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Monday, December 6, 2010

Beth's Diary - Part 20 BC 2

This is the second part to the B.C. episode.  Please see the synopsis in the first part if you haven't read it.  Also, later this week I will post a companion story to this that will fill in the blanks a bit about Josef and Lola.  Happy reading!

October 27, 2007

Isn’t it amazing how a singularly insignificant situation can make you assess your whole life; the direction you are moving in? Well, maybe it wasn’t so insignificant, because it has made me rethink my life but it wasn’t really a monumental event; just a small piece of greater events.

For good or for bad, I am being drawn more into Mick’s world and I am okay with that. Not only okay but I welcome it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on the fringes because he is determined to hold me at arm’s length, but I see the path ahead of me now, clearly. I’m not sure where that path will take me, but I’m willing to follow it until I find out.

There is a wall between Josh and me now; whether it is due to Mick or not I can’t really say. I want to be able to work this out with him, because he is a great guy, but my heart is pulling farther away all the time. Our time together is no longer comfortable and companionable and that is a sad realization for me. Where once being with Josh was the best part of my day, now it is something I would rather avoid. Curling up with a pizza and a movie no longer seems like my favorite way to spend the evening and I have to figure out what I’m going to do about it. Josh is leaving tomorrow to go to Sacramento to work on a case he has been involved with for a year. He hopes to be able to prosecute it when he gets back and I hope that he can because it is very important to him. But part of me is more than relieved that he will be out of town for several weeks – it not only gives me some breathing space, but also time to figure out what I want.

Make that who I want…

I can no longer deny that more and more my heart is being pulled towards Mick. But is it just an attraction because it is so exciting to be with him, or is it more? I am alive when I’m with him in a way I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. I feel invincible when I’m with him, safe and at peace and I have to admit that it makes me want more; more of him and that feeling.

How do you know for sure what is real and what isn’t? Why am I so drawn to him? I can still touch my arm where he bit me and I come alive; I tingle and it’s like some kind of vortex pulls me to him emotionally. Does he feel that too? I want to ask, but I doubt he would give me an answer.

I think after the other night though that we both have to acknowledge that there is something between us that we need to figure out because we can’t go back now and I wouldn’t even if I could. He might though; he has protected his heart and emotions for so long he might not be willing to open up to me. Only time will tell.



The ride home from Club Valis with Josh was uncomfortable at best. Josh was really angry, but sadly, Beth didn’t really care. Neither of them spoke much and that was okay with Beth. Her thoughts were on other things; Lola’s words for example.

“Don’t you want to know what it feels like to move through the night so powerful nothing can harm you?

“Try it, just once and you’ll see…”

Beth shivered as she thought about those words and how Mick had watched her and Lola. He seemed ready to pounce at any moment if Lola threatened her but oddly enough Beth hadn’t really felt any danger from Lola; curiosity maybe, certainly fascination as she scrutinized the situation between Mick and Beth.

Beth had felt no danger because Mick was there and even she knew that was a foolish proposition; she knew that Lola could be deadly. Beth could feel the power that emanated from Lola and while she didn’t understand it, she couldn’t ignore it.

When Josh walked Beth to her apartment they were both stiff and uncomfortable. Beth stared at him as he said goodbye and walked away and she admitted that it was a relief that he would be gone for a few weeks. She shut the door and went to the bathroom to shower and change clothes before starting some research on the BC.

She opened the vial and sniffed; the odor was like nothing she had ever smelled before. Was it a narcotic or opiate? She couldn’t tell just by sniffing it and she stared for a moment at the substance, feeling slightly mesmerized. She could taste it, but since she didn’t know what it was and there was also the fact that people had died by using it she decided to just put it away. She started to recap it and then thought that one little taste couldn’t possibly hurt.

That one little taste shot electricity though her veins and she blinked as the feeling surged through her. A tiny bit more and suddenly she felt amazing –alive in ways she had never felt before. And suddenly a new idea came to her and she headed into the bedroom to change yet again.


“Apparently, the high is US,” Mick told Josef as he watched his friend sniff the vial of BC.

“Vampire blood; I never thought she would do this. This used to be somebody…” Josef said, and despite the fact that he was a vampire his face paled a couple shades more.

Josef’s thoughts were reeling as he wondered how even Lola could so something like this. She had always been unpredictable and ruthless when she wanted something; in many ways Josef had always admired that about her. When he gave her the million bucks it had never occurred to him that she would use it for something like this; a drug operation that used the blood of vampires to get humans high. It was unspeakable. Josef was shaken to the bone. When he left Mick’s he felt almost disoriented as he drove home.

She had to be stopped and Mick was going to do it. Why wasn’t that a comforting thought Josef wondered.


Shortly after Josef left there was a knock on Mick’s door. Thinking that it was Josef he opened it and was surprised to see Beth instead.

“Hey, can I come in?” Beth asked, not waiting for a reply. As she strutted into the room she took off her coat revealing a tight black dress, although Mick thought it looked much more like a slip.

“Of course,” he answered, following her with his eyes. He felt his jeans tighten a bit as he watched her. Her eyes were glittering and a sudden, alarming thought occurred to him. “Did you take some of that drug?”

“It was research for my story. It tasted really weird…” she answered, looking around Mick’s loft with fresh eyes. It was always so neat and tidy and she suddenly wondered what was upstairs.

“Yeah, that’s because it’s vampire blood,” he told her and stepped back as she came closer to him.

“Do you feel like this all the time?” she asked, her body merely inches from his. He could feel the intense heat rolling off of her and he could also scent her arousal. He breathed deeply for a moment taking it in before he took another step back, walking away.

“I don’t know – I doubt it.”

“I feel everything,” she told him and approached him again. He felt heady, her arousal and his own response was pushing him to the limit. “Can you feel me? Or is it more of – a scent?” she asked. Her breasts were pushed up against him and he could feel her hardened nipples against him. He felt panicked, trapped and exhilarated at the same time.

“You have no idea what you’re doing Beth,” he stated, trying to move away from the torture and torment she was causing him.

“I feel close to everything. I feel close to you. There’s no space between us.” She moved her hips until she was rubbing against him and thrilled to feel his erection pressing against her.

“Yeah, there’s space. There is space,” he told her. He knew he had to move away but he couldn’t; his feet felt as if they were glued to the ground. “This is just the drug Beth.”

“No, no, no – this is me, the real me and I like it!” Her finger tip playfully ran over his lips and she brought her mouth very close to his, teasing him with its nearness. “C’mon Mick, join me,” she told him as she turned and headed for his stairs.

He watched her go, aching with desire. For a moment he told himself ‘why not?’ She was willing, she wanted him and he certainly wanted her.

It’s the drug Mick and you can’t do this!

He took the stairs two at a time to get to her, to save her from herself and from him. The question was, could he do it?


As Josef drove home he thought about Lola and their history. He had met her in 1625 and she had changed his life forever. Josef had led a privileged life before he was turned, although he never really thought about it as being privileged. He was the eldest son of a lord and so life was handed to him easily, as was his due. His younger brother’s would have to find careers in the military and the church, but those weren’t things he had to concern himself with.

Life was a struggle at times; there were years when the crops weren’t good, or plagues swept the countryside and when that happened, they all suffered. His father was a good lord and tried to manage the village and the peasants with a firm, but fair hand and Josef tried hard to learn from him. Still, he was dissatisfied from time to time and longed for more adventure. He should have been a second son; he could have found a military career and got out into the world instead of hearing cases of the bickering of the peasants and servants and trying to solve them equitably.

There were rewards to it, to being the eldest he admitted. He had but to snap his fingers and a comely lass would be there to do his bidding, satisfying his every desire. It was practically expected of him to sow his oats, in preparation to settling down and producing his own heirs.

The eastern coast of Ireland was riddled with coves and caves and was the perfect backdrop for smugglers and pirates. They often heard of villages being ransacked by the blackguards who left death and destruction in their wake. It was just the way of life and while no one liked it, you couldn’t fight it either. Not without an army anyway.

So life crept by, dragging him with it. He was judge, diplomat, accountant, and negotiator by day and by night a still young buck with an eye for the ladies and the pleasures of the evening. Until the day the Red Wench made her appearance.

She’d been there before, to the hidden cove near their village, but Josef had missed her each time. This time he was in the pub trying to decide which serving wench would be taking care of his needs later when he first saw her. His eyes lit up and they swept over her lithe figure clothed in breeches and a white billowy shirt. She had long, flowing blonde hair that swept sleekly down her back and in the light of the lamps in the pub it looked like spun gold.

They called her the red wench because she spared no one and the decks of her ship were said to be permanently stained with the blood of her enemies. All Josef could think of was that there was nothing cruel about her full lips; indeed they looked quite sensual and he wondered how it would feel to kiss them. He felt the familiar ache begin in his breeches and he licked his lips, imagining the taste of her upon them.

He was surprised when she focused her attention upon him with a sultry smile and a nod. Her next words surprised him even more. “Care to take a walk along the beach?”

The walk turned into so much more; a wild and free sexual ride to rival any others he had ever had. At the end of that, he received a bite that would change his life forever. He walked away from his former life without regrets.


Beth was leaning against the wall in the hallway upstairs when Mick found her. He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up, carrying her into the bathroom. He set her down in the shower and joined her, stopping first to pull her shoes off as well as his own. He turned the water on, full blast and felt her start to struggle as the cold water sluiced down her body. She struggled against him and the struggles only managed to inflame his desire even more but he tried to keep his mind on what he needed to do; sober her up from the effects of the black crystal.

“Turn me!” she demanded, twisting in his arms. “Turn me!”

“No Beth, it’s only the drug,” he answered, holding her even tighter. It was a double-edged sword, holding her close to him increased the contact of their bodies and he was close to losing control.

“Turn me Mick, please!” she cried, turning her body so that she faced him.

“It’s just the drug Beth. I can’t do it. You don’t want it.” He body was covered in goose bumps and he noticed how her hardened nipples stood out in stark relief against the front of her dress. It was clinging to her wetly and with all her gyrations had worked itself up her thighs. He closed his eyes to block out the sight but it flowed in Technicolor through his hungry brain. He wanted her, he couldn’t deny it.

Her arms crept around his waist and he felt her crying against his chest; he knew that the water was finally having an effect on her. He could smell the salty tears along with the delicious aroma of Beth herself; passionate blood and something floral he couldn’t name.

Suddenly she reached down and pulled her dress off of her body. Mick stared in shock to see that there was nothing under it. She looked up into his face as she shrugged out of it and finally let it drop to the shower floor. She said nothing to him, not with words but her eyes beckoned him to her; to touch, to share all that she could offer him.

He stared at her, enthralled with her beauty. Her breasts were full and luscious, tipped by dusky pink nipples that were puckered with desire. Water slid down her body and he followed the trail hungrily with his eyes and saw it bead over her flat belly and then stream over the blonde curls between her legs. He swallowed hard and then bit his lip before forcing his gaze back up to meet her crystal blue eyes.

She stared at him intently and then reached out and started to unbutton his shirt, pulling each button through the hole carefully. When it was done she slid her hands across his chest and caressed his wet skin before she dipped her head and kissed and licked at the water that spilled down his body. She was aware of the marks on her arm tingling and they spurred her on; she started to unfasten his belt. She wanted to see him, the beauty of his body and touch it, unfettered by clothes.

Mick had a decision to make, quickly. This wasn’t how he wanted it to be for them; he wanted her, oh yes, he wanted her with every bit of his heart and soul. He could feel the marks on her arm calling to him, a siren song that he was unable to turn away from. He lifted her arm to his mouth and scented along the vein. The warm pulsing blood made his fangs drop and his eyes silver. He placed gentle kisses on it; his tongue stroking sensually along the vein. He heard her breath catch in her throat and her heart pounded furiously; she began to pant as his tongue played along the throbbing vein.

Suddenly she was exploding; an orgasm like she had never had before took her away, lifting her to new heights. She felt light headed as she sank in Mick’s arms, fainting from the unexpected and intense sensations caused by his mouth.

Mick scooped her up and carried her out of the shower, grabbing a towel as he headed downstairs. He laid her on the couch and dried her off as best as he could and then headed upstairs to grab one of his shirts and to hang her dress up. It was light-weight and he knew it would dry quickly. He dressed her in his shirt and covered her with the afghan and stood looking at her as she slept. His hand crept out and lightly caressed her face, brushing damp hair out of her eyes before he kissed her softly and headed upstairs.

He was glad it had stopped before it got too far, but he knew that his heart was now into territory that there was no retreat from. Everything had changed for Mick St. John.


The next morning Beth woke up when she heard Mick in the kitchen. She realized she was wearing one of his shirts and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of him that clung to the shirt. She felt a bit disconcerted lying on the couch as he carried in a mug of coffee.

“What time is it?”

“It’s early.” He sat down in a chair and watched as she took a sip of the fragrant brew.

“Do you remember much?” he asked, a slight smile on his face.

“No – yes,” she said, and a deep blush swept over her face. The light of morning threw shadows into the room but the blush was easy to see.

Beth felt the heat spread upwards and realized she did remember – too much! What had she been thinking?

She knew exactly what she had been thinking – what she had wanted.

They both carefully avoided the subject of what really had happened and finally Beth decided she had to go; she needed to find Josh and make her apologies. She wasn’t sorry that she had been to the club but she was sorry she had embarrassed him. As she got dressed in the bathroom images of the night before assaulted her, tormented her. She shook her head at what might have been; she didn’t know if she was glad that it hadn’t or not.


It was done, the warehouse where they manufactured the black crystal was destroyed and Lola was dead. As Mick stood watching it burn he spied Beth down below; he also saw her blatant relief when she saw that he was safe. His heart couldn’t help but feel happy at that.

Josef met him at his place and Mick told him what had happened. Josef was visibly shaken at the news of Lola being dead.

“You know, she never told me exactly how old she was. You know women,” he said and watched as Mick nodded and took a drink of scotch. “She was at least 500 hundred though.”

“Five hundred? Wow, imagine all that she must have seen? You know, she said we were alike; self-righteous, following human rules and laws, moral principles. But she was wrong, you’re 100% vampire.” He meant that to be comforting to his friend as he finished his drink and poured another, handing it to Josef with a quick pat on his shoulder.

Josef sat staring at the drink for a moment before picking it up and downing it. His hands were shaking and he felt as if he couldn’t breathe which was stupid since he didn’t even need to breathe. He couldn’t imagine her being gone; gone for good that was. What she did was reprehensible; she preyed on her own kind and could have exposed the whole vampire community if she had been caught. He knew that she wouldn’t have hesitated for an instant if she thought it would get her what she wanted.

And yet…in his own way he loved her; he owed her his immortal life. Fleeting images of their past together whipped through his brain and without realizing it he squeezed the empty tumbler so hard it cracked and broke into tiny pieces.

“Shit!” he cried, staring at the blood that dripped onto the counter.

Mick came over with a cloth to wipe up the mess and Josef rinsed his hand under running water, watching as the wounds sealed themselves.

“You okay?” Mick asked, watching his friend carefully. Josef seemed to be in shock.

“Yeah.” He lightly chewed his bottom lip, trying to decide what to say next. Finally, he looked up and met Mick’s eyes. “Lola was my sire.”

Mick sat quickly down – of everything that Josef could have said, he never expected that.

To be continued…


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