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Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 10 Open Hearts

Mick sat his phone down in the office and frowned as he thought over the conversation he'd just had. Part of him was happy as hell and part of him wasn't sure what the situation would bring, as far as Beth was concerned.

Tango had Katrina in custody and Monday they'd be dealing with her. He understood that Josef had planned the weekend and didn't want to interrupt it and he also understood that is was a psychological game as well; it broke Katrina down just that much more to stay staked and in chains all weekend.

Mick hated her, with a vengeance and wanted her dead, but it seemed unnecessary to make it wait until Monday. He would be far more likely to enjoy his weekend without the thoughts of how they were going to deal with her on Monday; he thought they should just get it over with. He felt incredible rage at what her actions, or rather inactions caused; the end of Beth's human life and the changes that they were both facing now.

And not dealing with much either he had to admit.

He hadn't told Beth yet that they had captured her; he knew that he should have but she seemed a bit down this morning. She had made a call to Robbi and now it sounded like she was speaking to her mom which might pick her up a bit. Something was wrong with her and he didn't have a clue as to what it was.

He used to be able to read her so much better, but her vampire abilities made that much harder for him. She held more in now instead of just getting it all out in the open and he had to admit that he was afraid that she was regretting her new life. She had stated time after time that she loved being a vampire, loved the idea of forever with him but did she really? He couldn't tell any longer and there were other things as well that he feared were impacting her.

Robbi for one; Beth was trying to give her a bit of space to accept who she was now but she missed her friend so much it hurt him to watch her struggle with it. The other night she had wanted to hold Brian and Robbi never gave her the chance. Was that, as well as her mom being pregnant affecting her?

He had been so hopeful before she was turned; they might have had a child of their own and now that possibility was gone. Because of Katrina's negligence, as well as Kelly's determination and his own ability to keep her safe.

He heard her heading into the office and watched as she came in, a smile on her face. "Hi, you busy?"

"Nope. You're smiling; something good happen?"

"Robbi said she'd go to lunch with me on Wednesday. I'm meeting Max on Tuesday so my social calendar is filling up!" she teased. Her eyes were sparkling and that made him happy.

He nodded at her and leaned back in the chair and listened to the slight squeak that indicated some WD-40 might come in handy. "I'm glad to hear that. Hey, how about a little snack? I'm sort of hungry."

"Okay, why don't you come into the living room. I, um, I want to talk to you for a few minutes Mick."

"Yeah, I'll be right there," he told her but he was puzzled. Of course, this was a good time to tell her the news and he was glad she seemed to be in a good mood. He needed, they both needed to stop tip-toeing around one another like they had been. Why is so damn hard to just say what was on his mind, what was in his heart? It's like they were both getting to know one another again since she was turned. And then it occurred to him that it was exactly like that. Why hadn't that thought ever occurred to him before?

She may still be Beth, but she was also a different person because you change when you're turned; he did. His change manifested in a lack of trust for Coraline, for most people actually but he felt sure that Beth still trusted him. Coraline tore him apart, even before he married her. He knew now that she'd used allure on him and it had tore him away from Margie, whom he had loved very much. He had never worked harder for a woman than he had for Coraline and it had all been a part of her plan; it had worked like a charm.

He was certainly more closed off, clutching his feelings and emotions tightly to him; afraid to let Coraline in because how could she possibly understand what he was feeling? Did Beth feel like that? Afraid of what he'd think or say if she told him what was really going on? It was food for thought to be sure.

He had to let her know that whatever was on her mind was okay, that it was normal to feel the way she was feeling; cautious and worried. Getting her to open up to him might be hard but he was going to let her know that she could. He'd spent the last month telling her to guard her feelings, to be careful and stay in control of them and she had done exactly what he'd told her.

He headed into the living room and sat down on the couch as Beth carried in two glasses of A- for them. He sipped it with pleasure, hating to admit that it was so much better to drink the fresh blood than the morgue blood. Guillermo was morning the loss of a good customer, especially for the A+ blood. No one else wanted it and it seemed there was a whole lot of it that he couldn't sell.

He looked at his beautiful wife for a moment and saw that she was nervous; she was lightly biting her lower lip which was always a tell but she was also wiggling the foot that was dangling over the end of the couch. He smiled at her and said, "Beth, you can tell me anything, you know that. What's wrong?"

"I feel...since we came back home, I..." she stopped abruptly as if afraid to continue. Mick reached for her and gently pulled her to him and held her close. She crawled into his lap and laid her face against his strong chest and began to cry. He held her and let her get it out, knowing that she would finally tell him when she was done. He smoothed her hair back from her face and murmured softly in her ear, words of love and comfort as the storm of her emotions slowly abated.

"You know baby, I've made things worse for you since you were turned; I told you that you had to stay in control and hide your feelings but I never meant that you had to hide them from me and I should have told you that. We can share anything, everything Beth and I didn't make that clear. Beth, are you so unhappy here, since you've been turned?"

His heart kicked up a beat or two as he waited to hear what she said. He was petrified that she would speak the words he didn't want to hear - that she hated being a vampire.

"NO, I'm not unhappy being a vampire Mick. My god, how can you say that, how often do I have to tell you that isn't the problem Mick? I love being a vampire, being with you. I'm your mate and I should be in it all the way. It's just that, I don't know, going to the baby store with my mom last night made me realize that we can't have a baby of our own now. I held up those tiny little outfits and it just all hit home, you know? That makes me so sad Mick - more than anything I wanted to give you a child because you wanted one so much and now...well I can't now."

His eyes teared up at her confession; her words penetrated his heart with painful arrows that spoke of her distress and sorrow at her admission. "Shh, Beth, don't even think about that. We have one another and that's all that matters to me." He spread soft kisses over her tear-stained cheeks and tasted the salty remnants with a sad heart.

She sniffled softly and then hiccupped before speaking again. The moment took him back to the first time he had held her as they were escaping the fire and Coraline was left to burn. She had clung to him tightly, her little body sobbing as he walked away.

"Mick, there are other ways, you know, to have kids. If you want. Your sperm was good, we could purchase eggs and hire a surrogate you know. We'd have a child that was part of you anyway. Or, there is adoption too Mick. We can still have a baby, maybe two." She watched his face as she spoke, seeing the surprise roll over it.

Mick truly hadn't even considered that. Before she was turned they had briefly discussed adoption but that was before they knew that his frozen sample was viable. His heart had been hurting too, he had tried to push it away but the truth was he had wanted a child, a child to share with Beth. The words, the need came tumbling out and it was her turn to comfort him as they shared the grief of their loss together. Both cried as they let it out and held one another. Finally the storm was over and they both quieted, softly touching the other with comforting gestures and assurances of love.

It occurred to him that he still hadn't told her about Katrina and so he did, letting her know that she was captured and that on Monday she would meet her fate. Beth was quiet as she listened and he could tell that she had a hard time with the news.

"She can't hurt you or anyone else again Beth."

"It's not that Mick. I don't hate her - I can't hate her. I know that you guys are going to kill her in some horrible fashion and I don't wish that fate on her. Just do it quickly Mick, please for me."

He looked at her incredulously. "I'm afraid I don't get that. Why do you feel this way Beth?"

She took a deep breath and answered. "I understand that she disobeyed an order, one that eventually allowed Kelly to come back here and attack me but Mick, to me it didn't end badly, I got something wonderful out of it."

"Beth, how the hell can you say that?"

"Because it's the truth Mick. I might not have chosen that moment to be turned but you always knew that I wanted it and seriously, you would have tried to talk me out of it for years. This, well it made the decision for us and I'm happy being a vampire. Yes, I know, I'm mourning the loss of a child but I am still happy to be a vampire with you as my mate."

He was stunned and felt as if someone had poured a bucket of icy water over him. She regarded this as a blessing? A good thing? That bitch changed their lives and she was okay with it? He was so astounded he almost couldn't speak.

"I guess I understand why you look at it like that but I can't share your feeling about it. She's going to pay Beth, with every bit of pain and anguish we can visit upon her."

Beth regarded him sorrowfully for a moment, a sad smile on her face. She knew that it would be this way, in the end she always knew it. She finally nodded her head and leaned down to kiss his lips softly.

"Okay. I won't try to talk you out of it Mick." Hazel eyes met blue ones as she leaned over to kiss him again. "I'm going to take a shower."

He nodded and watched her head up the stairs. He felt a tremendous relief slip over him because they'd talked, really talked and hopefully things would get back on the right track. She was going to see Robbi and that helped too. He could only hope that Robbi would open up to Beth; both girls needed that.

A little while later Beth came downstairs in a deep blue satin robe that seemed to match her eyes in the dim light of the room. He smiled at her graceful descent of the stairs and watched as she poured them both some wine.

On the couch she settled down on his lap and they both sipped their wine and stared at the fireplaces' electric blue flames. When he couldn't hold out any longer he pressed his lips against hers, thrilling when he felt them open to his probing tongue. The kiss went on and on and he finally broke away long enough to set their nearly empty glasses on the coffee table and then he picked her in preparation of taking her upstairs.

"You know, I could hold you and jump up those stairs now," she teased.

He laughed and said, "No thanks, I've watched you jump and land! Remember the trees in Seattle?"

She laughed too and said, "Well, I guess my teacher should pay more attention to lessons."

"He's going to; he has a lesson or two for you right now," he told her, taking the stairs two at a time and heading to their freezer.

"Am I an apt pupil do you suppose?"

"Oh, I think you have lots of promise. But you'll have to show me what you already know," he murmured against her lips.

He placed soft, teasing kisses on her neck, lifting her hair as he went. Goosebumps immediately rose up on her body and she shivered, arousal already blossoming through her body.

They both felt the last of the days stresses leaving their minds and bodies. Anticipation and desire were skipping through both of them now and Mick knew that their bodies would quickly be clamoring for satisfaction.

He softly stroked her hand with his fingers and it spread tingles across her palm and up her arm. She was acutely aware of his leg pressing warmly against hers, every little movement sent electricity rushing through her and she felt herself quivering wildly with need.

Mick's lips bent and took hers, gently, enticingly and it made them both hunger for more. Beth wanted to lose herself in his kiss and she pressed more fully against his aroused flesh.

She opened her mouth to feel his tongue as it stroked hers, swirling and moving deeply within the sweet recess of her mouth. He teased his tongue against hers and gently suckled on it and it made her groan, deep within her throat.

Beth's robe slipped off her shoulders and Mick gently pulled it away from her and let it slip to the floor. His mouth found her bare shoulder and she felt his tongue swirling and licking it and then he blew gently on it and his breath sent more shivers traveling through her already excited body. His mouth slid wetly over the shoulder to her neck and he lightly nipped the tender spot where shoulder and neck joined.

His mouth felt wonderful on her neck and she stretched as far as she could to allow him more access, wanting to feel his mouth everywhere. He licked delicately along her collar bone and then turned his attentions to her other shoulder, teasing and caressing it as thoroughly as he had the first one.

His mouth slid down her neck and settled on her breast, his tongue making stabbing motions over her nipple, making it ever harder and she shuddered because it felt so good. His mouth slid under the soft globe to the sensitive crease of skin, where breast and body meet and he teased this irresistible spot, tracing the outline delicately before he reclaimed her nipple. As he treated her other breast with this same loving attention, her belly was contracting with need. Mick saw her head thrashing from side to side and his mouth tweaked upwards at the corners as he saw how aroused she was.

He rolled over onto his back then, pulling her with him and held her hips still as he thrust upwards while he caressed her nipples with his lips and tongue. Beth was close to climaxing and he felt her tightening around him, and started moving quicker as he changed his pace to meet Beth's increasingly faster one. Finally they were both moving as one, lost in the passion of the moment, only knowing the feel of their bodies sliding wetly together mindlessly of their own accord. Each found the other's neck and bite down and as the blood flowed they both found their satisfaction and held one another tightly, catching their breaths in the stillness of the night.

"I love you Mick. I'm so happy we talked. I was so afraid before."

"But not now?"

"No. I know we are in this together."

He kissed her again as she settled down next to him, throwing one leg over him as she pulled her blanket over her body which would chill quickly because she was sweaty.

"I love you Beth. Always and forever."


Meanwhile, back at the beach house...

Josef and Lani sat watching another Colin Firth movie while she munched on popcorn. They had spent a few passionate hours, in the pool, the jacuzzi and the bedroom. Lani was actually tired and was snuggled against Josef's side as the movie played.

"So you really know him? Colin I mean?"

"Really do," he told her with a smile.

"Wow, you get around. So will you introduce me sometime?" she asked, suddenly interested in watching him kiss his leading lady.

Josef smirked as his eyebrow rose at her question. "No, I don't believe I will."

"How come?" she teased.

"Because you Sweetness are paying entirely too much attention to him!" he laughed.

"You put the movie in for heaven's sake!"

"Yes well, I won't make that mistake again. I thought you might enjoy a nice chick flick. From now on it will be Rambo and Die Hard for you!"

She laughed and then stuck her tongue out at him, giggling as she watched his eyes silver over for a few moments. She envied the hell out of that and wished she could do the same thing. Some day...

"Better watch that; I might just bite it!"

"Um hm, promises promises," she laughed.

"I think I still have a bite or two left in me tonight," he grinned.

"I'm sure you don't. You're an old guy you know, probably have to be scurrying off to bed soon I'm thinking!"

"You think so?" he said, his eyes suddenly serious. He pulled the bowl of popcorn out of her hands and scooped her up in his arms before she even had the chance to open her mouth. The next thing she knew she was on the bed, naked and he was kissing her senseless.

Oh, how she loved this vampire stamina. Loving the night away indeed...

To be continued...


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