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Monday, August 13, 2012

Chapter 39 Discovery

Lynn, thank you so much for the beautiful chapter pictures, as always! You rock my friend!!!
A/N Thank you all so much for your patience this past couple weeks! I had a fantastic visit with Vegas Guy which prompted him to stay longer than originally intended. We've been friends for a long time but seldom have more than a couple of days to visit. The 10 days were wonderful! I now have real internet and I have to admit I'd forgotten what it was like. For the past 3 years my internet had been powered by something called a Tether on my BlackBerry. It was slow but reliable, but the radio went out on it and I had to buy a new phone which brought up the question of whether to buy a new tether or not. The beauty of the tether (if you have an unlimited data plan) is that you have no monthly expense for internet. Once you buy the license that's it. I finally decided to just get regular internet and I'm enjoying the speed, let me tell you! Now, back to our story and it's starting to get a whole lot more intense! Hang onto your hats girls!!

Chapter 39 Discovery

Mick sat at his desk, supposedly catching up on paperwork and building case file but his mind was anywhere but with the task at hand. Beth had called a little while ago, just to say she loved him and life seemed perfect. She was happy, really happy he knew. Buzzwire was back in the groove and Beth and Max both felt great relief that it was going so well. The new content, focusing less on sensational entertainment news and more on new helpful and imaginative ways to improve your life seemed to be a hit with the fans, as was the interactive features of the site. Not that there still wasn’t that touch of sleaze every now and then; their entertainment reporters saw that they got some juicy scoops, but they were always well-researched and accurate - Beth made sure of that. The days of competing with TMZ and Perez Hilton were gone forever.

Max had never mentioned Beth and Mick’s vampires lives, although Beth did catch her eyeing her speculatively from time to time. Perhaps she had questions and she’d ask someday but both of them seemed comfortable with it all.

In the vampire world the dead bodies were still stacking up; so far the Cleaners had found 16 bodies in various areas of the city. Add those to the 2 that had turned up in the morgue and the tribe realized that there was a very serious rogue vamp situation going on. Tango had his cleaning crews constantly searching dark corners of the city looking for bodies and the crews complained constantly about it because the more clean ups they did the more money they made and finding abandoned bodies didn’t pay them at all. Tango and Josef finally began offering them special incentives and bonuses for the bodies and that had helped a good deal.

Mick contemplated the situation with his sister. He wanted to see her more than anything but how could he bring his trouble to her door? So many years had gone by and maybe it was just better for her to believe he really was dead. How did he explain that he’d been here, in the same city with her all these years and hadn’t let her, or his parents know that he was alive?

When his parents had died he’d known about it and had visited their graves often. He knew that Maeve had married but didn’t know her new name and that made it easy for him to lose track of her and after all, wasn’t that for the best?

It was, wasn’t it?

His heart told him that it wasn’t, that perhaps he owed it to her to let her know the truth about him and his life. The thought of introducing her to his Beth was so enticing - she was everything their parents would have wanted for him.

Part of him was scared to see her. Scared to see…the years. The years that she would wear on her face, as Margie had. The years reminding him that he was so different, that human mortality wasn’t an option for him. Did he still want it to be?

Big question.

Would it be worth it, to gain mortality again and give up eternity with Beth? The answer seemed clear to him; crystal clear as it never had before. Even when he’d voluntary given up his (albeit temporary) human existence he knew the answer then, he was just too damn stubborn to admit it. He wanted to be a vamp, he wanted forever with Beth and their children.

Oh, the thought of those babies made his heart sing. It was possible now, all because of the special abilities that Beth had and he didn’t. Everything she could do was amazing; she was going to be one hell of a vamp and while he still had things to teach her she most likely could teach him a lot as well. At first he felt blown away by it all and maybe even a bit envious as well. But the more he considered it the happier he felt about it. Sure, she could do things he never could but they were a team and the stronger each individual was in a team, well, that made the team as a whole much stronger. When you went through eternity, strength was important and the future seemed much happier and safer now.

He did envy one tiny little thing though. He hated to admit it, even to himself but damn, he’d love to eat. He’d taken to cooking for her more and more just because he enjoyed watching her eat. He lived vicariously through watching her face as she ate his pasta sauce, made with vegetables grown in his garden and he saw how much she liked it.

Yep, one tiny thing but that wasn’t so bad was it? It didn’t make him a jerk, not really. He grinned to himself and then laughed. It would all be okay, one way or the other, he believed that. He had to.

The apartment next door was almost ready for Brody to move in and Mick was anxious to meet him. Rose seemed so ordinary, just another vamp but what was this guy like? One thing that puzzled Mick about Rose was that she didn’t have the smell of a really old vamp, like Heroku. He had the aged scent but for his age, especially for his age it wasn’t that strong. Some vamps, even much younger ones had very strong scents.

God, he hoped his wasn’t that bad. He couldn’t tell and while no one ever said it was bad he almost cringed as he wondered. That thought took him back to the rogue vamp. The scent of him was acrid, almost putrid but not from decay. There was something else contributing to his scent and it was driving them all crazy trying to determine what it was. Hopefully they’d find out before he killed a dozen more people.



“Surely you can’t possibly be surprised that he fucked it all up as usual can you darling?” Vixen said, running her blood red fingertips over her companions back. She watched, mesmerized as the muscles flexed and tensed at her teasing strokes.

“Just once, can’t he get bloody well get something right? He’s worthless.” Dakota sighed as the fingernails scratched a bit harder on his back and he heard her purr and then felt her rake her fangs down his back, drawing blood. A warm tingle spread through his body and he turned over and watched as her eyes lit up at the sight of his desire.


Vixen’s eyes shimmered to silver and she let out a droll laugh; whether over Malcolm’s incompetence or his arousal he wasn’t sure. After several centuries together he still couldn’t read her worth a damn but that didn’t matter when he was planted between her long and limber legs, listening to her beg him for more, for everything he could give her.

She rolled over to lay on her back, her legs spread in invitation as a scarlet fingernail scraped over an aroused nipple. His mouth watered as he recognized the reckless desire that slipped over her like a sensual sheath. He knew they wouldn’t be discussing Malcolm or his fate again this night and that was fine with him.

In a move that was so quick a human wouldn’t have seen it he was inside her, buried deeply in the liquid heat that drove him mad with desire. His fangs ached to bite her, to suckle at those tender places on her body that made her writhe with need.

Malcolm? Malcolm who?


Mick looked up as he heard the elevator ding and inhaled. An almost panicked look spread over his face when he realized who his guest was. He went to the door and looked at the monitor and watched as his guest stood outside the door, shifting from foot to foot as he hesitated before knocking.

Mick felt the same way himself. He had dreaded this meeting but he’d also knew that sooner or later the bridge had to be crossed. He wanted it to be crossed but for the life of him he couldn’t see how this would ever be okay. Mick heard Ben’s heartbeat speed up, a sure sign that Ben was as nervous as he was right before he knocked on the door.

Mick opened the door and stood staring at his grandson; his grandson. He wanted to smile and pull him into an embrace because it was his grandson, and yet…he couldn’t.

“Hey, Ben, come on in,” Mick said, stepping aside and watching as Ben reluctantly stepped into the doorway, looking around him, possibly looking for Beth. “Mick,” was all he managed to get out, his throat suddenly parched and tight.

“Um, would you like a drink, Ben?”

Ben stood by the door, as if hesitant to walk into the living room. For a moment Mick thought he was going to leave but his footsteps carried him into the living room instead. “Coffee, I guess?”

“Sure, I can do that. Have a seat and I’ll make some.”

Ben looked into the living room, at the sofa and then the dining room table. He opted for the table and chairs and sat down as Mick busied himself with the coffee maker. When the machine started to heat and brew the coffee he sat down at the table, across from Ben and waited to see what his grandson had on his mind.

Ben sat looking at Mick; he wouldn’t allow himself to think of him as his grandfather, he couldn’t allow it he knew; he had a grandfather. Mick looked at him calmly, watching him, as if waiting for a cue as to how to proceed. Ben knew the conversation had to start somewhere and his next words came out in a rush.

“I heard from Carl that more bodies have been found. You, um, your…people still don’t, haven’t found this guy?”

A safe subject and a good way to start as far as Mick was concerned. “No, we haven’t had any luck yet. We think we know who it is but he is well-hidden.”

“Carl thinks he’s the one that took Luka. It’s sort of a difficult tightrope for Carl to walk because the department is looking hard for him. Mick, if they find this guy before you do, well, you understand that there is only so much that Carl and I can cover up?”

Mick nodded tersely, well aware of that. A small gurgle from the coffee maker told him that the coffee was ready and he stood up and said, “Yes, we are aware of that. I think the coffee is ready, Ben. How do you take it?”

“Black will be fine, Mick.” He watched as Mick moved across the room and around the counter to pull a mug out of the cupboard. A single cup Ben noticed. He knew that Beth drank coffee still, ate food. Perhaps Mick didn’t, or couldn’t?

Mick sat the cup down in front of Ben and then sat across from him as Ben picked up the cup and held it as if his hands were cold. Could be, it was a comfortable temp in here for vampires but humans no doubt found it a bit cool. Mick got up again and turned on the fireplace and Ben watched as the flames danced and glowed in the small tiled recess.

“You don’t drink coffee?” Ben finally asked, his curiosity over coming him.

Mick smiled; undoubtedly he’d seen Beth drinking one of her many cups of coffee. “No, I don’t. I can’t taste it so there’s not much point in it. We can drink liquids if we want though.”

Ben nodded, remembering seeing Mick drink wine at the wedding. He’d also ate cake there and he asked about that at well.

“That was more of a case of subterfuge actually. Most of it was on my face and very little in my mouth, Ben. I can’t digest food, although Beth can.”

“Why is that? I mean, how can that be?”

“How come I can’t digest food or how come Beth can?”

“Well, both I guess.”

“Vampires typically can’t digest food and we can’t taste it either. However, Beth comes from a different familial line than I do and so she can both taste food and digest it. It was a surprise to me.”

Ben nodded and took a sip of the coffee, which was really good. “So, you actually die, when you become a vampire? Or maybe I shouldn’t ask? I’m sorry if it’s too personal, Mick.”

“No, it’s okay; you’re family, Ben.” As soon as he said it he wanted to take it back because Ben’s face blanched and then bloomed brightly red. He watched, sure that Ben was going to rush out of the loft but he got his emotions under control and stayed the course.

It finally occurred to Mick that Ben was waiting for an answer to his question. “Yes, your body technically dies, although we aren’t really dead afterwards, as you can see.”

“What then? I don’t understand.”

“We’re…undead…I guess is a better word for it. We function as a human in many ways, to some extent. But there are differences too, such as our, um, diet. We also have some special abilities as well; different vamps have different ones.”

Ben nodded, thinking about the differences between Mick and Beth. God, she was his grandmother! He was suddenly glad he hadn’t ever asked her out, although he never really wanted to because Michelle was never really far out of his heart or mind.

Ben finished his coffee and sat the mug down, twisting it around on the table in a nervous gesture. “I’m trying to get used to all…this, Mick. It’s still just such a shock.”

Mick smiled again and nodded. “I know it is, Ben. Give it time and eventually it will become more comfortable I think. However you want this relationship to go, I’ll be okay with that. If it’s nothing more that casual acquaintances, I’ll accept that too. I’m letting you decide what you want. No pressure, no hurry.”

Ben nodded and then stood up in preparation to leave. His mom had told him that Mick would handle it like this but it just seemed so surrealistic. “I need to go now. Let me know if you find out anything, will you?”

“Of course, Ben. I’m glad you stopped by. Feel free to do it again, anytime.” Mick walked Ben to the door and opened it, watching him walk out and head for the elevator. After Ben had punched the button Mick closed the door and closed his eyes for a moment, replaying the visit.

It hadn’t gone as well as the visit with Cat, but it hadn’t gone as badly as it could have. It was enough for now, a relatively stable base to grow from. He hoped so anyway.


They heard the bolt slide on the door, which meant that he was coming. Luka quickly shut his eyes tightly because after hours of inky blackness even closed eyes stung when the sudden blinding lights came on.

You learned certain things here: when he was in the room, keep your eyes down and your mouth closed. A sure way to have him drag you out of the cell was to open your mouth and try to talk to him.

The only way out of this cell was death and Luka was hoping that he could out last his opponent, but what then?

When the sting of his eyes began to lessen he opened them a bit and glanced sideways at Henry who still had his eyes shut. Luka watched as another guy was carried into the room and he hastily lowered his eyes as the jail cell was unlocked.

He growled and pointed to the far end of the cell and he and Henry and the other guy all moved to the far end while the new guy was carried in. He was still out of it, not stirring as he was dumped in a heap on the cement floor.

The other guy, the one Luka thought of as the silent one, had never said a word in the past four days he’d been here locked up defiantly stared at him, his chin tilted upwards in a flagrant message. Fuck you, he seemed to say and their captor pointed to the slop bucket. The silent one’s fate had been sealed. He stood wordlessly and grabbed it, marching it out of the cell and managing to spill a bit on their captor, who growled again.

This was the door out of here; when it was your turn to carry the bucket then your next stop was the counter on the other side of the room and death. Luka and Henry remained silent as the bucket was emptied in the bathroom and then carried back into the cell. The silent one then disobeyed again by sitting down and refusing to move when he pointed to the counter. A negative shake of his head brought the wrath of hell down on him it seemed when monstrous growls erupted from deep in their captor’s chest and the silent one was yanked to his feet and carried to the counter and thrown upon it, his head tilted back into an attached sink.

He still didn’t speak; he didn’t beg or plead or cry as others had, only eyed his captor with cold eyes. Perhaps he wanted this doorway out of here; waiting until your time wore on a person; Luka and Henry knew that for a fact.

A quick slice of a claw across his neck and the ruby-red blood poured from his neck. A cup was held underneath the steady flow that drained into a sink and when it was full their captor lifted it to his lips and drank it down. He sat the cup down and looked at Luka and Henry, his slight grin revealing blood stained lips and teeth. But that wasn’t the worst part of it all.

No, that was his eyes. Silvery and glittering white orbs that sent chills down Luka’s spine.

He was monstrous.

Despite the fact that he knew he was still alive he’d decided that he was in hell anyway. Hell on earth that is. If there was such a place then surely this bunker qualified. Luka didn’t know where it was, but he was pretty sure that was what it is. No windows, it was about 25 feet long and about 18 or so wide. Their cell ran about 20 feet down one side and had the obligatory bars that keep them incarcerated when he wasn’t here. There was a bathroom next to the cell but of course they weren’t allowed to use it. The bucket didn’t fill up too often because they didn’t get that much to eat or drink, but he did feed them and give them a bottle of water every day. Maybe a piece of fruit or some bread, something simple but it was better than nothing and Luka ate it, regardless because he wanted to keep his strength up. He intended to get out of here and somehow he would.

After the blood had mostly drained from the silent one’s body it was hoisted up over his shoulder and carried out. The bolt slid shut and the lights went out and Luka was surprised to discover he’d been holding his breath.

“How many is that, do you know?” Luka asked.

“I’m not sure, 15, 16 maybe. I don’t know how many before I came.”

“Why do you suppose he hasn’t taken us?”

“We’re not like the others,” was Henry’s reply.

Luka nodded in agreement in the blackness, even though Henry couldn’t see it. The others were mostly street people; homeless wanderers that happened into the wrong place at the wrong time. He and Henry, they’d had lives.

Luka thought he’d been here for a week; Henry thought he’d been here for two but who could tell for sure? Time seemed to stand still in there, in their cell. Talking helped to pass the time but some of what Henry had shared had turned Luka’s world upside down.

He was a vampire; that’s what Henry said.

“He doesn’t have any fangs,” Luka had countered.

“His eyes! They are a dead giveaway. I don’t know about the fangs.”

“What about those marks all over him? They look like bites.”

“Don’t know about them either. But he’s one of them to be sure.”

The only thing Luka was sure of was that things couldn’t get worse; until they did of course. A few days later they had two new guests to share their cell. Women, the first that had been in here.

The worst part of it was that he recognized one of them.

To be continued…


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