couple of them over.

Beth thought it over for a few seconds. She was a vampire and the 6 bags weren’t all that heavy. On the other hand, it was important for her mom to help, so she handed over a couple and they walked to the elevator and waited for it to come down.

Brody stepped out of the doors as they swooshed open and Beth grinned, happy to see him.

“Yeah, you’re smiling now but after a couple of sessions with me you won’t be so perky, miss!” he laughed.

“Oh, really? Think you can break me?” she tossed out and watched him crack up.

“No, I don’t think, I know. But you’ll get better as we go along. We’ll have our first lesson on Wednesday, so that gives you two days to prepare!”

“You got it, Brody. Actually, I’m really excited about getting started.”

“It will do you a lot of good, so that if you're ever in another dangerous situation you can take charge. And I won’t hurt you too badly, promise!”

“Eh, I’ll heal. Can’t be any worse than the broken leg I got jumping out of a tree in Seattle. Nasty, bone sticking out and all.” She glanced at her mom who was shocked to say the least. “Healed in like two minutes, Mom. It’s sort of cool.”

“That’s not exactly the words I would use,” Dorothy answered dryly.

Beth laughed and punched the button that would take them to the top floor. As they put away the groceries they discussed what to make for dinner.

“Mom, would it bother you if I just drank my dinner tonight? After the past week I really feel like I need it.”

“Oh, honey, of course not! It doesn’t bother me a bit, which is a good thing now, I guess.”

Beth watched her mom through lowered lashes and could tell that it was the truth, that Dorothy was comfortable with it. So much the better. Her next words were interrupted when Mick came through the door, smiling at the two women who were working together happily in the kitchen.

His mom and sister often did that he remembered. Another thought flashed through his mind about his sister and whether or not to tell her that he was still alive. Honestly, he just didn’t know if he should, what if it made it harder for her?

What if it healed her?

“Hey, handsome! I’m glad you’re home,” Beth said, slipping into his arms for a moment and placing a quick kiss on his lips. “How was your day?”

He grinned at her. The best place in the world to be was her arms and he gave her a wink when he said, “I had a good day, but I have something important to do in the office so if you’ll excuse me for a few minutes?”

Beth was curious about the wink and the haste to get into the office but she shrugged and said, “Sure!”

He closed the door behind him and got to work setting the laptop up and then waiting for Logan. When it was ready, he pushed the key that only showed the desk top then called the girls in.

“What’s going on Mick?” Beth was quick to ask.

“Dorothy, have a seat in the desk chair.” Beth started to say something and he said, “Be patient!”

Dorothy sat staring for a moment at the empty screen before Mick pushed the button that brought Skype up. Right before her eyes sat Clark and tears sprang immediately to her eyes.

“Clark, oh honey, you look wonderful!”

“Not half as wonderful as you do! I wish I could hold you in my arms, but this is the next best thing I guess.”

Beth was staring in wide-eyed excitement at the computer and said, “Dad, I love you and this is great! How do you feel?”

He laughed and said, “I love you too, Beth. I feel fantastic, not an ache at all in these old bones. Now, I’ll have a chance to talk to you later but get out of here now, kid, I want to talk dirty to your mom!”

Beth immediately giggled and Mick laughed outright. Dorothy blushed redder than a ripe tomato and wanted to hide her face.

“Now, Dorie, it’s okay.” He heard Beth and Mick say goodbye and the door close. “Ah, alone with my girl. I love you and I can’t wait to get my hands on you!”

Dorothy managed a slight laugh and said, “So you keep telling me. Just remember, I’m an old pregnant lady!”

“But you won’t always be. Dorothy, it feels fantastic. Just wait.”

Outside the door Beth fell into Mick’s arms. What her dad had said didn’t upset her at all because she remembered how intense her desire was after she was turned. How on earth would he manage it?

Mick bent his lips to Beth’s neck and nuzzled along the vein, bringing an immediate rush of heat to her body as a warm rush of desire sent an invitation to him.

“How about we go upstairs and I’ll talk dirty to you?” Mick whispered against her lips.


His answer was to sweep her off her feet and leap the stairs. A minute later they were totally unaware that anyone else existed in their world, just as it should be.


“Clark! How could you say that in front of Beth?”

He laughed, a low, sexy chuckle that emanated from deep in his chest. Just hearing it made Dorothy feel aroused. How on earth was she going to handle this new Clark?

“Honey, I promise you, she knows exactly what I’m feeling right now.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say that when you are turned certain needs increase. I suppose that when you’re turned by a mate it all evens out, but in my case it was my baby brother and not so cool!”

“I’m sor-sorry to hear that. I don’t know what to say.”

“Let’s just say that when you’ve had those babies and the doc gives the okay you and I are going to let Mick and Beth babysit and I’m going to wear you out.”

Another quick, fiery blush swept up over her face and he drew in a deep breath and shifted uncomfortably in the chair. He wished he wasn’t wearing anything right now, it would make him much more comfortable.

“You are so beautiful, Dorie. And even after all these years you still look like that same girl that I kissed that night at the dance; shy, with stars in your eyes. Do you remember?”

Always and Forever

Late September 1978

Clark and Logan stood in front of the mirror over the vanity in their bathroom; Clark combing his hair and Logan tugging in disgust at the button down collar of his shirt. His unruly head full of curls could stay that way for all he cared.

“I ask again, why do I have to go to the homecoming dance at the high school? I’m in eighth grade!”

“Because you are insurance, Nerdo. Dorothy isn’t allowed to date and so we’re just three friends going to the high school dance!”

“You go on telling yourself that story and maybe you’ll eventually believe it,” Logan told him, staring at his big brother in the mirror. “You keep combing that hair and you ain’t gonna have any left.”

“Shut up! And stop messing with your collar. You’re not going to make it any looser by tugging on it.”

Logan rolled his eyes at his brother, when he saw that Clark wasn’t looking that him. Actually, as far as big brothers go he was a good one to have. Logan admired him a lot, not that he’d actually tell him that, though.

“I just want you to know that I am only going under protest! You're just lucky that some of my friends are going to be there and we’re trading Star Wars cards. Nicky has a Lando Calrissian that I really want.”

Clark laughed. Only Logan would go to a dance to trade cards. “You know, you might actually like dancing if you gave it a try. One day, one of the secrets of the universe will be revealed to you and you will decide that girls aren’t so bad, Nerdo.”

“No thanks! Just because you're in love with Dorothy doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to have a girlfriend. Why don’t you just marry her already? Uh, what’s the secret?”

“See, if you're sitting with a girl on the bleachers and getting close, some adult will come along and tell you to break it up. But when you're dancing, they just smile because you're just dancing. But you're close Logan, really close.” Clark winked at him in the mirror. “As far as marrying Dorothy, all in good time, Logan,” he laughed, a bright twinkle in his eye. Yep, all in good time…

Logan took one last look in the mirror and shrugged. At 14 he was gangly, just this side of scrawny. Maybe someday he’d be more like Clark and fill out but right now there was no hope for him. He was glad he wasn’t interested in girls yet because none of them would be interested in him, that was for sure.

“Hey, are we ready?” he asked, impatiently.

“Sure, Nerdo. Come on, let’s go get Dorothy.”

Outside they crossed the yard and driveway and headed for the steps to the porch at Dorothy’s house. Walter Turner was sitting outside and said, “Good evening, boys. Dorothy will be out in a minute. What time are you bringing her home?” He addressed both boys but his eye was focused on Clark.

Clark swallowed hard once and then again. Mr. Turner was giving him the ‘eye’ and it was uncomfortable. To say the least.

“Um, we’ll be home by el-eleven? Will that be alright, sir?”

“Eleven pm sharp. Not a minute later.”

“Yes. Yes, sir.”

Dorothy came out of the house and Clark caught his breath because she looked beautiful. She was wearing a deep blue dress that wasn’t exactly loose but sort of floated when she moved. Not really a formal, but damn! She looked hot. A quick look at Mr. Turner told him that he’d seen that look in his eye.

“Dorothy, you look very nice. Are you ready to go?” Clark wanted to get away from that stern gaze as quickly as they could.

“Yep. Night, daddy!” she called out as she made her way down the steps. Logan followed her with Clark bringing up the rear. He cast one more quick look back at Mr. Turner and was met by that steely gaze again and he almost tripped. Man, he wouldn’t ever want to face that guy if he pissed him off.

At the car Logan had already climbed into the back seat. No use calling shotgun tonight, he thought. Dorothy sat down and Clark carefully closed the door and walked around the car, trying to keep from glancing nervously at Mr. Turner again.

As they pulled out of the driveway Grace came out of the house and waved at the kids. “Walt, you didn’t have to scare the boy half to death like that.”

“He’s a teenage boy. Yes, I did.”

Grace just smiled and realized that the future could be a bit rocky for those two. Time would tell.

In the car on the way to the dance they talked about the football game earlier. Or at least Clark and Dorothy did because Logan hadn’t attended the game. The game was boring as far as he was concerned, even if Clark was on the team. He didn’t play yet because he was only a sophomore but he was on the team. His father said that one day Clark would be an all-star quarterback, whatever that meant, but right now it meant that on days when the games were directly after school Logan had to find another way home. The high school and the junior high sat next to each other and shared the same parking lot, so Dorothy and Logan rode with Clark to school.

At the school Clark parked the car and rushed around it to open the door for Dorothy. Logan sat impatiently in the back seat, waiting to get out. He might as well have been invisible tonight, but that was okay. He’d hang out with friends and hopefully not have to see these two very often.

Clark looked at Dorothy’s legs, clad in panty hose and patent leather shoes and whistled. “You have legs!”

“Clark Griffin, you know very well that I have legs! You see them every summer, in shorts or my bathing suit!”

“Yeah, but, they look different tonight.” He pulled his eyes away from her for a minute and spied Logan making a gagging face. He stopped as soon as he saw Clark staring at him with murder in his eyes. He didn’t have to be so touchy!

Inside, the gym was decked out in the school colors for homecoming and it was a large celebration since they’d won the game. All the football players, even the ones who didn’t play were looked upon with awe by the student population and as they walked in cheers went up in the gym.

“Would you like some punch?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay, have a seat over on the bleachers and I’ll bring it to you. Will that be okay?”

“Of course,” she said with a smile. They both felt so formal tonight it was weird.

Clark brought two cups of punch to her and sat down and they both drank for a few minutes listening to the music that was being played and Dorothy’s foot tapped along to Last Dance by Donna Summer.

“Disco! I hope they play something better than this later,” Clark said with a scowl.

Dorothy laughed and said, “I like this song. And they can’t play the Eagles or Foreigner all evening and besides, most of those songs are hard to dance to, silly. This is a dance, after all!”

“You don’t like Disco!”

“Yes I do, some of it anyway. It’s fun to dance to.”

“You can’t dance to this either,” he declared.

“Hey, I watch Bandstand, I can do the Hustle!”

Clark rolled his eyes, he couldn’t believe she liked this stuff. They sat quietly for a few minutes, sipping their punch, until This Time I’m in it for Love by Player came on. “Come on belle of the ball, dance with me? Please?”

“Well, I don’t know. I mean, it’s not Boston or something like that. Think you can manage?”

“Please?” he asked again and she couldn’t resist the sparkle in his eyes as he held his hand out to her. She stood up and he led her to the dance floor. That was when Dorothy learned a big lesson. Dancing along on Bandstand was completely different than dancing with a guy. She suddenly became very shy and unsure of herself.

He watched the slight blush that colored her cheeks and smiled at her. “I’m not so good at this so I hope I don’t step on your feet or anything.” He hoped that she’d relax if she knew he was unsure too.

She visibly relaxed a bit and they just moved to the music. It wasn’t really a slow song or a fast one, somewhere in between and it was perfect for a first dance. They were both swaying to the music and smiling by the end of it. The next song started, a slow song and Clark pulled her a bit closer and breathed in the scent of her perfume.

“You smell really good,” he told her, the soft words stirring her hair and causing a shiver to run up her spine.

“My mom let me wear a bit of her White Shoulders. I’m glad you like it, Clark. And I really like this song, Always and Forever.”

“Um, yeah I do too, like the perfume and the song.” He started dancing her towards the back of the room, to this nice quiet little space between the sides of the bleachers and the wall. When he had her in that space he stopped dancing and looked at her, his eyes telling how beautiful she looked to him. A gentle hand slipped through her hair, tucking a wayward strand behind her ear and he watched as she lowered her eyes, suddenly very shy.

He’s going to kiss me, she thought. She wanted it to happen but she didn’t know how to kiss anyone. What did she do?

Clark watched as a bit of pink tongue licked delicately over her bottom lip and he ran his fingertips over her jaw and then tilted her head back, just a little so she was looking at him again. He didn’t know whose heart was pounding so loudly, hers or his, but this was the time, their moment. His head lowered and he found her mouth with his and he felt her knees start to buckle at the first contact.

Her head was spinning, swirling and she was trembling so badly she thought she would fall. Her arms crept around his neck so that she could hold on tightly. His lips moved against hers in the most enticing kiss that went on and on. And on and she suddenly realized she needed to breathe!

What do you do, she wondered? Do you just hold your breath or do you breathe through your nose? She was starting to panic when they broke apart because there was a loud commotion on the bleachers and both of them heard Logan’s name.

“What the hell?” Clark said, before whispering, “I’m sorry, Dorothy but I need to see what’s going on.”

She nodded in agreement and followed him around the side of the bleachers. About halfway up she saw Logan with some of his friends and the skeezy stoner, Martin, who was taunting Logan.

Clark stepped up on the bleachers, taking two at a time but Dorothy stayed below.

“What the hell is going on?” he asked, looking at his brother.

“I decided your dork of a brother doesn’t need this here Star Wars card, um, Lando Calrissian. It’s mine, I claim it,” Martin interjected.

“I traded for it fair and square,” Logan said. “Now give it back you jerk.”

Martin dropped the card and grabbed the front of Logan’s shirt, tearing off a couple of buttons. Just as quickly, Clark pulled him back, fed up with him.

Martin was 16 just like Clark, but somewhere along the way he’d failed a grade so he was in ninth grade instead of tenth. He moved to stand face to face with Clark and said, “So, you think you can make me leave the little freak alone? Go ahead, try it.” His eyes were wild and intent on causing trouble.

“Glad to,” Clark said and was interrupted by Principal Reichmann.

“What is going on here?” he demanded.

Clark looked at him, trying to determine the best course of action. Even though they were the same age, Martin was a year behind in school and that wouldn’t help the case at all, even though he had been bullying Logan, again.

“Nothing at all. Just a misunderstanding, Principal Reichmann.”

“That true?” he asked, looking at Martin.

“Sure. I’m just leaving anyway.”

“Alright then, everybody go back to your own business,” he said to them and the crowd that had gathered around them. “Go on now!”

Clark bent down and picked up the card that had fallen near his foot. “Here, Logan. Everything okay now?”

“Sure. Shoulda just let him have it, Clark.”

Logan was scared of Martin because the older boy had went out of his way to taunt him whenever he had the chance. Why was anyone’s guess.

“Nope, not gonna happen, Nerdo. Go back to your friends now.”

The rest of the evening was a dream, to both Dorothy and Clark, even if there wasn’t another kiss. At 10:58 he pulled into the driveway at home and escorted Dorothy to her front porch, where her father was waiting.

“On time, sir!” Clark said.

“Cutting it close though,” was the reply.

“Won’t happen again, Mr. Turner.” Still, he wore a smile the size of Texas when he walked away. Logan was right, some day he was going to marry that girl!

To be continued…

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