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Monday, July 30, 2012

Chapter 38 Moving Day

Thank you LaLa!!

A/N - I have a dear friend coming into town soon and I may not get a chance to post on Thursday. If not, we'll continue the story next Monday as always! Thank you all so much for your faithful readership and comments.

Chapter 38 Moving Day

Mick held Beth close, still cradled between her legs that were wrapped tightly about him. Both of them worked to catch their breath while sharing kisses that spoke of all their love. He slowly moved down her body until his head was over her stomach and he placed a kiss there, resting his cheek against it in the cool of their freezer.

Gentle fingertips traced over it, making her squirm a bit but she knew that he wasn’t trying to tickle her. Both of them were amazed at the news that Rose had given them. They would have babies! Mick and Beth St. John would have babies.

He moved up and pulled her to him, snuggling closely, their love providing them with all the warmth and joy they needed.

“I can’t believe it,” she said. “I mean, I do believe it, but Mick, it is the best thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Beth, if we had adopted a child, that would have been wonderful too. But this is a gift beyond anything I ever imagined.”

She nodded, her mind full of thoughts of she and Mick with a child cradled in their arms. It was amazing, this information Rose had shared. All of it really, but it only made her realize how much she still needed to know.

“So much of what she said is just incredible, you know? Fire, silver? Mick, it’s like what she is and what we think vampires are supposed to be are so different, you know?”

He nodded, he’d been thinking the exact same thing as her. “She said before that it was supposed to be a blessing in the beginning. Now, it is a curse.”

“It doesn’t have to be, Mick. There are things that are different for me, true, but it brought us together. If not for your turning we wouldn’t have one another.”

“I know, baby. I think about that a lot. It was worth all the pain that I went through to get to this place, it was. But that doesn’t make it easy to live with all of it. Forgiving myself is the hardest thing Beth.”

She knew that now was the time to tell him about Maeve. She hoped that she made him happy with the news but she feared it might depress him. Still, she knew she was going to do it.

“Mick, do you remember Lani talking about the elderly lady that she met? The one who likes purple and she has tea with?”

“Yes. Wasn’t her name Carter?”

“Um hm. Well, she visited her again the other day and found out some interesting information. Her first name is Maeve. She is your sister Mick.”

His body immediately went rigid and he caught a deep breath and held it. “I’m sure she’s wrong, Beth.”

“No, she’s not. She first suspected it a couple of weeks ago when she saw a picture of her brother, in an army uniform. Mrs. Carter told her that her brother had died tragically. It looked just like you so she went back and Mrs. Carter showed her pictures and talked about her family. You used to call her Squeaks, didn’t you?”

Mick felt in turn astonishment and fear. He was thrilled she was still alive but she could never find out his secret. A terrible thought came to him then and he had to ask. “She didn’t tell her did she?”

“No, of course not. That’s for you to do, Mick.”

“No, uh uh. Never, she can’t know, Beth.”

“Mick, this isn’t 1952, when it all happened. She loved you so much. She’d want to know what happened to you. Your family tried so hard to find out what happened, they even hired an investigator.”

“No, Beth. It’s better if she just thinks I died then. How would I explain everything to her?”

“The same way you explained it to me. They didn’t like Coraline at all. She wouldn’t be surprised much I’ll bet.”

All the arguments with his family came into focus and to say they didn’t like her was a gross understatement. But Coraline hadn’t liked them either. She found them too pedestrian for her tastes. He should have been highly insulted over that but she had him convinced he didn’t belong with those type of people. Later he would learn that the only thing she thought about them was that they’d be good meals.

“So, she’s happy? Has a family?”

Beth thought about it for a moment, how much to tell him. “She’s happy, but anything else you’re going to have to ask her for yourself. We’ll do it together, Mick. I’ll be right there by your side. I have your back, remember?”

“I don’t know, Beth. She’s 78 now, it might cause her problems.”

“I suggested that to Lani but she seems to think the lady is more likely to dance and bake cookies over it all. She’s pretty energetic.”

At his continued silence she suggested, “Why don’t you think on it overnight? We’ll talk about it again tomorrow. Don’t forget tomorrow evening we’re helping Logan and Audrey at the new house, either!”

He nodded and then kissed her again, long and slow, needing to feel their deep connection. She’d be with him. Maybe he could do it. Squeaks…she was alive. Maybe he was blessed after all.


Logan and Audrey listened to the plaintive wails of the boys, who were locked up in their carriers. Their carpeted cat tree house was being carried out by the movers and they weren’t happy about it, not one bit. Not about being locked away either when they were used to being allowed to roam free.

It was the last thing to be loaded on the truck so that it could come off first at the new house. It was going in the patio room which had a door that closed and the boys could roam in there without getting in the way of the movers as things were brought into the house.

Logan held Audrey’s hand and squeezed it lightly. This was the first home she’d ever made for herself and he knew that while she was excited to move to the new house, there was a certain bittersweet quality to the move. He looked down at her and she tilted her head up to him and he bestowed a kiss upon her nose, accompanied by a lop-sided grin.

“You okay with all this?”

“Yeah, I am, Logan. I’m excited. Actually, I was thinking that this is going to make such a nice home for the family that is moving in. After the cleaning crew comes tomorrow and de-cats the house,” she finished with a laugh. As hard as they tried to keep the cats brushed, cat hair still got into everything.

“No kidding,” he laughed, watching a few stray hairs float by on the breeze that came in through the open front door. “Well, are you ready?”

“Yes, I am.” She picked up Travis’ carrier as Logan picked up Plato’s, who was a bit heavier. After they locked the door he stowed the carriers in the back seat of his car since Audrey’s was already at the new house. The moving van pulled out and Audrey waved to Mrs. Murphy across the street who had been watching it all with great interest. She hated to lose her young neighbors because they were both nice folks and quiet too.

The ride to the new house took a half an hour, not too bad in the late morning traffic. As they passed Dorothy and Clark’s, house they saw Clark looking out the window at the rumble of the moving van and they both knew that they’d have company soon.

They pulled into the garage and walked inside, both of them grinning proudly at their new energy-efficient home. It was expensive, to be sure, but the money from the sale of both their houses would pay a large chunk of the mortgage off. It wouldn’t be too bad, they’d decided. They’d dipped into their savings to buy a few furniture necessities since the house was so much larger than the old one. Mick wanted to buy Logan a new freezer but Logan told him to hold off on it, hoping that within a few years there would be a need for a larger one.

They took the boys in and put them into the patio room along with food water and their litter box, which they hardly ever used since outside was a huge sand box. Personally, Logan was very thankful that it worked that way. What a human nose couldn’t smell his vampire one could.

Dorothy and Clark pulled up as the moving van was backing into the driveway and came in with hugs and a ton of food since Mick, Beth, Lani, Josef, Cami and Carl were coming over in a while to help put things away. Personally Dorothy wanted to see exactly what Josef would do, but she was pleased that he evidently considered himself one of the family now. She still couldn’t believe that he had paid off the mortgage for the kids. They didn’t know it yet and wouldn’t until later this weekend at the housewarming party. It was such a kind and thoughtful gesture on his part. Dorothy laughed at the thought of calling Logan ‘kid’ but even though he was her age he seemed younger somehow.

It was a blessing that it was all out in the open now, about Logan. All those years he’d stayed hidden away, afraid that Beth would find out about him. Now, he and Clark were close again, sometimes arguing, sometimes playing, but it was exactly the way brothers should be. Audrey was just icing on the cake and Dorothy was so pleased that she and Logan would marry one day.

Dorothy and Audrey settled onto stools at the kitchen bar and got comfortable as the men directed the traffic flow. As far as Dorothy was concerned, trying to get comfortable was a feat because she rarely managed anything remotely close to “comfort” anymore.

“So what did the doctor say this morning?”

“She said I’m not ready, I haven’t even dilated yet. I’m not anywhere near zero station and I’m not effaced. So, at least a few more weeks.”

Audrey gave a small laugh and said, “I’m not sure what all that is but I take it the twins aren’t ready to meet the world yet?”

“Exactly. I want them to come when they are ready but I have to admit I’m anxious, you know?”

Audrey didn’t exactly but she nodded in agreement anyway. For an almost 8 month along pregnant lady, Dorothy looked so beautiful, glowing as they say. Clark was beside himself with anxiety over it all, constantly worried about Dorothy and the twins. Audrey watched as Dorothy let out a long breath and held her hand over her stomach for a moment.

“Braxton-Hicks again. UGH!!”

“Hey, let’s have a cup of that tea you brought with you. How about it?”

“Yes, that sounds really good.”

They both looked up and jumped when they heard Logan cursing as he brought the cat tree house in, banging it on the doorway into the kitchen. “I hope those little varmints appreciate this thing. It’s freakin’ heavy!”

Audrey laughed and looked around before saying softly, “What? My big, strong vampire can’t handle it?”

“I didn’t say that. I said the damn thing is heavy!”

“Actually you said…”

“Never mind what I said. Open the patio doors please and try to hold back the tide of pissed off pussy cats, okay?”

“No, no, let Uncle Josef do that. I have something for the little guys!” Josef said, walking into the room and grinning at Logan with the tall cat tree house cocked over one shoulder. Lani was behind him, at least trying to hold back a laugh.

“Hey! I’m so happy to see you both!” Audrey said as she watched Josef open the sliding doors into the patio room and start talking to the cats. Travis, she noticed, really seemed pleased to see him. He rubbed up against his legs, which were actually clad in jeans today, something Audrey had never seen before.

“There’s my puddy cat! And hello to you too Playdough!” he laughed, scratching them behind their ears and smiling as they both purred loudly. “Uncle Josef has a gift for you boys!” He pulled two batty balls out of his pocket and tossed then across the room with the boys running after them. He stepped out of the room and watched as Logan set up the cat tree house, making sure it was braced well.

“Josef, you are always so kind, remembering them. Thank you,” Audrey said, smiling at him. “But you always seem to forget it’s Plato, like the philosopher, not Playdough like the, er, dough stuff.”

“Who says I forget?” he asked, his eyes twinkling. “Now, I think I’ll go find the men so that I might occupy myself with more difficult pursuits. I want to impress my mate with my manliness!”

“Get out of here,” Lani laughed, watching as he headed into the other area of the house.

Logan slipped out of the patio room, sliding the doors closed behind him and leaning against them as if he’d escaped with his life. “Those two are tough, let me tell you.”

The girls giggled and looked up as Mick and Beth came in, zig-zagging around burly strapping guys carrying furniture. “Hi!” they both said.

“Hi back at you!” Audrey said.

Mick looked at the girls, sitting down drinking tea out of pretty little china cups. “Seems kind of unfair, you girls sipping tea and the boys doing all the heavy lifting!”

“That’s so we can remind ourselves of how much we admire your strength and virility,” Beth said, laughing as the words tumbled out.

“Yeah, like I’m going to buy that one. Dorothy,” he said, kissing her on the cheek, “How are you feeling?”

“Not too bad, really. Just anxious!”

Beth touched her mother’s stomach as an elbow or knee moved across it and thought of what she and Mick knew. They had decided to tell everyone a bit later and not spoil the excitement for Logan and Audrey. Still, she now knew that one day she’d have the opportunity to experience carrying a baby herself and it was hard to contain her excitement over it.

Beth saw the boys in the patio room and went in to pet them both. Travis was gradually warming up to her again and would at least let her scratch him behind the ears. Plato had no problems at all and as Beth sat down on the floor he immediately sat in between her legs and held his head up for more scratching. Travis suddenly let out a few long meows and Plato looked at him and finally moved aside so that Travis could get what he suddenly decided was his fair share of the affection.

“Just can’t stand it can you, Travis? I still love you, you know?” As Plato’s paw gently nudged her she added, “You too, Plato.”

Mick watched for a moment before going to help move things around. They had most of the furniture out of the van and were starting to unload boxes now. He was so glad that Travis was finally letting Beth pet him again. It had hurt her when he wouldn’t. She knew that the little cat had a lot to get used to but she still believed it was the best thing for him, to stay with Plato and Audrey and Logan.

When Carl and Cami arrived a little while later the truck was gone and inside it was chaos as a mad orchestration of shuttling boxes to their proper room continued. Finally it appeared that all the kitchen gear was in the right room so the ladies started unpacking, washing and drying and getting it all put away. An hour later it was done and they looked around them with satisfaction and then wandered out to see how the rest of the house was going.

The bedroom was set up and ready for the bed to be made which the girls did as the men moved to the second bedroom. Josef and Clark worked in the office, getting the computers and other assorted office things into place and hooked up. It was going quickly and Audrey knew that other than hanging pictures and things like that her new house was pretty much in order.

In the kitchen Beth and Lani were getting all the food out and ready for the hungry crowd. Josef had brought several carafes of blood for the vamp contingent and no one even blinked when they saw it. It was as normal as the potato salad was in their eyes.

When everyone left they were all tired but it had been a great day. Audrey looked around and thought how wonderful her new home was and how much she had to do before the housewarming party this weekend. Still, Audrey knew just how lucky she was, nestled in Logan’s arms that night. There wasn’t another thing in the world she could want.

Family and friends, something that she had often wondered about when she was growing up. Her grandma was family but that was all. This was a whole new world and it was perfect.


Tango’s phone rang and he winced as he saw the number of one of his crews. Another body for sure. They’d been finding one everyday so at least the rogue vamp was keeping to his precise schedule.

“Yes, Cleo. What do you have?”

“Do you even have to ask, Tango? Male, maybe late ‘40’s. Looks like another street person.”

“Alright, bring him in. Any evidence or trace there you can see?”

“No, clean dump apparently. Body was cold so it happened a while ago.”

“Okay. See you in a bit.”

What the hell was Shatel up to? The last time they’d seen him he was pissed at them but mad enough for this? It was insane. Did that mean that Shatel was insane? Could or would a sane person do this?

Like everyone else, Tango was puzzled over the almost acrid smell the vamp carried now. He hadn’t before, it was a memorable smell to be sure. What had caused it?

And where the hell was he? They had contacts out all over the LA area looking for the guy with a hefty reward to boot. Lots of vamps would sell their sires for far less than he and Josef were offering.

None of it made sense. What the hell had happened?

To be continued…

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