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Friday, October 7, 2011

Freshie Friday - Click...A story for my friend MickLifeCrisis

This was a story I wrote recently for my friend who asked me to expand on a drabble I did.  A drabble is a very short piece, 100 words and the subject was the episode Click.  In this episode Mick is run down by a car, but is convinced they were trying to hit Beth, not him.  At his apartment, he tells her she needs to stay at his place over night.  Beth is excited and makes a comment about 'From dating to speed dating'.  Mick, suddenly alarmed at her train of thought says, 'Not with me, with me.  I mean, my couch is comfortable.'

Beth is a bit frustrated as Mick escapes up the stairs to sleep in his freezer.  This is my take on what was going on, or rather what MIGHT have gone on.  I hope you enjoy it.

He’d left her downstairs, to camp out on his couch for the night. Not a terribly gentlemanly thing to do; after all he hadn’t offered her a pillow, or blanket, or…well, what would have been so bad about offering her a kiss goodnight?

Everything. Because he knew that if he took her in his arms that he might not let her go. Couldn’t possibly let her go. So he made his escape, up the stairs to submerge himself in the chilly mist of sub-zero oblivion.

He lay in his freezer, letting the stillness and cold seep into his consciousness hoping that it would numb him and the fiery desires that were burning him up. All it took was one fleeting look, one subtle touch from her and he would be lost in her, lost in her arms, her kiss, her passion. He didn’t dare chance it. She didn’t understand, but he did.

Night after night, awake or asleep he wrestled with the need for her, to submerge himself into her warmth, her life, to feel her beating heart against his own undead one. He longed to feel her heat, her essence seeping into his soul, spreading like a wild fire licking through his veins until it consumed him.

He’d told her it was difficult, dangerous and complicated and it was. It was difficult for him to be around her, craving the love she offered him. Dangerous because he was losing himself in her loving and living heart. But the worst was how it complicated his world; it made him constantly afraid that he couldn’t protect her from the dangers in the human or the vampire world because when she was with him she was all he knew.


Mick’s eyes opened with a start as he realized that the click he had heard was the door to his freezer room. He opened the lid to the freezer and saw Beth looking at him.

“I don’t want to be alone down there Mick.”

He ran his hand down over his face in an attempt to get himself together and then he let out a long breath, further stirring the frosty air.

Her eyes raked over him, from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. He noticed as her tongue swept over her lip and then bit it lightly. She seemed on the verge of speaking again and yet hesitated to do so.

The glowing light of the freezer made her normally blue eyes even deeper blue. She continued to stare at him, focused on his face and she swallowed once and then again. He rose up onto his elbows and then hopped out of the freezer and immediately reached for the towel that hung nearby and wrapped it around his hips, tucking in the end securely.

For a moment he stood looking at her; the illumination of light made her seem almost Madonna like with a glow encircling her slight frame and it brought a pang of guilt to him. Wanting her, having her put her in danger – he couldn’t allow himself to give in to the siren call of his own heart.

“Beth, I…” he began but more words failed him because she was in his arms, her own wrapped tightly around him and the only thing he knew was the scent of her, the feel of her fitting so perfectly against him. They were made for one another his mind screamed, only separated by 60 years and an undead heart.

Even after all these months her blood still sang through his veins, calling out his loneliness, his pain, his need; magnifying them to unrealistic proportions. He felt no peace without her, no rest and no shelter.

She was made for him, and he was made for her. His lips claimed hers hungrily and he felt her melt against him, surrendering lightly into his waiting arms.

This was their time; their moment and he took it.

The End…

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