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Friday, August 26, 2011

Freshie Friday!! Hearts Afire

This story takes place before Mick came back into Beth's life, at the beginning of her relationship with Josh and it was written for my dear friend Julia, VampFan5. During Beth's Diary in the Josh period she was disappointed that I never had a love scene for the two of them and this idea began to percolate. In Love Last's Forever we caught a brief glimpse of a different Josh than the ADA - the fun side of him that I think Beth would have been attracted to. So this story comes from that thought, the other side of Josh that we never saw. Julia, I hope you enjoy this story that was written just for you.

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Hearts Afire

Beth sat at her desk looking with amusement at the bouquet of – pop corn balls. They were wrapped in colorful cellophane and tied with an enormous red ribbon. She looked at the card again and smiled.

Dear Beth,
Flowers are so passé, don’t you think? I thought you might like these; after all, we must have eaten buckets of popcorn on our date Saturday night while we played video golf. Best first date ever, by the way.


Everyone in the office had gathered around her desk, laughing over her gift, but in a kind way. They knew that Beth really liked this guy and he certainly seemed fun because Beth had been talking all morning about their date.

She opened one of the brightly colored balls and bit into a cinnamon popcorn ball and decided it was delicious. Steve came by and she offered some to him and he broke off a hunk and grinned when he bit into it. Her phone rang just then and she picked it up, “Beth Turner.”

“So, was I right? About the popcorn balls that is?” Josh asked on the other end of the line.

Beth licked a bit of cinnamon popcorn off of her finger and smiled as she answered, “It is perfect. The cinnamon one is wonderful! Thank you Josh.”

“Glad you liked it. So, are you up for another adventure on Friday night?”

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”

“I’m not telling,” he teased, his laughter bubbling over the line. “Just dress comfortably. Oh, and it’s a late date, so be ready about 10.”

“Ten? Ten o’clock?” she quizzed. Surely she had heard him incorrectly.

“Yes, 10 pm. I’ll see you then, okay?”

“Okay,” she told him and hung up the phone. She couldn’t imagine what he had planned but she was game to find out.

Josh picked her up at 10 on the dot and looked approvingly at her jeans and the black tunic sweater she had on. “Wow, you look beautiful Beth,” he murmured as he kissed her cheek. He pulled a bunch of wildflowers out from behind his back and presented them to her with a bow and a flourish. “For you m’lady!”

Beth laughed and held the bouquet up to her nose and breathed in deeply. There were brightly colored daisies and other flowers she didn’t know the name of, but they were all lovely. “Thank you kind sir!” she told him, heading in the kitchen to find a vase to put them in.

“So, you going to tell me yet what our adventure tonight is?” she asked, arranging the flowers in the vase and filling it with water. She sat it on the counter and looked at him expectantly.

“Well, the first part of the date involves dinner. How does pizza sound?”

“Um, delicious! Charlies?”

“As you wish.”

She grabbed her purse and a light jacket and they headed out. The pizza was perfect and she was blown away when she found out that the rest of the evening would be spent at a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. She couldn’t stop laughing as she saw all the people waiting in line, dressed as their favorite characters.

“Josh, this is perfect! I haven’t seen this in years. I wish I’d known, I could have dressed the part!”

Josh gave her a sexy grin and teased, “I don’t know whether to be afraid of that or not!”

They laughed and sang their way through the movie, following the bouncing ball as the words to the songs flashed on the screen. At one point they danced in the aisles with many of the other patrons until they were breathless – whether from the laughter or the dancing neither one could tell. But at the end of that dance came a quick kiss and Beth tasted a brief moment of desire in that kiss and she knew that she couldn’t wait for more.

They stopped and had coffee on the way back to Beth’s apartment and talked about their lives and what they wanted, where they saw themselves in 5 years or so. Surprisingly to Beth, they had a lot of the same ideas.

Josh walked her to her door and stooped to kiss her; again the kiss was sweet with just a hint of what could be, but he left quickly afterward, leaving Beth a bit bemused. She watched out her window as he got into his car and drove away, feeling giddy with happiness.

Their next date was Tuesday evening and he took her to drive go carts. All evening they raced against each other, taking the laps as quickly as they could trying to beat the other. At the end of the date they went to Pinks and had hotdogs and walked for a bit. Josh held her hand and Beth felt so at ease with him, so close.

When he took her home she was a bit nervous, after all this was their third date and well, she might have had a few expectations she admitted to herself. The kiss at the door was longer and she opened herself to it, melting against him as he held her close. When he broke the kiss she let out a small groan and he smiled and tipped her face up to give her one more quick kiss before heading down the stairs and out the front door. Once again she watched him go and this time when he got to his car he kissed his hand and blew her a kiss. She smiled, thinking about how long it had been since someone had blown her a kiss. She returned it and sighed as he pulled away.
She was certainly bamboozled by his behavior, an outdated term her grandmother used to use. She knew he liked her, she had even felt the evidence of it in the close confines of that kiss. And yet...well, he evidently had lots of patience. She wasn’t sure how much she had though.

The next day at work a dozen deep pink roses were delivered to her. Such an exquisite color, so deep pink they were almost red. The aroma filled her area with an enthralling fragrance that had passerby’s stopping to linger and enjoy the heady scent. The card that accompanied them read:

Dear Beth,
May I have the pleasure of your company this Friday evening? I’ll pick you up at 7 if this is agreeable to you. Our destination is an hour away and suitable for a quiet evening of dinner and dancing.

Breathlessly Awaiting Your Answer,

A tingle ran up her spine in the most delightful way just as goose bumps swept up her arms. This would be it, THE night she thought with a hint of a smile. The rest of the day she had a hard time concentrating on work and when her story was in she left work, eager to go shopping.

Dancing? He said dancing so she needed a dress and shoes; and maybe a trip to the lingerie store as well, just in case! She had called Josh, but his assistant said he was in court and so she left the message on his voice mail, that she was definitely saying yes.

Beth headed to one of her favorite little boutiques, a shop that carried labels from designers that were just getting started in the business. She finally found the perfect dress, the ultimate ‘little black dress’ and her grin was a mile wide as she looked at herself in the full length mirror. It was backless, with a built in bra that pushed her breasts high in the bodice with a dramatic cowl neckline that dipped dangerously low. The material was soft and clingy, hugging her in all the right places she decided. With the built in bra she wouldn’t need to worry about that, only some sexy undies she decided and maybe some lace stockings.

She found both of those items at Victoria’s Secret and then stopped in her favorite shoe store and found a killer pair of sandals with 4 inch heels. She didn’t know how long she would be able to dance in them, but hopefully she wouldn’t have to for very long.

That night she showered, layering herself with fragrance. After her shower she brushed her hair until it was gleaming silk and fastened it back away from her face with barrettes studded with Austrian crystals. They sparkled as she moved her head this way and that in the mirror and Beth knew they looked good. She added a necklace and earrings to match and had just finished slipping her shoes on when she heard Josh knock on her door.

The stunned expression on his face told her all she needed to know – she looked good. But his words still sounded good and so did the long, low whistle he gave her.

“Holy cow Beth. You are stunning, utterly beautiful.” He looked at her again and opened his mouth to speak but no more words came out. A small blush swept up his face and his eyes captured hers and she read the message loud and clear.

He wanted her. She smiled in satisfaction.

They traveled up the coast a bit and when they pulled off into a private drive and parked Josh seemed suddenly nervous. He turned the car off and sat behind the wheel for a moment, as if searching for the right words.

“I, um, you look so beautiful tonight. I should be taking you somewhere nice. I uh, mean, you know like a nice restaurant or, or somewhere. This is my sister’s vacation cottage. It’s private and I thought it would be quiet and all, so we could um, talk and all. I just didn’t realize you would be so lovely. I feel bad…”

Beth listened to him ramble on nervously and hid a small smile. This place was lovely she decided. “Josh, I dressed up for you, not for some fancy restaurant. This place is perfect.”

He looked at her and smiled and then nodded at her; he seemed comfortable with her answer and got out of the car so that he could open the door for her. “Watch the path here in those heels; it can be a bit uneven,” he warned.
He held out his hand to help her out of the car and as they walked towards the door he rested his hand on the small of her back. It felt warm and thrilling to her and her heart raced for a moment as she enjoyed his touch.

Inside the cottage Beth saw a large comfortable room with a huge fireplace in one wall and a comfy looking sofa sitting in front of it. Behind that was a kitchen with a dining nook off to one side, set with china and crystal. Something cooking in the kitchen smelled wonderful!

“Um, that smells good. Did you sister cook it?”

“No, I did. I love to cook,” he said with a shrug. “I hope you like chicken; it’s roasted with a wine and butter sauce and there are fresh roasted vegetables as well. AND,” he teased, “Strawberry cheesecake for dessert.”

“Oh god, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” She giggled and let her nose lead her into the kitchen where she watched him opening the oven where the meal had been setting in the warming mode. When he pulled the chicken and vegetables out they were browned to perfection and looked delicious.

Together they moved the food to the table and Josh opened a chilled bottle of Chardonnay, pouring it into wine glasses for them. They sat at the table and Josh raised his glass and Beth did the same. “To popcorn balls,” he joked.

Beth started laughing and said, “Oh come on Josh, give that one another try!”

“Hm, okay. How about to finding your heart’s desire?”

“Your heart’s desire,” she echoed. Their glasses made a soft chiming sound as they touched them together and they both sipped the delicious wine.

The dinner tasted as good as it smelled, better even Beth decided as she took the last bite of cheesecake. “Josh, that was incredible!”

“Thanks. It’s only one of my talents,” he quipped and then blushed.

“How about we discover if one of your talents is dancing? I seem to recall something about that in your invitation.”

“As you wish,” he said as he smiled at her. “Let me put some music on for us. Let’s go into the living room, shall we?” He held out his hand to her and she took it, enjoying the gentle touch of his fingers as they held her hand.
He lit the fireplace and when it was going Josh turned on a stereo and put a CD on and Beth was a bit surprised when she heard a country song come on, Touch Me When We’re Dancing by Alabama. It was slow and sexy and he held out his hand again, pulling her to him and they began to move to the music.

Josh buried his head in her hair, inhaling the sweet scent of Beth. He was nervous, he hated to admit it but he was. When he was working he was in his element; in his personal life he always felt a half a step behind everyone else. Beth was special and he wanted to show her just how much this evening.

“You dance beautifully Beth, like everything you do,” he whispered, his voice deep and husky in her ear.

“So do you. Gee, I feel amazed by all this – you can cook, I can’t by the way, you can dance, what other talents do you have Mr. Lindsay?” Her breath caught in her throat as she murmured the words against his ear. She inhaled his scent; clean and something outdoorsy, it went straight to her head. She licked her lips in anticipation of what she hoped was coming.

“I can adore you, worship you Beth. I want to show you just how much…” He looked her directly in the eyes, crystal blue meeting beautiful brown. For one moment neither spoke and then he bent his mouth and kissed her forehead and slid his mouth lightly down to kiss the tip of her nose. Beth’s breath caught in her throat as he lowered his mouth to kiss along her jaw before capturing her lips in a hungry kiss.

She opened to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she felt his tongue stroke her own. The kiss went on and one, one delicious sensation after another sweeping over her. She was trembling and covered in goose bumps when he pulled back, letting them both catch their breaths.

“Um Josh, don’t stop…please don’t stop,” she sighed, tilting her head back. Josh took the invitation and visited soft, moist kisses on her neck, nibbling gently when he got to her collar bone. His tongue stroked and swirled over it, relishing the tiny bumps he raised along the way. He felt her shiver and he knew that she wasn’t cold and it spurred him on. His arms pulled her closer, so that she could feel how aroused he was and he ran his hands down her back, tracing over her hips and settling against her bottom, pulling her tight against him.

“Josh, I’m going to fall down my knees are so weak,” she said against his neck, where she had been nestled, her tongue playing along the sinewy length. She lightly nipped at the juncture of his neck and shoulder and she felt him tremble with the delight of it all.

He sank down on his knees to the floor, to the bearskin rug that was in front of the fireplace. It was soft and luxurious and she moved against it, feeling the sensual softness brush against her sensitive skin.

Josh knelt in front of her and she reached up and unbuttoned his shirt, her fingers tracing the firm flesh beneath it. She ran her fingers through the dark curly hair and down to his tight abs, thrilling at their taut beauty. She sat up for a moment and he slid her dress up over her head, leaving her in only the tiny wisp of panties and the lacy stockings.

“You are beautiful Beth, so lovely.” Josh bent his head and kissed her again while she unbuckled his belt, slipping it out of the belt loops. He stood up quickly and unfastened his slacks, kicking them and his briefs off at the same time before meeting her back on the bearskin. His mouth descended on her and their tongues met and caressed one another, dueling as each sought to drink in the other with an unquenchable thirst.

Josh gathered her into his arms and held her close, tasting the sweetness of her mouth once again. His hands played along her delicate back, fingers tracing the contours with exquisite care as if she were the most precious of gifts. His mouth ventured down, along her neck, playing the silken skin lovingly and he thrilled as Beth moaned in his arms.

“Oh Josh…Josh,” she said, her voice a bewitchingly sexy whisper. Her fingertips traced along the hard lines of his back and beyond as they roamed over the twin globes of his tight ass. She sighed as he captured a rosy-tipped breast in his mouth, teasing the puckered bud until she felt as if it were ablaze with the sensation of his mouth. His tongue laved it generously, alternating between gentle nips and slow swirls that made her squirm with passion. She was trembling when he captured the other peak, showing it the same generous attention as the first.

Beth pulled him to her tighter, moving her body against his in an effort to get closer still. She almost came undone as she felt his fingers tease along her tummy and slide down into the soft blond curls between her legs. She was wet and achingly ready for him and as he stroked her she felt herself already on the edge of orgasm. His fingers circled and swirled and finally delved into the depths of her tight sheath and stroked in and out until she was there, tumbling over passions edge. Her body arched with the pleasure as she moaned out loud.

“Please Josh, now, I need you in me!” she implored like a lost soul seeking its home. Only one thing would satisfy her now and Josh moved between her thighs, spreading them apart with care and settled himself into the delta of her pleasure.

He pushed against her, begging for entrance and Beth arched her hips upwards, bidding him to enter. Inch by inch he slid into her wet and willing body until he was fully seated and they both tried to catch their breath as the thrill of the contact swept over them.

They began the rhythm of the dance then, moving together then apart as the sensation of pure pleasure held them both in loving arms. He thrust and she met him only to separate and begin again. His mouth captured hers, mimicking the thrusts that became longer and faster, pushing them both towards the edge until they fell over it together, drifting down in the valley of ecstasy, spent and complete.

Josh moved off of her and pulled her close to him as they both relaxed and waited for their hearts to slow down. He placed gentle kisses over her damp face and finally kissed her passion swollen lips. It was a kiss of infinite caring and tenderness, with the promise of more to come.

Beth was happy; her world was at peace.

The end.

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Wow.. hot. Kinda nice to see other angles of the could of been story. Thanks!!