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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chapter 28 For Love

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Clark sat at his desk in the den working on invoices for his business while Dorothy sat in the recliner, resting with her feet up and reading Having Twins: A Parent's Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood. He watched as she sipped from a cup of tea and sporadically turned a page. Occasionally he heard her laugh or scoff at what was on the page; one thing was for sure, this would be an adventure for both of them.

He had received a call from Josef yesterday telling him that he wanted to take care of the cost of building the house for Logan and Audrey. It was an incredibly generous gesture on Josef’s part. Josef said Audrey’s work at Kostan was without equal and whatever it took to get them into that house was worth it. The ‘kids’ didn’t know about that yet and Josef didn’t want them to know until the housewarming party, which would happen soon because the house was mostly finished, just a few things left to do. He knew that Logan wasn’t a ‘kid’ but somehow he always seemed like it to Clark. Whatever age you are turned at seemed to be the mindset you tended to keep.

The house was expensive but in the end, it was also magnificent utilizing the latest and newest in green technologies and many of the features would pay for themselves very quickly.

He heard Dorothy sigh and looked over at her as she shifted in the chair, lifting her butt up and turning a bit to relieve some pressure no doubt. Having two babies nestled inside of you can’t be a picnic he thought.

Dorothy gave up and sat the book on an end table and stood, rubbing her hands over her growing belly. “I swear, your son and his as yet unidentified partner in crime are playing tennis in my stomach! They’re bouncing from side to side,” she said with a slight frown as she felt an elbow or knee move one way while another body appendage did the same in the opposite direction.

Clark smiled, he’d heard that many times lately and he had to admit that it looked rough when they watched all the movement going on in the close confines of her belly. He stood up and walked across the room and leaned down and kissed her stomach and said, “Now you two stop giving your mom such a hard time!” He stood up and kissed her, smiling into her beautiful eyes. “Not much longer now though honey. You’re 32 weeks and the doctor said anything over 34 is doing good for twins.”

“Yes, but that’s just too early. Despite the tennis matches in there I want to make it at least another month. And dammit, I have to pee - again!

“Well, I can’t help you with that one honey. How about a backrub afterwards?”

She smiled and said, “That sounds wonderful Clark and we need to do some pre-birth exercises too. What an exciting Friday evening we’re having, huh?”

“Let’s get a little wild and crazy and go and get some ice cream. 31 Flavors?”

“Ooh, now you’re talking handsome! Chocolate mint, or maybe I’ll go all out and have a brownie sundae. Can’t decide,” she laughed.

“Well, definitely chocolate anyway!” He stole another kiss from her before she headed to the bathroom. Damn if he wasn’t the luckiest guy alive!


“Hey Audey, come outside with me for a minute!” Logan said as he walked into the front door of their soon to be vacated house. She was packing books into boxes and he felt a momentary pang of guilt that he wasn’t helping.

“Hi my love! Did you have a good day?” she asked, pushing a strand of hair away from her face. “What’s outside?”

“Just come on!” he laughed, and the infectious grin he wore on his face made her grin too as she followed him outside.

In the driveway was a brand new 2009 VW Beetle, shockingly red. Gorgeously red in fact. Audrey oohed and aahed in appreciation.

“Wow, Logan! It’s awesome! Can we take a ride?”


“Sure. Hey, let’s make it a family thing. The boys like car rides.”

“Shedding all over the new upholstery? You’re living on the edge Logan,” she laughed.

He grabbed her and bent her over backwards with a teasing kiss. “That’s me, baby! A man on the edge! Now, let’s get the boys and lock the house!”

Inside all it took was the words ‘car ride’ and both boys were ready to go out the door. They loved car rides which was unusual for cats but they always enjoyed it. Whether it was the movement or vibration of the engine Audrey and Logan didn’t know, but it didn’t really matter.

When they walked outside both cats stopped and looked at the new car. Travis ran over to it and sniffed, clearly curious. Plato feigned indifference, all the while talking to Travis. When it was apparently all clear Plato strode forward and waited for Logan to open the door for Audrey. After she was seated both of the boys jumped in the backseat and explored, sniffing at it before settling down.

“Where to?” he asked.

“Um, how about we drive out to the new house? We haven’t seen it for a few days.”

“Okay, new house it is. I hear they’re installing the solar panels this week and getting the electrical hooked up. Clark says two weeks tops, move in time.”

Audrey groaned and said, “I know and we still have so much to do Logan. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff and we haven’t even started on your basement!”

“Yeah, well, that’s not an issue. I’ve already gotten everything out of there that I need, it’s mostly just work stuff, computers and stuff that will go to the new house when its ready. I don’t know what to do with the place. It was our parents house and I hate to sell it, but Clark says we might as well. None of us are going to live in it again.”

“Sentimental feelings Logan?” At his nod she continued, “I understand that. Maybe you should just hang onto it until you're ready to let go Logan. It’s okay to do that you know.”

He nodded, making the turn off into the new neighborhood. Dorothy and Clarks house was in the same area and as they drove by the house they saw them pulling out of the driveway and waved.

The house looked wonderful; it was an expensive home for them but with her salary at Kostan it was no issue at all. And when her house sold that would pay a huge chunk of it off as well. They wouldn’t have to touch much of either one of their inheritances and both were happy about that.

At the house they got out and explored it. A state of the art security system would be the last install so right now it only took a key to get in. The boys wandered from room to room, exploring closets and vents as they went.

When they were done Audrey said, “I’d love an ice cream cone Logan! Can we go to Micky D’s?”

“You know Audey, we can go anywhere you want for ice cream.” She liked those ice cream cones at McDonalds for some strange reason and at her sheepish grin he sighed and headed off in search of the perfect ice cream cone.

Luckily or not, depending on your point of view there was one very close to the new house. Logan pulled into the drive thru line and waited to move forward. At the speaker he listened to the static greeting and said, “I want an ice cream cone and a Big Mac, but hold the special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and the sesame seed bun.”

There was a long pause on the other end and then finally a voice said, “So you just want the burger patties?”


“But sir, that’s not a Big Mac. A Big Mac is two all beef patties, special sau…”

“Hey I know that,” Logan said, interrupting. “That’s why I ordered it the way I did.”

Silence again on the other end and finally the voice said, “Uh, it would be cheaper to order a double cheese burger or two hamburgers sir.”

Logan rolled his eyes in frustration. “Okay, two hamburgers, hold the pickles, onions and buns.”

“Do you want the ketchup and mustard though?”

“No. Just the burgers. And could you chop them up and wrap them separately? Maybe put them into a small box or something.” He grinned at Audey, knowing he was driving them crazy.

“Uh, sure,” the voice said and sounded anything but sure. “Would you like fries with that?”

Logan and Audrey’s laughter was the only response.


Carl and Cami hardly said a word as they ate their respective dinners. Their eye contact was almost continuous; both of them couldn’t wait to be done. Cami found herself licking her lips often in anticipation. Finally Carl took the last bit of his shrimp and scallops, leaving the dessert for later. He wiped his mouth and laid the napkin down on the table.

“Was your dinner good?” Cami asked.

“Delicious,” he told her and then sighed. “Oh, hell Cami, it could have been cardboard for all that I could taste. Baby, it’s the last thing on my mind.”

“What is on your mind. Specifically?” she asked and he noted the sparkle in her eyes as she asked. She didn’t flirt very often but she was definitely hitting it out of the park right now.

God, what a loaded question! What didn’t he want to do to her, with her? “I want to taste you, touch you, feel you melt when I’m inside of you Cami. I want to hear you cry out your pleasure over and over.”

Had she been human her heart might well have stopped at his frank words. As it was, it beat rapidly a few times and her belly quivered in anticipation. “I - I see. Well, I think I’ll just go and change then, if that’s okay?”

“Sure, go ahead. I’m just going to move the cart back outside so they can pick it up later. Take your time, Cami.”

He watched her walk slowly across the room and grab a few things out of her bag. Carl stuck his dessert and her remaining dinner in the small fridge and pulled the cart outside. He looked around the room as he heard water running in the bathroom and knew she was in the shower. Damn, he’d have liked to share that with her.

Later Davis, later…

He spied the small fireplace in the corner and turned it on since it was a gas appliance. Still, it flamed and danced cozily and cast a mellow glow to the room. He dimmed most of the lights and decided to slip into a robe that he’d brought with him. He debated whether or not to wear anything else with it and decided to just keep it simple. Less to have to get out of he decided.

He laid down on the bed and then suddenly felt self-conscious about that and sat up. How could he manage to look nonchalant when he wanted to just grab her and bury himself in her? He stood up and walked to the sliding balcony doors and stared out at the inky night, peppered by brilliantly twinkling stars. He knew that vamp sight made things so much clearer and he couldn’t help but wonder what the night sky looked like to a vamp. He couldn’t wait to find out.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and he couldn’t prevent the small startled jump at Cami’s presence. He hadn’t heard her come out of the bathroom because he’d been so lost in his thoughts. He turned around and saw her standing there in a deep blue silk robe that left no doubt that it was the only thing she had on. He couldn’t prevent the tennis ball that suddenly bobbed into his throat, so all he could do was try to swallow it down. A heady scent filled his senses, something slightly floral and a little bit musky too and he immediately felt his hardened manhood poke out of his robe.

Her eyes spotted it as well and reached a hand out to lightly caress him, eliciting a low groan from deep within his throat. “Oh girl, you don’t realize what you do to me.”

His mouth found hers then, devouring it hungrily and he bent her backwards as he drank her in, his tongue searching the sweet warmth of her mouth. His hands pulled her to him, molding her tightly to his body and his hands caressed her back, from her shoulders and slipping downwards until they found the perfectly rounded curves of her bottom. He walked her backwards the short distance to the bed and there he stopped and untied the belt of her robe, easing it down her shoulders in a silky whisper until it settled around their feet. She did the same with his robe and finally he lifted her and laid her on the bed, his gaze raking over her stunning body that glowed in the firelight.

He joined her, again claiming her lips in a scorching kiss that left them both breathless. His hands played over the soft skin of her body as his lips journeyed down to her neck. Searching fingers found the aroused buds of her nipples and he let his thumbs play over them, making her gasp with the intense feeling. His hands teased over the luxurious swell of her breasts and his head dipped over them, lapping and stroking them until she was moaning loudly.

He looked down at her body and watched as her stomach muscles quivered with desire. He wanted to go slow, but he couldn’t wait another moment. He slid down between her legs and kissed the blonde curls that were already damp with desire. He lapped at her gently and heard her pant quickly and then suck in a long breath. He smiled against her, knowing she’d never experienced this before. His lips and tongue played among the swollen petals and soon she was pushing against him frantically. She seemed to be there and yet nothing happened. Then it occurred to him: the bite. She needed the bite.

“Cami, baby, I think you need to bite.”

Her eyes were unfocused but the words sunk in and he watched as she bit her hand and the floodgates opened, sweeping over her in a mindless rush of sensation unlike anything she had ever experienced. Finally her movements stilled and Carl pulled her into his arms and held her lovingly for a few minutes.

Suddenly she was crying and he was positive he’d hurt her or done something wrong. “Cami, baby did I hurt you?”

“No! God NO, Carl. I just, I never…I…it was amazing.”

“So why are you crying?” He just couldn’t believe that she was okay.

“Because - because it was amazing, Carl,” she said with a smile.

It all finally sunk into his brain that they weren’t sad tears at all and he began to relax a bit. It was all going to be okay, he hadn’t failed her and suddenly he was eager to explore a bit more.

So was she and her hand crept down to touch him again. The feel of her cool, silky fingers on him nearly undid him and it was all he could do to keep from just letting her touch him but he wanted more of her, he needed to be inside her body.

Cami thrilled to the feel of Carl’s lips as he slid his mouth upwards to capture hers again in a molten kiss. She was drowning and surrendered to it completely, letting the ripples of passion build again within her body.

Carl’s tongue plundered her sweet mouth, tormenting her with his heat and passion. She felt his hands slide down her body again to her breasts and she shivered as his fingertips stroked her taut nipples, eliciting a small cry of desire from her.

“You are beautiful, Cami, so lovely. I need you so badly, I want to be inside you baby.”

“Yes, Carl, yes!” she cried, almost sobbing with desire. She felt his heated mouth capture an aching nipple and tug lightly on it. She shuddered and moaned, her head twisting from side to side. She felt as if she was on a precipice, waiting for what would come next.

Carl teased first one aroused nipple then the other until Cami could hardly breathe. She found herself holding her breath and then releasing it in a rush, panting almost. “Carl please, I need you.” Her voice was a raw whisper and he knew that neither of them could wait any longer.

She reached for his shoulders, caressing and stroking any place that she could reach. Her fingers thrilled to the touch of his hard body, his muscles covered with a fine sheen of sweat. She ran her hands down his body, enjoying the moans that emanated from his chest.

His fingers dipped into the drenched heat of her body, stroking lightly and she shivered with anticipation. She was ready for him, no doubt about it and so he spread her thighs apart a little more and settled between them. He gently rubbed himself against her, and then eased the tip of his manhood inside her. She caught her breath as she felt the hardness enter her.

She thrust her hips upwards as she felt him seat himself in her body. Carl stopped for a moment to give her time to adjust to him. When he started to move again Cami moved with him, meeting his thrusts. As if a gentle wave, their bodies came together and slipped away until they both were on the edge again.

Carl kissed her again and let his tongue mimic his body’s movement inside her. His hand traveled down to caress a hardened nipple, tweaking it gently. Her breath was coming in short gasps. She bucked her hips up against him, letting him know that she wanted more. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as she felt him moving inside her body. It was the most wonderful feeling she had ever had.

Together they moved, as if in a beautifully orchestrated dance. As she met his thrusts she felt the strange dizzying feeling come over her again and this time she welcomed it, rushing headlong into the chasm of pleasure.

He looked at her and turned his head to the side and whispered, “Go ahead baby, do it now, for both of us.”

She bit her lip for a moment. This was delicious torture and when she bit him that meant it would end. She hoped that he would do this again soon! She found her spot and licked it lightly, lapping at the sweat that covered his skin for a moment and then the bite came.

It was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. It had been good earlier but it couldn’t even compare to what was happening now. His orgasm came from the tips of his toes to the top of his head, a swirling chasm that almost turned him inside out.

Cami couldn’t believe that she could taste his pleasure, his joy as she experienced her own but she could. A joy filled her soul, deeply and completely and she knew this was a communion of spirit and love that surpassed anything she’d ever done in her life.

He finally moved off of her as each one caught their breath. She lay against him, spent and happy. Carl held her tightly; he would never let her go again.

To be continued…

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